Feb 29, 2016

Kids Crazy Over Construction Vehicles? Diggersite Lets Them Operate a REAL Excavator!

UPDATE: 18/09/2017 - Diggersite has moved. See HERE for more information.

UPDATE (8 Mar 2017): Diggersite will re-open at ORTO on 10 March 2017. Check out its new premise here: www.cheekiemonkie.net/2017/03/diggersite-orto-singapore-review.html

UPDATE: Diggersite's last day of operations at East Coast is on 23 February 2017 as Raintree Cove at East Coast Park will be closed. Diggersite will be moving to ORTO in Yishun so stay tuned for its opening date.

There is just something about construction machinery in the eyes of young kids. When Ash and Ayd were younger, they were absolutely enamoured by the gigantic machines in the form of cranes, dumper trucks and the perennial fave - excavators.

Now, there is a place in Singapore for all the little diggers to realise their dream of operating a real-life working excavator!

Located at Raintree Cove, East Coast Park (near Burger King and beside East Coast Prawning), Diggersite opened this year and offers both adults and kids realistic experience in operating smaller scale construction machinery.

Yes, these are no toys. They are REAL machinery!

There are a total of FIVEstations - 4 outdoor and 1 indoor. The favourite station arguably has to be the enclosed sandpit, where kids are tasked to scoop bricks out while operating an excavator.

UPDATE: The outdoor areas now have tentage to provide shelter from the sun.

There are a total of four excavators at this station and even then, there was a steady stream of kids waiting for their turns.

Considering that the Diggers work like a real excavator with their hydraulically controlled arms, it is no wonder they are a hit with the kids!

The recommended age is from 2 years and above. Children under 6 years old must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

If the kids are too young to operate the excavator themselves, they are allowed to sit on their parent's lap. (Something tells me the parent will be delighted at the chance to operate the excavator!) But do note that only one child is allowed per ride.

The other outdoor station is aptly named Wrecking Ball and involves knocking over plastic bottles using a ball attached to the arm of the excavator.

If you have older kids aged 7 and above, I reckon they will enjoy the other 2 new stations more... simply because they recover more skill. Rather than scooping up sand, they are tasked to operate the excavators to complete certain goals. Like the Log Loading station where they have to pick up logs using the machine and place them into the wheelbarrow.

The boys, though, loved the Log Bowling station most as they got to release a log down a ramp and attempt to knock over three 'bowling pins'.

Sun too hot? Take shelter from heat at Diggersite's indoor station, where kids will be able to grab colourful balls using a giant claw from the comfort of a digger.

Interested to head down? Here are a few things to take note of:

- Each station is priced at $7. There is a bundle promotion of $18 for 3 rides.

- Each ride duration is for 5 minutes.

- Complimentary usage of safety helmet and vest.

- The recommended age is from 2 years and above. Children under 6 years old must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

- No upper age limit as even adults are welcome.

- Opening hours are from 10am to 10pm daily.

- Due to the machinery involved, avoid wearing flip-flops or sandals as they do not protect the feet.

- Predictably, weekends and public holidays are peak periods to visit. So expect to wait much longer for the excavator rides.

- Outdoor stations are not sheltered. So do bring along hats or sunblock in case the queues get too long.

The monkies did not get a chance to try out the excavators though... because the queues were rather long and we had to rush off to another place. But I could see they were itching to try the excavators. And yes, even Ale too!

$7 for a 5-minute worth of digging time isn't exactly cheap but if you have a child who is tremendously crazy about construction vehicles, the experience of having the chance to take control of an excavator for themselves (and seeing the thrill and excitement on their faces) makes it worth every cent.

Diggersite has set up a branch in the West too!

Dig over here for more information on its branch at JCube: www.cheekiemonkie.net/2016/07/diggersite-singapore-jcube-west-review.html

Useful Information

Diggersite @ East Coast
Address: Raintree Cove, 1020 East Coast Parkway, #01-04, Singapore 449878
Opening hours: 10am - 10pm daily
Cost: $7 per ride (5 minutes). Bundle promotion of $18 for 3 rides. Membership Card $50 for 10 rides.
Website: www.facebook.com/diggersite

Diggersite @ JCube
Address: JCube, 2 Jurong East Central 1, #03-17 Singapore 609731
Cost: $7 per ride (5 minutes). Bundle promotion of $18 for 3 rides. Membership Card $50 for 10 rides.

