Apr 8, 2016

The Monkies Review LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS & Host a Giveaway!

Product Review

LEGO’s own new theme for 2016 comes in the form of  LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS which combines LEGO Castle, LEGO Space, and a good dose of imagination and magic. And judging from first impressions, I would say the boys are already huge fan of the new series!

Ok, throw Ale into the equation as well... thanks to the presence of a female NEXO KNIGHT called Macy.

Mashing the best of the medieval ages with the future - from castles and catapults to hover boards and shields that can be upgraded with special powers - LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS centres around 5 knights from the Kingdom of Knighton. Under the guidance of their mentor, Merlok 2.0, the knights have to come together to defeat the evil jester, Jestro and his army of monsters.

The knights are armed with medieval weapons and armour, but each of their crest contain special powers. Each of the vehicle in the series are a cross between medieval and futuristic designs, much like the Fortrex - which the boys got - which looks like a castle at first glance but can be transformed into a moving tank, complete with kick-ass weapons!

And unsurprisingly, the boys were too eager to get building it the moment they set their eyes on it.

Since they were the lucky recipients of the set, I figured why not let them craft a blog post and let them do the review this time round. After all, they did pretty alright in their maiden attempt when they reviewed the Nerf N-Strike Modulus Blaster last year.

So once again, both Ash and Ayd were responsible for every single thing in the post below; the typing of the text, the snapping, editing and uploading of the photos, and layout of the post. Nothing like outsourcing, eh?

Hope you will enjoy their review! Oh, and do read til the very end because they have a surprise for you too! :)



The set comes with characters Clay, Axl, Aaron, Merlok 2.0, Chef Ecliar, Ash Attacker and 2 Scurriers.

The set also comes with a flying vehicle for Ash Attacker, another flying vehicle for Aaron that has a gun and a motorbike for Clay!

The castle can be opened up for even more imaginative play as the Fortrex is the headquarters of the Nexo Knights.

There is also a drawbridge that has 2 guns attached to it which can be opened and closed.

In addition, there are other stuff inside the Fortrex which consists of a training dummy, a prison cell, a table where all the knights can sit around Merlok 2.0, a shield holder, and an oven that has a drumstick inside! LOL.

There are also 2 turnets at the sides which can fire bullets. Hidden beneath the castle is a secret gun which can shoot out discs.

Clay’s motorbike actually comes with small wings, which makes it very cool too!

 Aaron’s flying vehicle has a giant gun that can fire away.

Other than Aaron’s flying vehicle, he also has a flying shield! He also has a crossbow that can shoot.

Ash Attacker’s flying vehicle can shoot too (just that it shoots discs instead)!

And here is our sister's Macy. We have to include her in this post because she asked us to do so.

What we like about the Fortrex is that it’s like a tank combined with a castle. The castle is also equipped with a lot of guns for defence. 

We can make our own story with the castle, characters and vehicles. It also gives us a glimpse of how knights live in the future with tech and stuff. The TV show is actually a mixture of knights and space!

Did we mention that there is a digital game to play battles against Jestro and his minions and to scan shields? The game can be downloaded on your tablet or smartphone.

You can unlock characters and use their super-powered shields! There will be an icon to scan shields when you download the game. Basically, when you see a shield on TV or get one in a set, press the icon and it will access to your camera. When you see or get a shield, just put it within the shield-shaped border and you will get a new shield (you cannot scan so many shields in 1 shot as you have a limited amount of energy for scanning)!

There are over 20 shields to collect! But if you collect all the shields, you can scan the same shield to make it stronger! You can use the shields to battle the evil Jestro and his minions!

We like this game because we can battle the evil guys and can collect a variety of shields at the same time!

There are also different characters you can use! What are you waiting for? Collect all the sets of the Nexo Knights and download their latest game!


Thanks to LEGO Singapore, we have TWO sets of LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS Ultimate Sets to give away!

Each set consists of 5 sets - Clay, Macy, Aaron, Robin and Beast Master - and is worth a total of S$99.50.


A huge Congratulations to the following 2 winners!

1. Wong Yeh-Ping
2. LuQuin Loo
You have each won a set of LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS Ultimate Sets (Clay, Macy, Aaron, Robin and Beast Master) worth S$99.50 in total!

Please email me at kelvin@cheekiemonkie.net by 23 April 2016 for details of your prize collection. Thanks!

For a chance to win, all you have to do is do the following:

1. LIKE LEGO Singapore's Facebook page HERE.

2. Tell us why does your child love LEGO!
Leave your answer either in the comment section of this blog post OR on our Cheekiemonkies' Facebook corresponding post HERE once you have done so.

IMPORTANT: Complete all 2 steps for your entry to be valid.

SHARE this blog post of the giveaway on Facebook for a bonus chance! Remember to set your profile to public so that we can see the shared post.

Giveaway ends on 14 April 2016, 2359 hours.

