Oct 28, 2016

Nexcare Sensitive Skin should be in YOUR First Aid Kit at Home! + GIVEAWAY


What's the one inevitable thing once we become parents? We are going to worry about our kids even more than we worry about ourselves. And unfortunately, one of the 'traits' that the monkies inherited from me is the extreme sensitivity of their skin.

Their skin gets red and itchy really easily, especially when the environment is dusty. And it gets worse if they cut themselves because that usually means the introduction of a plaster... which leads on to other problems like the reddening of the skin areas around the cut.

So yes, they hate having to tend to a wound. Simply because their skin is still soft and very sensitive. And if you know my monkies, you will know that they literally jump around like monkeys. A LOT. Which translates to more tumbles, cuts and scrapes than I would like to really talk about. Sigh.

So what I really need is to have ready first aid supplies readily on hand at home that are not only effective, but also gentle on their sensitive skin.

Well, HELLO life saver!

The newly launched Nexcare Sensitive Skin range of products from 3M are specially designed to provide pain-free removal to better take care of sensitive skin and fragile wounds.

The range consists of three different products: Bandages small-sized wounds, Dressings for medium-sized wounds and Tapes for sealing the big dressing on wounds. And all three have been specifically formulated for individuals with sensitive skin due to many reasons such as either having very old or very young skin; fragile skin due to chronic illness; skin with lots of hair; skin prone to adverse reactions from adhesives; or skin disorders such as eczema.

Of the three, I foresee that Nexcare Sensitive Skin Bandages will be the one most frequently used product in the household... thanks to the package containing three different sizes of bandages for different wound sizes.

The bandages are comfortable adhesives and combined an absorbent, non-stick pad that wicks fluids away from the wound. It is ideal for daily use to protect wounds such as cuts, scrapes and minor burns.

The product holds securely, allowing for long-term adhesion, and also offers clean, pain-free removal with minimal hair-pulling.

Yes, that last bit is why I love the 3M Nexcare Sensitive Skin Bandages.

To test out if 3M Nexcare Sensitive Range bandages truly offer clean, pain-free removal with minimal hair-pulling as claimed, I pasted one of its bandages and a usual plaster on a piece of paper. And look what happened when I tried to remove both of them. The standard plaster ripped some of the paper (imagine if it were our skin. Ouch!) while the 3M Nexcare one left the paper just as smooth!

You see, with traditional adhesive bandages, the force of removing the tape is primarily experienced in the skin - causing irritation, redness and in some cases, pain.

3M Nexcare, on the other hand, uses a unique Sensitive Skin Technology which features silicon adhesion so that ensure the force of removing the tape is primarily experienced in the adhesive rather than one's skin.

So it's no wonder that the bandages are really a home run with the monkies! It's so easy to apply them on wounds and they do not even squirm or squeal. Better yet, taking those bandages off make them go "Ow Ow Ow!" in all the decibels they used to.

And how about larger wounds then? That's when the usual surgical gauze comes in, which is most certainly accompanied by tapes... like this.

Looks familiar? These old school, painful bandages and first-aid tapes are the cause of many undue stress and discomfort. Not to mention that these tapes hardly seem to hold the gauze in place for long!

The 3M Nexcare Sensitive Skin Tapes offers a different proposition altogether.

Featuring a water-resistant adhesive that tears easily by hand and easy to use for securing dressings, post-surgical gauze applications, and even medical devices, the 3M Nexcare Tapes are ideal for use on infants or the elderly, or for those who require frequent dressing changes.

In fact for the purpose of this post, I let the tape stay on Ash's knee for one whole day. And not only did the tapes stay on without any hint of peeling off, Ash's skin did not exhibit any reddish spots when the tapes were removed. Woohoo!

True to 3M Nexcare's tagline of  'Serious about healing', the 3M Nexcare Sensitive range of products are repositionable, hypoallergenic and latex-free.... which really makes them ideal for children, elderly, hairy skin, or people suffering from chronic skin condition like eczema.

More importantly though, these products are a definite must-have in my first-aid kit. They stick on firmly and stay in place yet when it’s time to remove them *poof* they are off in a snap like magic! It is just so easy and such a pleasure not having to worry about the 'rip effect' you experience with most bandages AND deal with the aftermath redness on the skin.

