Dec 11, 2015

Stylish, Breathable & Comfortable GEOX Shoes for the Family


For the longest time I can remember, I always had flat feet. 

Flat feet refers to a condition in which the feet have arches that are lower than usual, which can sometimes cause pain in the foot after prolonged walking. So for me, I pay a lot of attention to the kind of shoes that I slip onto my feet especially working ones since I walk quite a fair bit in my line of work.

And for some reason, GEOX shoes have been working well for my feet all these years. And I am not saying this just because this is an advertorial. In fact, I currently own three pairs of GEOX shoes prior to this post!

Apart from the simple reason that my feet have been free of aches and pains ever since I started wearing GEOX's shoes (because they are really comfortable!), Geox's footwear exemplifies this style and innovation, thanks to original designs and exceptional breathability.

Okay, so the stylish designs help a lot too.

But the claim to fame for GEOX - the premier Italian footwear brand for men, women and children - is actually its invention of the “shoe that breathes." And GEOX had achieved that by challenging the historical perception of holes in shoes, and by adding holes to the soles of its shoes.

The problem with rubber soles is they do not 'breathe' resulting in heat and moisture being trapped in footwear, giving that uncomfortable feeling of humidity and causing bad odour (aka Hong Kong feet).

With GEOX shoes, a revolutionary and patented system was invented with a special micro-porous membrane placed on top of a perforated rubber sole that lets heat and humidity escape the shoe but keeps water out. The process is made possible as the membrane’s micropores are larger than water vapour molecules, but smaller than water droplets - keeping water out and feet dry. The result? Feet are maintained at the right temperature in all seasons.

I know what you are thinking. Waterproof and breathable footwear usually means the privilege of being stylish will be given up in the name of comfort. But not if my newest GEOX shoes for work is anything to go by!

 I think I have just found my current fave pair of shoes for work!

And for those little sweaty feet, GEOX also has shoes with the same breathable technology. So not only are their shoes cool for the kids' feet, they are super-durable and gorgeous to look at.

Not only that, GEOX kids shoes are also anti-bacterial, anti-shock (cushioned foam support) and Chromium-free. The latter is extremely important as Chromium has a sensitizing effect and can cause allergic skin reactions like contact eczema.

Well, it certainly helped too that the monkies loved their GEOX shoes the moment that put them on.

Ale for one, refused to change back to her previous shoes and marched out of the shop in her new pair of GEOX shoes!

Ditto for the boys, who have been wearing them pretty frequently whenever we head out. And this is saying a lot... especially since they have always favoured their Crocs in the past.

So what made them favour GEOX kids shoes? Of course not having sticky and sweaty feet help. But besides that, the shoes are definitely fashion-friendly - yes that is important and no it will not diminish your parenting skills by admitting it.

And judging by how much running and jumping the monkies do whenever the weekends roll along, I will want the kids shoes to be super durable as well.

And it sure helps that the shoes come with easy on/off Velcro closures and remarkably lightweight as well. A very important feature for kids shoes since the last thing I would want is for them to be dragging two blocks of bricks when we are outdoors.

I guess GEOX shoes pretty much break the stigma that comfortable shoes are old fashioned and/or not trendy. GEOX's pure Italian style enhances the value and appeal of GEOX footwear, from sandals and flats to sneakers and loafers.

So not only does its shoes offer enhanced breathability, durability and protection from the elements, they are fashionable, stylish and fit different people, from different lifestyles.

Whether you are looking for men's shoes, women's footwear or shoes/sandals for the kids, GEOX has all the elements you are looking for in family footwear.

And now for the fun part, visit your nearest GEOX store to start shopping!

By the way, GEOX is giving out a mystery gift this holiday season! Sign up to the mailer HERE to receive something special from GEOX!

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