Aug 13, 2016

5 Things I Wish I Had More Time To Do with my Family


When it comes to raising kids, the age-old adage is true - the days may be long, but the days are short.

I find myself staring at a barrage of activities to complete come every Monday morning, head home in the evenings, spend whatever little time that remains with the monkies, skip the ten o'clock news because I am too exhausted, then TGIF... then become all depressed on Sunday night as the seemingly never-ending cycle begins all over again.

Yet as I celebrate the monkie's birthdays over the years, the speed at which they are growing up appears to be in hyperdrive mode. Only 11 years ago was Ash a babbling and saliva-drooling baby but come next year, he turns 12. Oh my.

So while every day brings new milestones and new wonderment for me as a parent, the daily challenges of juggling my adult life often prevent me from fully appreciating the fleeting nature of childhood. And because it seems that 24 hours in a day is never enough, I have five things top on my list that I wish I had more time to do together with my family:

1. Read together
I guess this is a no-brainer, simply because reading to your kids or even reading books alongside one another each night are a great way to spend time together. Books offer more than mere storylines, but ideas and values that parents can discuss with their kids too.

2. Play their games
As much as how we parents have fond memories of playing golden boardgame classics like Monopoly, bear in mind that kids of today may not share that same enthusiasm as us. Video games are a sure-fire way to get kids interested in this age and what better way to bond with them than playing the same games as them? Other than having the opportunity to screen the games, this is one activity where I will never have to let them win because well... the monkies always kick my butt!

3. Spending one-on-one time
The issue of having 3 kids and limited time usually results in me chatting about general stuff with them come evening time. Having time alone with each of my monkie will allow me to get them open up and share more about their feelings, school life and problems.

4. Exercise together
Okay, I confess - inertia plays a larger role in this than I care to admit. Evening times on weekdays are usually out of the question, which leaves weekends where activities and/or heading out to events take precedence. I guess it is a question of being disciplined to make the effort (and time) to head out for a leisure jog with the family on weekends.

5. More dates with the wifey
As much as I love my monkies, the wife must not be neglected. (And I am not saying this because she read this blog too) We do have daily breakfasts together after dropping off the boys at school but I supposed it would never hurt to make extra time for each other every week, like going off for an impromptu date minus the kids!

Do you also wish that you had more time in a day to do the things that are more fulfilling?

Well, turns out that we are not alone.

A regional survey that Shell conducted shows that 3 in 4 drivers feel they have less time to do the things they enjoy now than they did a year ago, with two-thirds saying that in an average week they don’t have time to do enough of the things they enjoy.

In fact, three-quarters of those surveyed believe that their lives would be positively impacted if they could make their fuel last longer and had to fill up less frequently!

Oh yes, that last bit sure resonated with me.

How many times have I planned to refuel my car at a petrol station after work, only to find that the queues at the pumps are extra long! So join in the queue I must, but this chips away the whatever precious time I have to spend at home with my family.

And don't get me started on the times when I fret over how to make my fuel last as long as possible or skimping on distances to be travelled - just so that I cut down on my petrol costs.

Living in Singapore is already fast-paced, so anything that aids me in trying to achieve a more sustainable work-life balance is always welcome. And that is something Shell's 'Live Life Full-On' campaign hope to help.

Shell FuelSave petrol is designed to help drivers reduce their fuel consumption and manage the costs of motoring. This helps improve engine efficiency and gets you a little further on each tank – clean valves, a lack of deposit formation and improved engine efficiency invariably lead to happier, less-worried drivers who spend less on upkeep.

Designed to last longer at a regular price, a full tank of Shell FuelSave provides drivers with efficient drives (and less time spent filling up at the petrol station) so that they will have the freedom to live the Full-On life that they desire.

And when it comes to F-words (nice ones only please, we are a family blog after all) that are associated with a Full-On life, FAMILY, FRIENDS and FUN invariably come to mind. Because all our personal achievements in life count for nothing if we have no family and friends to share them with. And of course, fun is always the foremost rule for a good time with family and friends.

But perhaps, the most important F-word for me that binds all of the above together is FORGE. Forging strong and close relationships with family and friends take time which admittedly, is a premium nowadays. But with efficient drives that Shell FuelSave petrol offers, I can not only get more done but also find pockets of time to re-connect with my loved ones - time that is required to forge a better relationship that can bring everyone in the family more satisfaction.

Speaking of satisfaction, either Justin or Vernon of The Muttons will be having the satisfaction of trumping the other in the SHELL FUELSAVE LIVE LIFE FULL-ON CHALLENGE webisode series. The Muttons will find out how full-on can a day be with the help of Shell FuelSave by starting with a full tank of it, and then driving to experience some of Singapore’s best during their busy schedule.

The catch? After all that fun, they need to cross the Tuas Checkpoint with no less than a three-quarter tank of fuel remaining – or risk getting fined! With The Muttons, thrills, spills, and hilarious banter are guaranteed so I can't wait to see how that turns out! Catch the teaser and series on The Mutton’s Facebook page!

Oh, and for that added little bit of help, do pick up Shell FuelSave Efficiency log cards at all Shell stations too.

The handy log card helps drivers to track how fuel efficient they are though a Fuel-efficiency recording table, as well as sharing some important Shell FuelSave Tips too!


Thanks to Shell Singapore, I have THREE $200 Shell vouchers to give away!

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