And you know what they say... Happy kids equate to happy life.


The twenty winners have been picked! Congratulations to the following readers, who have each won a 3M Nexcare gift box worth $30:

1. Yenny Lyne
2. Jamie Song
3. Iris Ng
4. Adeline Leong May May
5. Katie Love
6. Hau Yan Faith Ko
7. Agnes Yam
8. Tin Rodriguez
9. Jason Sin
10. Siow Peng Ann
11. Bazilah Mohammad Yusof
12. Joyce Loke
13. Yvonne Low
14. June Lee
15. Tink Christian
16. Siong Neo
17. Jean Tan
18. Kris Ng
19. Zoen Tan
20. Michele Chin

Please email me at kelvin@cheekiemonkie.net for prize collection details. Thanks!

If you want to these bandages and tapes to put on standby at home, GREAT NEWS! 3M Nexcare is giving away TWENTY gift boxes away worth $30 each to our readers! All you have to do is the following:

1. LIKE Nexcare Singapore's Facebook page HERE.

2. Tell us why you would love to win the gift box. Leave your comment either in the comment section of this blog post OR on our Cheekiemonkies' Facebook corresponding post HERE once you have done so.

IMPORTANT: Complete all 2 steps for your entry to be valid.

Giveaway ends on 11 Nov 2016, 2359 hours. 3M will pick 20 winners randomly.

Good Luck! :)

For more information, visit www.nexcare.com.sg.

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valyuki said...

Hi Cheekiemonkie,
I would love to win the 3M Nexcare gift box as i always put normal plaster on them and they will scream and scared whenever i try to peel off the plaster off them. Probably its not breathable as well as it tend to smell too. Hope i can win to try the product out.

pammie said...

I would love to win cos I'm the one who is prone to cuts. Just yesterday, I got scraped by the escalator, quite a bad one too cos it was a rising step but my calf was too near, then silly thought it was just a scrape until I saw blood. :(
Need some of these in my bag.

Vincent said...

Hi Cheekiemonkie,
I would love to win the 3M Nexcare gift box as i want to CARE for my family and Nexcare is way better then normal plaster.
Care for your family use Nexcare

Lydia Wong said...

I would like to win the gift box as my girl has had a lot of cuts since she started sch! And it's important to handle cuts in the right manner!!

Unknown said...

Hi, this is something useful to have around in the family especially when we have an active toddler.
Thanks. :)

Jingxian said...

This will be extra useful for my household with 2 energetic boys who are constantly creating mischief and getting bumps and cuts.
The plasters we normally use does not stay and drop out easily. I hope we can win this to try 3M products.

Yun said...

Providing a safe environment for the four bubbly kids to explore is necessary. Nevertheless they still will suffers cuts and abrasions from time to time and we need the Nexcare kit to make sure our kids get the best treatment for their cuts at home or when we are out immediately. With the kit I can be more assured when I let my kids play and explore around. And no more fussing around when we try to remove the plasters from them :)

Unknown said...

Now that I have 3 children (boys no less!) they are bound to get into all sort of scraps. These plasters would come in really handy!

Bazilah Mohamad Yusof said...

Hi Cheekiemonkies! Thank you for this awesome giveaway! I would love to win the 3M Nexcare gift box as my whole family is very prone to injuries. My children tend to fall all the time and get scrapes while I tend to accidentally cut myself or "peel" my skin while cooking. The plasters we re using have been rather disappointing. For me, the plasters never stick well enough especially because I have to keep washing the dishes. For my Children, not only they do not stick well, at other times, it hurts so badly while removal. Till the point that my youngest 19month old has a phobia of plasters. If she see any of us in plaster, she will start crying badly and feel very sad for us. Haha.

Best of luck to all!

Unknown said...

Hi,,would like to win this giveaway for my family especially for my precious 2 kids😍😍

Faaiz said...

Hi, like to have as i have two lovely kids. As their age does not understand the reaction of their actions, I think it is must to have.

Anonymous said...

I would wish to get this 3m nexcare set for my students as nowadays Sch not allow to apply medicine for students when they hurt themselves in Sch because a lot of them have sensitive skin. A good plaster just come in handy to keep the wound dry n clean until they go home

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