Jan 3, 2018

Ash really turned 13!

It really happened.

To the wifey's and my credit, we really did try our best to prevent it from happening. We didn't feed him after midnight. We tried to fit him into old clothes. We didn't let him come into contact with water. But all our attempts were futile in the end. (Primarily because he got too stinky)

It was just a matter of time.

We were fighting a losing battle.

I knew we were doomed on the fateful day.

And that inevitable day came. Today.

And he woke up this morning, like nothing's different. But something has indeed changed... for Ash's birthday is today and he is officially a TEENAGER.

Can you believe another year has passed?  Can you believe that Ash is turning thirteen???

It seemed not too long ago that I was lamenting that he turned 12 too quickly and now, he is 13!!??!

So I am not entirely sure how I should feel today. It is like an emotional Neapolitan scoop of joy, confusion, and sadness. I became a dad because of him and I will always be grateful for that.

The past 13 years have definitely been the most blessed learning experience in my entire life. The older he becomes, I see a lot of myself in him. And the funny thing is for all the times I got angry at him, I find myself asking myself, “Why am I scolding him when he is exactly like me?”

Because for all the little things that he does that irks me, he is a responsible brother to his 2 younger siblings. He is like having an extra adult at home looking after them, helping them out with stuff and even nags them if they forget to complete something. He is forever the thoughtful guy when it comes to his grandparents - holding their hands when we are outside.

So my son is 13. He has grown up, but not too grown up yet... stuck in this weird phase between being a little boy sometimes and beginning a new phase as a teenager. Kids' menus don't do it for him anymore and he counts as an adult at buffets, on the plane and in hotels. Still developing and maturing; he still hasn’t quite become a young man, but is quickly getting there.

It is exciting to see the man he is growing into, even though it breaks my heart to know that with every passing year I am getting closer to letting him go.

Happy Birthday to the coolest most awesome dude in the world, and the best son any Dad can ever wish for.

To Ash, never give up in whatever you do and always know that I've always got your back. For as long as I live. Welcome to Teen-dom!

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