May 22, 2017

Let 'Em Play: Singapore's First Indoor Obstacle Course & Augmented Reality Climbing

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With Clip 'n Climb and Forest Adventure situated in Tampines and Bedok respectively, it seems that the East has all the fun. Not anymore though, as the West is now home to a brand new family-centric edutainment hub which combines both the fun of wall-climbing AND high elements obstacle course.

And after our first visit, the monkies loved it!

Located at Tradehub21 (near International Business Park and The Chevrons in Jurong), Let 'Em Play may seem to be in the unlikeliest location for an indoor playground among car workshops and other offices.

But once we stepped inside, the monkies could not wait to get strapped up and scale up the colourful walls!

There are a total of 5 different types of climbing walls, each with varying difficulty. The Giraffe climbing wall is probably the toughest of the lot as there are lesser areas to grip as one scales up its neck!

The boys though, preferred the Speed Climb wall where they got to compete to scale up the red walls side by side to see who can reach the top in the fastest time possible. Or for the even more ultra-competitive, there is the Transparent Climb where two climbers will be able to climb simultaneously on each side of the transparent wall and see who gets to the top first.

The other slightly more challenging climb comes in the form of the Let 'Em Play wall which lets climbers attempt to reach the top by manoeuvring around the letters. A rather unique climbing experience, and all three monkies managed to conquer it!

If your kids (or even you) have dreamed of scaling a tree, they are in luck. With the Tree Climb, they will be able to do just that. Granted it may not be a real tree, but at least all the safety measures are in place for the climb.

Speaking of safety measures, all of the walls use a belay system. The Speed Climb walls use automatic self-belay system, which means that climbers don’t need a ground partner in order to start climbing. Once you reach the top, you just have to let go of the wall and enjoy the free-fall.

As for the other walls, someone needs to be present at the bottom to ensure that the belay rope remains taut and is slowly released when the climber starts to descend. While this may sound troublesome, it actually offers a great opportunity for parent and child to complete the climbing activity together. Also from what I observed, there is always ample staff around to help and offer advice.

If the kids are tired of scaling walls, how about conquering a 2-level high elements obstacle course instead?

Billed as the FIRST and ONLY indoor High Elements Obstacle Course in Singapore, this course features over 15 different obstacles - and all in air-conditioned comfort!

The monkies certainly needed no invitation to test their concentration and balancing skills as they gamly traversed through the different suspension bridges, ropes, and logs.

The second level of obstacles are slightly more challenging while the first level are more suited for younger kids. But from the time as I was there, all of the younger kids were raring to head up to the second level after completing the easier obstacles!

The course is suitable for both adults and children as young as 3 or 4 years old (accompanied by parents). Kids who are over 6 years of age can go on the course on their own.

Let 'Em Play utilises a safe continuous belay system where participants will only attach and detach the safety harness at the beginning and at the end of the course. While clearing the obstacles, participants will not be required to change their safety line or unhook from their safety harness.

The belay system also allows participants to choose their obstacle path at various checkpoints, so that there is minimal bottleneck at the individual obstacles. For younger kids, the safety line has an adjustable length so as to suit participants of all heights.

Kids who wish to take a breather from all the climbing and scaling can seek refuge in Tree House and Water Drop Nets in the centre of the obstacle course.

But the REAL highlight at Let ’Em Play is Singapore’s FIRST Augmented Reality Rock Climbing Wall.

Currently one of the hottest trends around the world, Augmented Reality (AR) Climbing is the world’s first global gaming platform for climbing walls which projects graphics onto a climbing wall and paired with proprietary body tracking to create a variety of interactive games. Just like how the monkies were tasked to climb the wall in order to smash a bat.

Suitable for any age (as long as you can climb the wall!), the AR wall features different varieties of games which can be customised according to various skill levels. (Do note that this activity requires a top-up of $12 per adult and $10 per child on top of the normal admission charge)

That means parent and child can play a game of ping-pong while climbing a wall! Or challenge on another to hit as many bats as possible, or climb a set route in the quickest possible time too! Be warned though, it is NOT as easy as it looks.

Here's a snippet of Ale in action!

From climbing walls and an indoor high elements obstacle course, to augmented reality climbing, Let 'Em Play edutainment hub definitely has enough physical (and mental) challenges for the whole family. Just ask the monkies, who were all too reluctant to leave!


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Useful Information

Let 'Em Play
Address: 18 Boon Lay Way, Trade Hub 21, #01-100, Singapore 609966 (In front of McDonalds & Sakae Sushi)
Opening Hours: Weekdays 10.30am - 10pm | Weekends: 9.30am - 10.30pm
Admission Prices: 
*Sign up for their one-year membership package at $15 to enjoy member prices. There are discounted prices for bulk purchase of multi-passes. For prices, please check their website.

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uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

Looks fun! Can't wait to bring my 5yo there! Wonder if they charge for bringing along a 10mo bb.

Crystal tan said...

Hi Tx for sharing this place. Hope to win the tickets.

Sengkangbabies said...

After Hourglass challenge (Camp Challenge), everything is easy-peasy to the kiddos liao haha.

cheers, Andy

Anonymous said...

Look likes fun for the primary schoolers.
Hope to win to let the kids have a go at the equipment.

Unknown said...

Awesome!! Gonna bring my family there .Thks for sharing this gd info fun activity for the whole family.Hope to win the tickets.

Unknown said...

looks adventurous my kids loves wall climbing
great venue for kids to exercise
Thanks for sharing this wonderful venue for kids
Hope to win so that i can bring them for a game to let them sweat all out

Tey Pei Wing said...

Liked n shared the post
Wish my girl has chance to try this out !
Thanks for the giveaway!

Unknown said...

hope to win the tickets to let my son try out this awesome place! thanks Kelvin!

Anonymous said...

Agree that its great fun! But am wondering why is the adult price more expensive than the child's one? We are not the ones playing right.. most indoor playgrounds charge a minimal fee for the adults as they are just accompanying their children. Maybe you guys can relook your prices. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Omg! This is gonna be a great place to surprise my bb for his 21st bday this coming August! Really hope to win this giveaway to give him as a surprise present! Please choose meeeee������������

Liked both Facebook pages
Liked and shared blog post too!

Really hope to win this and thank you so much for the giveaway!

Cyn said...

Omg!!This climbing heaven is just the place for new heights!My boys Are in for a Climb!!Thanks to you we have covered the classic retro playgroundz in Singapore!Blog on!

Unknown said...

This is definitely great fun the little
ones can look forward to!
Liked and shared.

My Blessing Wardrobe said...

Definitely a good chance to put out my boys out from their usual routines at home to this adventure
which can benefit their physical & mental states! Liked & shared!

Aj Digital Marketing said...
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