Dec 14, 2016

The Monkies Completed the Dutch Lady Ultimate Mission Camp & it was Magical!


A few months ago in June, Ale and Ayd received a secret Mission Box from Dutch Lady and along with it were training challenges that were meant to prepare them for the real challenges at the Dutch Lady Ultimate Mission Camp.

Fast forward to 20 August 2016, and they were more than ready to tackle the real superhero-inspired challenges head on.

Oh, and Ash clamoured to join in the camp as well because seriously, which kid (and maybe some adults) can say no to an Ultimate Mission Camp that features Disney Frozen and Marvel characters?

But the camp did not just invlove us. Along with 20 other kids who were lucky to be chosen as recruits for the Ultimate Mission Camp, we joined other kids from from Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam) in a 3D2N experience that had wowed all the kids.

For starters, we were put up in a lovely room at Capri by Fraser Changi City... which came stocked with Frozen goodies for who else, Ale!

Not that the boys were jealous though, as they had their sights set on the multiple challenges at the Ultimate Mission Camp.

The kids were split into two groups - Team Marvel & Team Frozen - and sent on a mission to complete various challenges in the respective zones. And even though the characters and set-up were different in the two zones, the challenges posed to the kids were essentially similar.

There were 'Tunnels of Courage' that kids had to through to get from one end to another.

The kids were also tasked to construct a tower (or castle) using building blocks through teamwork.

Much to Ale's delight, the monkies were assigned to Team Frozen. Which also meant that her brother had no choice but to follow suit and clear the challenges at the Team Frozen zone. Well, not that they complained anyway... that's because I highly suspect they were having way too much fun at the different mission stops, like this Shimmering Ice Rink.

Well, a snowstorm which had the kids happily prancing around sure helped too!

See what I mean? LOL.

But if the monkies thought that spelt the end of the Ultimate Mission Camp, they were wrong. Okay, me included. We were surprised to find that the completion of the challenges in the zones unlocked a secret tunnel which led to the rear end of the function room, and this was what faced us.

A HUGE obstacle course, with rock climbing, netting bridge, climbing nets, and a slide!

Needless to say, the monkies went bonkers. Throw in a NERF challenge and I suspect they did not want the Ulitmate Mission Camp to end.

Well, it did end... but not before one last surprise which had the kids gaining access to the secret Marvel or Frozen room.

And the reward for completing all the challenges? A prized meeting with Elsa and Anna of Disney's Frozen fame!

Or if you are on Team Marvel, Spider-Man and Captain America were the ones greeting the kiddos.

Okay, I have to admit that I too was thrilled at the prospect of snagging a photo with these superheroes!

And with that, it was MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

The inaugural Dutch Lady Ultimate Mission Camp certainly exceeded the monkies' and my expectations. The mission challenges were well thought-out and for some kids, it was actually the first time they attempted to skate or scale a wall. Of course, the icing on the cake had got to be being able to meet the characters up close.

As an added bonus, the Ulitmate Mission Camp did not end there. The entire group of kids (and their parents) from the various countries were treated to a sumptuous dinner buffet at the hotel where we all had the chance to mingle.

In fact, you can see what the monkies got up to during the whole Ultimate Mission Camp in the videos below:


I have no idea when will the next Dutch Lady Ultimate Mission be taking place but you can keep updated by subscribing to the Mission Central YouTube Channel HERE.

Til the next magical experience at the Dutch Lady Ultimate Mission Camp, here's Team Frozen signing out!

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