Jul 8, 2017

Our Second Farm Stay Visit to KOREF Resort & the Monkies are still Loving it!

We first visited KOREF Resort 3 years ago and until today, it still ranks as one of the most FUN resorts in the eyes of the monkies.

Never mind that there is no air-conditioning or water heater in the rooms. Never mind if there is no WiFi connection. And never mind if there is no Kids Club or playgrounds.

Because who needs all of the above when KOREF Resort offers a kampung experience like no other?

Yes, Kahang Organic Rice Eco Farm (or KOREF, for short) Resort is a no ordinary resort. A little more than 2hrs by car from Tuas Checkpoint, the Eco Farm spans 260 acres of arable land at the fringe of the tropical Malaysian Rainforest Reserves. It is also the first and only certified organic rice farm in Malaysia that provides free and easy eco farm stays.

In fact, you can read all about our first time visit in my blog post review here: www.cheekiemonkie.net/2014/10/farm-stay-in-johor-malaysia-koref-resort.html

You will find all of the details that you need, including driving directions, lodging options, food and activities in the post. Go on, I'll wait.

Done? Okay, let's get started on our second visit to KOREF Resort in April this year then.

This time around, we went with my in-laws for a one night stay and as per last time, we chose to stay in the Floating Chalets.

Silly me forgot to snap photos of our room interior but it looks similar to the photos I posted during our last stay in my previous post. The room was clean and basic, with a queen-sized bed and 2 mattresses on the floor as well as a private bathroom.

3 years ago, we paid RM200 per adult and RM160 per child for the Standard Floating Chalet. I'm happy to report that the rates have not changed. We paid the same rates while Senior Citizens pay RM180 per person.

The only difference? 4 meals (tea, dinner, breakfast & lunch) were included in the rates previously but this time around, only 3 meals (tea, dinner & breakfast) were included.

Small matter actually.... especially to the monkies. Because they were all too eager to go bamboo rafting in the lake!

During our last visit, this activity was one of the highlights of our stay and they obviously still could not get enough of it. After all, where in Singapore can one enjoy a leisurely paddle on a bamboo raft? Definitely rustic at its finest.

Ash even gave his Grandpa a ride on the raft!

In case you are wondering, the water level of the lake is not that deep... as you can see from the photo below. I reckon it is about 70cm deep as the boys could walk through the lake effortlessly.

Just a fact that I learned from the owner of the resort: the source of the lake water is actually from Kluang's Gunung Berlumut so even though the water appears to be brown, it is clean and never stagnant.

Of course, the boys never forgot about the Water Obstacle Course too - which was free to use for all resort guests.

The course consisted of various obstacles over water, which the monkies needed no invitation to attempt to conquer!

Compared to 3 years ago when Ale was a tad younger (and shorter), she was more gung-ho about the obstacles and cleared every single one of them.

A new activity at the Obstacle Course has also been added since our last visit, and it was one that the monkies would do over and over and over and over again...


Ale was initially apprehensive in following her brothers but over time, she managed to overcome her fears!

Okay, what really happened was I sneaked up behind her when she was standing on the dock, picked her up and flung her down into the lake. Obviously, she cried when she emerged from the water. But guess what, she willingly jumped from the dock many times after that! Goes to show all we need sometimes is a little push - whether we like it or not. LOL.

After all the exertions, it was time for tea time and the boys fondly remembered the yummy curry puffs they had during our last visit. Fortunately for them, the menu has not changed!

Dinner was also a hearty affair, with chicken, fried egg, okra (ladies' fingers) and mixed vegetables. The thing about the meals at KOREF is all of its ingredients are organic and fresh from the farm.

Come nightfall, the resort also organises a free jungle trek for guests which will allow them to see some luminous leaves in the jungle. The trek is suitable for young children and takes about 1.5 hours. We missed it the last time as the monkies were too tired. And we missed it again this time because it was raining! *WAIL*

Luckily, the weather cleared up the next morning.

There's something about the KOREF air that makes the monkies wake up darn early. Or maybe heading to feed the farm animals was attractive enough.

We had fried noodles and egg for breakfast. Somehow, I still missed the nasi lemak with organic brown rice during our previous visit though.

Before checking out, we had one final activity - rice planting.

We all sang that song before; about how planting rice is never fun? Well, the monkies experienced it first-hand for themselves and I can safely conclude that it is extremely tiring work!

Planting the rice saplings into the muddy fields is one challenge. The other is trying to maintain our balance when walking on the clayey mud!

KOREF Resort is simple kampung living at its best, with plenty of activities great for family bonding including a bustling wildlife like fishes, chickens, ducks, geese and rabbits.

It has that incredibly peaceful village atmosphere, and is really a different world compared to the hustle and bustle of Singapore.

No wonder the monkies are already plotting a return visit for the third time!

Useful Information

Kahang Organic Rice Eco-Farm (KOREF) Resort
Km 43, Jalan Kluang Mersing,
86700 Kahang, Kluang, Johor, Malaysia
Tel: +6 07 771 3431 | +6 012 720 8158 | +6 012 768 3149
Fax: +6 07 771 3431
Email: korefresort787@gmail.com
Website: kahangorganic.com

Driving directions to KOREF:

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