Jul 6, 2017

Help! My Hair is Ageing Faster than me!


The hair, just like any other parts of the human body, is susceptible to the natural ageing process. As we become older, our hair experience gradual and significant differences in the colour, texture, thickness, health and manageability. And if you find that your hair is ageing faster than it should, this may have to do with three simple factors: stress, hormones, and diet.

Hair loss and thinning can be triggered by stress, and it causes the hair follicles go into non-growth state, stopping growth for a significant period of time.

Hormones have an effect similar to that of stress on your hair’s health. Fluctuations in hormone levels causes the body to experience stress, forcing hair growth to halt.

Nutritional deficiencies such as high cholesterol and insufficient Vitamin B, iron, protein, or Vitamin C can be one of the causes of ageing hair.

Interestingly, did you know that our hair has an 'age' too? I did not know it before, and only found out after a trip down to TK TrichoKare, the leading trichological centre in Singapore that features customised treatments validated by certified trichologists with products formulated by a professional herbalist.

And after a consultation with my friendly trichologist along with the Advanced Tricho Hair Test, came the BIG REVEAL...

I'm currently 40 years old BUT my hair is 48 years old!

According to my trichologist, ageing hair can be identified by 5 symptoms: thinning hair, grey hair, dryness, brittleness and lacklustre. She shared that as we age, our hair undergoes a severe transformation - the pigment cells gradually decrease which will slow down the production in melanin, resulting in grey hair.

A decrease in the production of collagen and elastin causes out hair to become dry and brittle. The hair follicle shrinks over time, the diameter of each individual hair reduces, resulting in thinning hair.

Which unfortunately, can be seen from an analysis of my scalp.

Healthy hair follicles usually have two or three strands of hair sprouting from them. Mine? As you can see, most of my hair follicles only have one strand... which spells trouble if I leave the problem go unchecked.

Fortunately, help is available at TrichoKare! My trichologist recommended TrichoKare's newest treatment programme, Advanced Age Defying Hair Treatment, an anti-ageing hair treatment that has been specially developed to help both men and women counteract age-related changes in the density and diameter of their hair.

Like all its other treatments, TrichoKare only uses premium European herbal hair remedies in its customised treatments so as to deliver a natural solution for its customers. And the Advanced Age Defying Hair Treatment features the latest innovative Oxyjet technology, which helps to replenish essential nutrients for the scalp and rejuvenate hair roots to restore youthful vitality to one's hair!

Using pulsed oxygen pressure, an infusion of pure oxygen and nutrients are "shot" into the deep layers of the scalp. The active ingredients are able to penetrate deeply into the scalp without needles, which means it is all gentle, effective and safe! This process also helps to increase blood circulation and encourage the production of collagen - resulting in hair growth and preventing hair loss.

And speaking of the active ingredients used in the treatment, emu oil and gingko biloba extract make up the mixture being 'blasted' into my scalp.

Both ingredients are known to be effective in counteracting ageing hair - emu oil is able to reactivate up to 80% dormant hair follicles, accelerate cell regeneration to stimulate hair growth, and boost the diameter and thickness of each hair while gingko biloba extract can boost collagen and melanin production to prevent greying hair, counteract signs of ageing scalp, and reduce hair loss.

Together with a hair tonic rub and Infrared Therapy Light, which served to improve the blood circulation beneath the scalp as well as to ensure that the tonic was further penetrated deep down to my hair roots, my Advanced Age Defying Hair Treatment was complete.

Collectively, the Advanced Age Defying Hair Treatment has 6 great benefits:

1. Detox Scalp

Enriched with a potent blend of botanical extracts, the treatment helps to deeply cleanse the hair roots which regulates excess sebum production, removes all dead skin cells and slows down scalp ageing.

2. Strengthen hair roots

The treatment infuses the hair with proteins to reduce hair breakage and improve hair elasticity. The presence of Capsicum Annuum extract with C-Complex vitamins helps to boost micro-circulation and strengthen the hair follicles.

3. Increase hair density

By strengthening the cohesion of keratin fibres to promote hair density, the treatment invigorates shrunken hair follicles and promotes hair follicle regeneration.

4. Moisture & Soften hair

Active botanical extract such as rosemary provides key nutrients to nourish the fibre and soften the hair from the roots, infusing vital nourishment and deep moisture for silky-soft texture.

5. Restore lustre

The presence of Camellia extract in the treatment enhances the hair's natural, glossy shine, restoring the hair's natural radiance.

6. Reverse grey hair

Possibly the best benefit for me - the treatment supports the production of melanin in the hair shaft which inhibits grey hair.

All well and good - BUT how did my scalp look like after one round of treatment?

Obviously, I was not expecting miracles (like miraculous hair growth!) after just one treatment but as you can see from the Before and After photos above, I have a greasy scalp, so oil was clogging up some follicles (circled in red) which impedes hair growth. Now, my clogged pores and greasy scalp are virtually gone. My hair follicles also looked healthier and less brittle than the initial scan. A clean scalp and hair follicles are important to promote healthy hair growth. My scalp and hair has seen a significant improvement, the results were extremely satisfying!

What I took away most from the session was not my improved scalp condition though. I learnt from my trichologist that what you see on the outside does not exactly translate to perfection on the inside. And if you would like to understand the state (and age) of your hair and scalp, TrichoKare is the professional option - as validated by the numerous awards it has received.

ELLE Beauty Treat List 2017 – Best Treatment For Hair Loss
Her World Spa Awards 2016 – Best Treatment For Damaged Hair
Harper’s BAZAAR Hair Awards 2016 – Best Sebum-Regulating Treatment for Oily Scalp
The Singapore Women’s Weekly Hair Awards 2016 – Best Anti-Ageing Hair Treatment

Oh, and having a trichologist who genuinely cares for the health of your hair and scalp matters too!

Interested to try out the Advanced Age Defying Hair Treatment I underwent? Fantastic news! TrichoKare is currently having a promotion:

Book the Advanced Age Defying Hair Treatment for only S$40 and receive a Hair Care Kit AND HairGRO Serum too! This package is worth S$758.

Book your appointment online HERE.

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