Oct 30, 2016

Happy Six, Ale!

Today is Ale's 6th birthday.


Because everything about her is big – her personality, her vocabulary, her creativity. Oh, and her erm... temper too.

But that is ok. We are working on that - just like how I am working on my patience too.

Another thing that is BIG is her heart. She is so full of kindness and generosity that it is a joy to see. It makes so proud that she is an amazing big 'sister' to her cousins. Sharing toys with them and going along with their wishes are her natural inclinations... even dancing silly in front of them just to make their day.

I love how she is so thoughtful, that she likes to do things for others that know will make them happy: draw pictures, sing songs, make presents.

I am proud of how strong she is, both physically and mentally. She has a love for learning that I hope that will stay with her for as long as I hope, and one of my favourite things is watching her struggle with a challenge, persist until she gets it.

But the truth remains. Every day that passes makes it harder and harder for me to admit that she is growing up. Thankfully, there are still reminders that she is my little girl. Someday she will understand how much it means to her Dad when we are just snuggling on the sofa together, watching Paw Patrol.

And even though she delights and frustrates me on a daily basis, I can never imagine life without her. As she enters Primary School next year and embarks on a new phase in her life, I just want her to know this:

Ale, you are forever pretty in my eyes.

You are pretty when you are kind. Because you feel happy too when others are happy, and your eyes widen and you smile.

You are pretty when you are curious and ask questions. Because you break out in laughter when I give you a silly answer.

You are pretty when you love your brothers. Because putting them first and caring about them makes your face glow naturally.

You are pretty when you reach out to hold my hand. Because your touch fills me with all the warmth in the world that you can ever imagine, and it is infectious.

You are pretty when you love yourself. Because being confident of who you are is the greatest superpower.

Happy 6th Birthday, Ale! I love you to bits.

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