Good Luck! :)

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Lye Yin said...

My son likes Lego because Lego is versatile. He can fix it according to the design or he can create his own design.
He hopes to win it for his birthday next week.

nil said...

Both my daughter Phebe and my son Ryan loves Lego. Starting from Duplo all the way to real Lego. They can create anything with a bin of lego. with or without the manual. It's so transformable to anything they can think of. As long as it fits together, all it takes is their imagination. And i get my TV time while they play lego all strewn on the playmat.

von said...

My sons loves to play with Lego , to build and create new ideas and finds satisfaction in creating them. Thank you.

melateez said...

My son is 8 this year. He loves LEGO because.......
L - Love to play his LEGO everyday everyhere.
E - Every corner in the house have LEGO
G - Go LEGO excited each time see a LEGO shop
O - Obi Wan's Jedi Interceptor is what he been aiming to have ��

Jenny Lim said...

My kids love Lego as they can use it to create anything out of their imagination! Endless possibilities! The New addition of the Lego Knights will certainly add on to their creation of a medieval era!

Kong meifong said...

My child loves Lego as there are many Fun characters plus they love to build and be creative . They can play with Lego for half a day without getting bored

chew yen said...

my kids love Lego.. love to create new ideas and wont feel bored! sibling bonding time without fight, i love it too. Thanks

Edna C said...

My son is a big fan of LEGO. He plays with his LEGO sets everyday. He has collected the Lego City series, Lego Ninjago series and now bugging me to buy him the Nexo Knights series.

I have no luck in any contest. Hope to win it for him this time.

Queeny koh said...

My son is a very big fan of Lego.. he been playing his Lego set whenever he got time.. now he been asking to buy the new Knight series for him..
Hope to win this for him for his going pri 1 present...

STEPHIE'S said...

My son like lego as he likes us to play with him as a family. We always role play and rotate our duties.

Linda said...

Hope to win the LEGO sets for my 3 boys at home ( aged 6, 9 & 39). They all love to play LEGO together for hours... it's something they don't mind playing over & over again!

Sian-Hui said...

Gosh my almost 4 year old is so in love with Lego. From the ones that belong to him, ninjago, nexo Knights... To his father's Eiffel Tower and Volkswagen Camper van. He talks about them everyday and keeps asking for more! He gets so thrilled when we walk past Lego shelves and asks questions likes "who is the good ninja?"

I hope to win for him to continue fueling his interest and creativity. Thanks!

Vincent said...

My child love lego because daddy can play with it with her
daddy love lego so baby so love it

Michelle Lee said...

My girls love lego as they can build different things even without the instructions book. based on their creativity they will create new things together and I see the bonding which also develop.

Meghan B said...

Love building with legos and the endless options!

Ester Em said...

My kids have inherited their love for LEGO from their father. Actually, most of their LEGOs are from their dad. My boy, specially loves building and creating stuff and he would come up with a whole city built from duplo or lego. There would be buildings and cars, bridges and train stations. We actually have the NEXO knight book and we love reading it together, his favourite knight is Lance because of his Mecha Horse. My boy even got excited when I showed him that you have a Fortex. Hoping to win a set for my knight in shining armour so he can protect me from the Magma Monsters! :-)

Fathima said...

My child loves lego as she gets to assemble them and take them apart. She even does that to toys which are not meant to be taken apart!

zhimin said...

My children love Lego because they can mix and match and create so many different stories and characters with the pieces. It would be great if we can win the nexo Knights set just in time for my son's 7th birthday next month!

SWH said...

My girl loves to play with Lego and finds satisfaction in creating them. Thank you.

Joyce said...

My son is 10 this year. Like many children, he loves playing with Lego when he was very young. I remember few years back, while building his Lego, he proudly showed me a "house" he built using his Lego bricks. That was when he told me he wants to grow up to be an architect. He wants to build a beautiful house for papa, me and meimei. Then I realised the impact Lego has on him; allowing him to fuel his creativity and letting his imagination flow. My son wants to build many beautiful, cosy and warm houses for mankind.

Many years have passed, today, his ambition is still to be an architect. Needless to say, today, he is still very much in love with his Lego collections and is still building his dream. Would Cheekiemonkies help my dear son build his dream?

zespies said...

All my kids love to play with LEGO. Especially my two boys who always come up with new creations. They have endless fun with LEGO.

Unknown said...

The kids love lego because its helps their imagination and improves coordination skills. Plus when playing with other kids, it helps create a bonding between the kids which is priceless. But most important reason is that it is simply FUN! Thanks, Cheekiemonkies

My FB is Andy Neo

C Neo said...

I have 2 sons aged 4 and 8. Both love to play with lego. It's their go to toy everyday. In fact it is the one toy that both of them can play happily together without fighting. They have used lego to create swords, guns, school, home and any other scenarios that tickles their fancy for the day.

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