Aug 15, 2016

Need a Novel Birthday Party Idea? A Saber Tag Party where Kids can Fight with Lightsabers!

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I'm sure most of you will have heard of Laser Tag, a thrilling simulate combat experience which comprised of infra-red rifles that can 'shoot' and 'tag' opposing players over a distance. Well, move over Laser Tag because Saber Tag is da house!

A novel team-based gaming concept which is the first of its kind in Asia and possibly the world, Saber Tag is the brainchild of The Fun Empire - the leading events and team-building company in Singapore that develops unique games and activities - and was inspired by the recent revival of Star Wars movie franchise.

The game incorporates combat sabers and proprietary electronic scoring vest technology. Players don on these scoring vests and wield glowing combat sabers to engage in a variety of exciting game missions against their nemesis.

Because which child (or adult) can resist a good lightsaber fight, no?

Not these 2 monkie for sure!

Have you ever seen a happier Sith Lord? LOL.

How a game of Saber Tag works is pretty straightforward.

Each player first has to put on their team's respective coloured bibs and special electronic scoring vests. The vest has both a front and back piece, and is uniquely designed to detect impact from the foam-padded combat sabers that players are equipped with. Each successful impact (or tag) on either the front or back piece of the vest is denoted by a loud beep and will decrease a player’s life on the vest. After 3 successful tags, the vest will produce a long beep to indicate that the player is eliminated.

A standard Saber Tag game setting involves 10 players  in the gaming arena - 5 representing  the Light Side and 5 representing the Dark Side. Each game lasts about 5 minutes before players switch over and take a break.

5 minutes might seem a tad short for a game but trust me when I say that that few minutes will be enough to get your adrenaline pumping and heart racing! We literally had to watch our team members' back because we did not know when an opposing Saber player might just pop up and slash us from behind. Teamwork ultimately plays a key role... but actually, charging forward and trying to take aim at the opponent's vest is pretty fun too!

There are various Saber Tag game modes for players to experience during each session. Some of the popular games include Saber Wars, Battle Star Invasion, Defenders of the Galaxy, The Last Force as well as Interstellar.

We tried out the last one as well, which was essentially a huge board game that incorporated playing cards and some saber fighting. It was not as tiring as our previous game as this involves more strategic planning and manouvering. I think the boys enjoyed this game as much as the Saber fighting one!

So with all the combat in close proximity, is Saber Tag safe for kids?

All combat sabers are foam-padded and players are required to wear protective head gear during the game for added safety. In addition, each vest’s front and back pieces have hard backings to act as shields against impact to the chest and back area of the player.

So I think I speak for both Ash and Ayd when I say that the game is utterly addictive and fun to play in large groups! And they were genuinely disappointed when our game time came to an end.

Saber Tag is suitable for everyone of all ages and perfect for multiple occasions – from kids birthday parties, friends gatherings to corporate team building sessions and company celebrations.

Whether it is a kid’s birthday party, gathering of friends, or a corporate team building session, players of all ages would definitely find Saber Tag exhilarating, engaging and unforgettable. And something tells me that the parents might just enjoy it more than the kiddos too!

And I'm speaking from experience. Heh.

Useful information

Saber Tag sessions are typically held in sheltered futsal pitches across Singapore. Some of The Fun Empire’s partner locations include The Cage @ Kallang and Kovan Sports Centre, which are both conveniently located near MRT stations.

Saber Tag can also be played at any other indoor or outdoor location as long  as there is sufficient space – around the size of a basketball court. Possible locations include public parks,school compounds, gym studios, etc.

Pricing of a Saber Tag session depends on group size, duration of the session and location required. An hour’s game of Saber Tag starts from around $18/pax  onwards. Advance booking is required and can be done online at or through phone at 6515 4146.

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