Dec 2, 2015

Our Pattaya Trip So Far... on Dayre

Have you heard about Dayre?

Dayre is a short-form style of blogging that compiles together all the pieces of one's day to tell a story. Essentially, it breaks down a normal blog post into bite-sized pieces - pieces that I am able to update as my day progresses.

I had signed up for my account long ago but had not gotten around to using it. Because quite frankly, I have already my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter apps to maintain so time is a premium. 

But I decided to use my current trip to Pattaya as an excuse to start using my Dayre account and I have been at it for three days since.

I love the simplicity of usage primarily - and it's easy enough for the boys to use too! I am able to share snippets of my Pattaya trip on the go, as well as offer more details of the places we had been to and the experiences the monkies had enjoyed.

So if you want a glimpse of our Pattaya holiday so far, head over to our Cheekiemonkies Dayre page:!

So give me a follow on Dayre and see you on the other side!

Note: The app is entirely based on mobile. You can view Dayre on the Web with a unique URL but you cannot create content there. To comment or like a post, you have to log in with an account.

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