Apr 19, 2016

Let the Kids experience Kampung Activities at Magical Kampung 2016!

If you had previously read my '12 Secret Places in Singapore to bring your Kids that are FREE!' post, I included Balik Kampung, the flagship community programme of Ground-Up Initiative (GUI), where kid will be able to get hands hands dirty by chipping in to help build a sustainable kampung through activities such as weeding, watering and working on the farming plots, harvesting fruits and vegetables, strengthening river embankments, preparing lunch for volunteers and some carpentry work.

If that sounds fun and educational for the kids, you will be glad to know that GUI will be opening up its doors THIS SATURDAY (23 April 2016) for a fun-filled day with the community and nature!

Everyone will be able to immerse in the kampung spirit and culture, while parents will be able to share the carefree kampung days with their kids. Activities include creating art from nature, experiencing the hustle and bustle of the mini bazaar, discovering its 21st century kampung grounds through an interactive Kampung tour, and participating in the customized workshops and activities that are tailored for all ages.

We attended a similar Kampung event in August 2015 and the monkies thoroughly enjoyed it!

The highlight was undoubtedly when the boys got to create his first woodern furniture entirely from scratch!

Under the guidance of woodwork instructors, they got to learn basic woodcraft skills and experience the joy of making.

To be honest, the kids of today hardly get to use tools such as saws, hand drills, measuring tape, sand paper, and angle-rulers. So it was definitely a refreshing and eye-opening experience for the boys!

And the finished products? A pen cum handphone holder stand that the boys still use until today. I guess they are really proud of their handmade wood creations!

And while the boys are busy sawing away, what was I busy with?

Getting back to the kampung life too by panggang-ing my own roti kaya... and washing it down with kopi! Lol.

The only regret was we arrived at the Kampung carnival too late, and were unable to try out other activities like making our own mud bricks, creating our own mini hydroponics garden, pebble painting and more. As you can see, the activities all tie in with the kampung theme.

So this year, you can be sure that we will be head to the Magical Kampung carnival much earlier so that the monkies will be able to try out more activities!

Do note that while entry to the carnival is free, a token fee for the activities will be greatly appreciated as GUI is a volunteer-driven non-profit organisation. Activities that families can look forward to this Saturday include:

Workshops are also available and tickets can be reserved via http://magicalkampung.peatix.com/.

Need MORE reasons to head down?

Magical Kampung 2016 will be taking place this Saturday (23 April 2016), 9.30am to 4pm, at Kampung Kampus which is located next to ORTO in Yishun. It is approximately a 10-minute walk from Khatib MRT Station.

So ditch those gadgets momentarily this Saturday and let the kids experience something that is wholesome and different from modern city life. I know my monkies will be looking forward to it!

And in case you are wondering... we attended last year's Carnival on our own accord but all of us enjoyed it so much that I feel it is an event worth sharing to all of my readers. :)

Useful Information

Magical Kampung 2016
Address: Kampung Kampus, 91 Lorong Chencharu (Yishun), Singapore 769201
Date: 23 April 2016
Time: 9.30am - 4pm
Website: www.facebook.com/groundupinitiative/
Admission: Entry to the Carnival is FREE, but token fees apply for the activities.

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