Nov 24, 2017

Great Value for Family Bulk Shopping at Warehouse Club


Warehouse Club is a grocery store like none other.

A membership card is required, the shelves stretch to infinity, and the products are extra HUGE.

Yes, Ale was erm... rather surprised by the larger-than-usual packaging.

And the bonus? Grocery shopping at Warehouse Club has never been this fun for the monkies!

Located at new FairPrice Hub and next to Joo Koon MRT Station, Warehouse Club is a membership-based warehouse retail format of NTUC Fairprice Co-operative Ltd – a retail destination where families can join as members and enjoy big (and exclusive) savings on bulk buys, value packs and multi-packs.

Not only that, expect to find special quality import brands such as Kirkland Signature from USA, Carrefour from France, Tesco from UK, Cheesecake Factory from USA, and Frosch from Germany.

To say that the selection offered by Warehouse Club is mind-boggling is an understatement. And at first sight, the entire place might seem a little confusing with aisles and aisles of products spread over one floor.

But there is a method to the madness.

The best buys are ALWAYS located at the front of the store so my tip is to keep a watchful lookout for all the Super Deals items that are displayed prominently from the second you step into the store.

Better yet, gun for the Clearance Sale items for some deals that not even Ale can resist.

How to resist when faced with a pack of 680g marshmallows for $3.95???

And since Christmas is round the corner, the Clearance section filled with toys may just be the place to stock up on all those gifts!

As for me, I was more than happy with my prized find.

Truth is, the Warehouse Club is essentially a big warehouse mart where you can find a variety of products where you can find in your typical hypermarket - groceries, household items, toiletries, food products and more.

But more than that, it prides itself on selling items in bulk packs, value packs and multi-packs at great prices. And how does it offer value to the shopper? By going BIG.

And when I say big, I mean REALLY REALLY big!

The monkies were genuinely astounded to see so many products that were 'upsized' and before I knew it, they were trying to outdo one another by trying to see who can spot the most number of products that were larger than life.

At least I was the one who first spotted the jumbo Kirkland Signature Paper Kitchen Towel ($34.50 for 12!). LOL.

Oh, and I called first dibs on this gargantuan sack of rice as well. And at $56 for a 25kg-pack,  the Warehouse Club  is truly THE place to go to stock up for your next party.

Speaking of parties, the massive chilled and frozen food section deserves a visit if you are planning one.

Besides finding many seafood and meat cuts that are not readily available at the supermarket I usually frequent, many of the frozen products are jumbo sized.... which you should know by now, translates to cheaper prizes. Like this bag of Frozen Canadian Scallops that Ale refused to let go.

It costs $55.55 for a 2kg pack, in case you are wondering.

Oh, and I know for sure I will be back once again just before the Chinese New Year. Because of this.

All of these in one handy pack for $99.85. It takes the headache out of shopping for my steamboat reunion dinner!

And what's a party without dessert? A pack of 15 Haagen-Dazs ice cream bars for only $29.90 - that is less than $2 per stick!

Okay, so the monkies found all of the above pretty novel and fun BUT nothing can be compared to the moment when they stumbled onto the CHILLER!

As its name implies, the Chiller is one cold room which are filled with vegetable and fruit produce.

And when I say cold, I do mean really really cold. But it was something that the monkies thoroughly enjoyed... as it made them feel that they were teleported to a cold country!

For me, my focus was on sussing out the best deals to go into my shopping trolley.

Oyster mushrooms going for $2.25 for 2 packs and huge bags of carrots and Japanese cucumbers for $2.80 and $2 respectively?

These went into my trolley immediately. No questions asked.

For the record, the Japanese cucumbers were crunchy and so fresh - definitely one of my best buys at Warehouse Club.

If you are planning a visit this festive season, Warehouse Club has your Christmas goodies and decorations covered as well.

From decor like light-up Christmas figurines ($18 to $48 each) to festive snacks like Panettone - an Italian type of sweet bread loaf - ($8.90 for 2), there are plenty to choose from for your Christmas shopping!

I think Santa Claus concurs as well. Heh.

Browse through the entire Christmas e-catalogue HERE.

And what's a festive gathering without a little booze, no?

A pretty good selection of wines but the bargain hunter in me gravitated towards this Moscato from The Naked Grape. $35.95 for 3 bottles - where else to find?

Ash, on the other hand, was happy to find out that Warehouse House also had a section devoted to products that are all priced at $2. Glad that the (bargain hunting) force is strong in him too.

In general, the prices at Warehouse Club are generally affordable, more so if you buy in bulk. If you have a habit of stocking up and/or planning for a gathering or party, it makes perfect sense to shop at Warehouse Club for the greater savings in return for bigger quantities. Interesting brands like Kirkland and other products that are not sold at the usual supermarkets serve as an added bonus as well.

Remember I mentioned earlier in the article that you have to be a member to shop at Warehouse Club? A 2-year membership costs $30 for NTUC Members/FairPrice Members & Shareholders and $50 for the Public.

But wait, if you sign up before 28 February 2018, it only costs $10 for NTUC Members/FairPrice Members & Shareholders and $20 for the Public for a 1-year membership!

Unsure of whether to sign up? My tip is to just head down to the Warehouse Club to take a look.

You do NOT have to be a member to enter. Should you find that the products and savings make financial sense to you, then just sign up on the spot and you can start shopping immediately!

Personally, this has to be one of the rare occasions that I have seen the monkies enjoy their shopping experience at a supermarket. The huge amount of space and wide aisles certainly helped. Ditto for the 'cold-country- Chiller room too.

But the clincher according to the monkies? The advantage of being able to stock up on daily essentials and items for the monkies' birthday parties, our family gatherings, and parties with friends.

Now that is something I cannot disagree with.

Useful Information

Warehouse Club
Address: 1 Joo Koon Circle, Level 3, Singapore 629117
Tel: 6710 4584
Opening Hours: 10.00 AM - 9.00 PM (Mon - Fri) | 09.00 AM - 9.30 PM (Sat & Sun)

- Enjoy complimentary parking of 2.5 hours with a minimum spending of $80 from now until 31 December 2017.
- Mastercard Cardholder's exclusive – enjoy $6 off with min spend of $100 in one receipt, from now till 26 Dec 2017.
- Receive a Free $5 Voucher with mind spend of $200 in one receipt, from now till 26 Dec 2017

*All prices shown above are correct at time of writing.

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