Jul 22, 2016

Where to Find Singapore's Best Street Art


Mitsubishi Outlander 2.4L MIVEC, the 7-seater and Made-in-Japan 'Beast' - as I call it - has been redesigned and re-engineered from nose to tail to deliver a dynamic new appearance and significantly improved performance on the road.

Yes, that last part of driving performance was exactly what I wanted to test out. Because you had read my previous post, you will know that the car gave me the perfect excuse to bring the monkies on a whirlwind tour around Singapore... and what better way to do that than to go hunting for some of Singapore's most famous (and colourful) street art!

Because who says Singapore is a sterile and boring city? Not with these wall murals!

One of the most famous street artist to leave his mark in Singapore has got to be Lithuanian street artist, Ernest Zacharevic. And after doing some research, I keyed in the locations of the wall murals on the touch-screen infotainment system in the Outlander and off we zipped to Victoria Street.

These street art murals are painted on the side walls of shophouses in Jalan Pisang and Jalan Klapa, and all are facing Victoria Street.

Expect to see the very instagrammable Kids in Trolleys, Boy in Window and Kids on Giant Exclamation Mark in close proximity to one another.

The monkies' favourite though, is the HUGE Girl with Cub further down Victoria Street, at the junction of Jalan Pisang.

That certainly got the monkies really excited so I headed to the east as I revved the Beast along the ECP - a most apt way to test out the car's performance. Boasting improved handling and reduced noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) along with increased body and structural rigidity, the ride to the next Ernest Zacharevic wall mural was a quiet and superbly composed one.

And speaking of the next mural, you simply cannot miss the huge 'Jousting Painters' one at the intersection of Joo Chiat Terrace with Everitt Road.

As part of Ernest's style, his works are often left open to interpretation. Which is very much like the striking new “Dynamic Shield” design that the new Outlander sports. In fact, it is the first Mitsubishi production vehicle to showcase the brand’s design concept, giving the Outlander a fresh, sophisticated on-road presence.

And presence is exactly what we came face to face with Ernest's next and newest wall mural at the Enabling Village campus in Lengkok Bahru.

Pencil-sketched animals with life-like animals consisting of an elephant, giraffe and zebra for company, plus a child holding onto balloons floating into the air definitely made this mural my fave of the lot.

Be sure to pop by the neighbouring block at The Art Faculty for a glimpse of another wall mural depicting kids playing in a garden.

But did you know that when it comes to street art, we too have an extremely talented street artist to call our own?

A self-taught local street artist, Mr. Yip Yew Chong (or better known as YC) loves sharing his drawings of places romanticised with blended sights, sounds, smell and tastes of the moments. And in particular, moments filled with nostalgia as these wall murals at Everton Road show.

'Amah' (40 Everton Road)

'Barber' (39 Everton Road)

'Provision Shop' (8 Spottiswoode Park Road)

This wall mural is one of my faves as well as it really brought back many fond memories when I visited the provision shop with my mum as a small boy. And as usual, the monkies never fail to ham it up for the camera as they gamely posed for photos with the artwork. See what I mean?

But I think the clear winner has got to be this one, which showed them acting all frustrated with the long queue. LOL.

Besides YC's murals at Everton, a deserving mention goes out to the row of SG50 wall art along the back of shophouses, some distance away from the 'Barber' wall mural. I'm not sure who is/are the artist/s but the monkies had a good time identifying the landmarks in the mural.

The superior handling of the Mitsubishi Outlander certainly helped as I navigated the gentle winding roads at Everton. I was told that the improved steering response, handling and ride feel are achieved through a more rigid suspension system, reinforced body and Electronic Power Steering calibrations. With such high levels of ride comfort, no wonder the monkies were on the verge of dozing off as we arrived at the next cluster of YC's wall murals at Tiong Bahru!

Yes, wall mural hunting is tough work... but having the opportunity to 'interact' with the artwork - much like those trickeye art - proved to be enough to perk the monkies up.

'Bird Singing Corner' (Seng Poh Lane, Block 71)

'Pasar and the Fortune Teller' (Eng Watt Street, Block 73)

'Home' (Tiong Poh Road/Eu Chin Street, Block 74)

YC's wall murals can also be found in other parts of Singapore but unfortunately, we did not have enough time to explore them all. If you are interested, do check out the complete listing of his murals on his blog.

Oh, and if you are in Tiong Bahru, do not miss out sussing out the three cure goat wall murals too!

All located at Tiong Bahru Market and Food Centre, the goat murals are the work of Ernest Goh, a photographer and visual artist. The above goat is Mama Goat and can be found along Kim Cheng Street (nearer to Lim Liak Street) while Papa Goat below is along Seng Poh Road (near to Tiong Bahru Market and Food Centre's Car Park entrance).

But the cutest goat of the lot has got to be Baby Goat, which is inside Level 1 of the Market and beside a staircase, facing Lim Liak Street.

Obviously, Ale is still waaaay cuter. Because I have the right to be bias, no?

But I'm not bias when I say I thoroughly enjoyed driving the Outlander around Singapore in search of the wall murals. Thanks to its elevated driving position and big windows, I had a stupendous all-round view while traversing along the roads. Well, the proximity sensors and rear camera certainly came in handy during my moments of parallel parking too!

And with such a spacious boot (with the third row of seats folded down), it will be a shame to let it go to waste.... which is what our next adventure with the Mitsubishi Outlander will entail. *wink*

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