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Claudia said...

My hub will be more than happy to bring the girls here for sure! Thanks for sharing!

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Claudia,

No problem. Hope your girls (and hubby) have fun! :)

Sharren said...

5mins?can elaborate the time per ride

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Sharren,

Sorry but I don't exactly understand your question. 5 minutes is the time the kid gets to spend on the excavator.

Anonymous said...

Done all step.
When my kid saw the photo post here. He was so exciting and looking forward to tired.
Hope we are one of the lucky winner:)


Andy Ong said...

My 2 kids will have to accompany their daddy to experience the excavator as it looks super interesting & fun! Thanks for sharing & the giveaway.

Joyce Chin said...

When this was first started I show this to my 4yrs old and 2yrs old son and both scream with excitement.the 4yrs old keep pleads me to bring him while my 2yrs old keep points at truck truck. They are real big fans of trucks and now to be able for them to see the real truck and operate it on their own will be probably their dreams come true. I hope I can bring them to have fun at Diggersite to see their laughter and excitement especially my 2yrs ols son birthday is reaching soon and this probably be his best memorable present for him. Thank you cheekiemonkies for this giveaway.

Jersey said...

My 5 years old boy, a digger fan would like to have his 1st impeccable experience @ your site. Thank you bringing such excitement to all the children.

Unknown said...

My two son super love playing with truck n even when we go library they will borrow books on all the trucks n ask a lot of question too .
It will be great if they can try it on for real ... They have been asking mummy yo bring them there ... Hopefully we will be the lucky winner ��

Angel Teo said...

My girls love excavators! They will be thrilled to experience operating one! We really want to try it out soon! Please let us win!

Vincent said...

i hope to win because i believe girls can also play with machine.
My baby girl would love to play together with daddy

Unknown said...

Hi Kelvin, thanks for sharing..

My girl would really love to try this.. Even as a girl she's very active and likes to try different things and we, as parents wants her to explore and experience different activities.. And this is really a good one she would definitely like..

Liked the FB page already and shared your post! Thanks again.. cheers!

Anonymous said...

My boys would love to try many kind of role play~ It would be a great opportunity for them to explore and learn more of working adult when they grow up!

Fb: Celin AC
Liked & shared!
Email: Celin.cheang@ymail.com

Unknown said...

I'm as excited as a kid at a candy bar!
This is awesome! Since young Kayden has been playing with his CAT excavator and digger, and now he gets to sit in and operate a real machine! Thanks for the giveaway.

Liked and shared.

Chia Mui Muar said...

My kids would love a day of fun at Diggersite as all the reviews had been fun and nice experience. Even I, as a parent would love to have a try!

Anonymous said...

Wow, interesting activity for the kids. My daughter will be excited to try it out. Thanks for sharing! -Yu Meiyi
Email: littledetour@hotmail.com

precious precious said...

It will be a beneficial experience for my boy whom doesnt know the tough side of this job.

Anonymous said...

My 3 years old is crazy over tractor, excavator and crane. 选我选我!

Kareen said...

Hi Kelvin
I hope to win this for my kids as they have never try this before.
I am sure they will be overjoyed if they would to win this.
Thank you.

Unknown said...

Because..... Why not!! I always try to expose my gals to different type of play and this time round, they get to play not the slides nor the bouncing balls but the excavator which they are seldom exposed to but see very often. Even I am excited and what's more, they now have another site at Jcube with aircon (sorry weather too hot these days) and it's so much nearer to me!

Please let me win, thank u!

Unknown said...

Honestly, this diggersite is great for the kids! They love transformers and operating such machines at diggersite will make them feel like they are transformers masters! Even I would love to get a go at it!!

My FB is Andy Neo

Unknown said...

CNY operation time??

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