Jan 1, 2018

HAPPY 2018!

What is the ONE photo that sums up your 2017?

For me, it has to be this one for 3 reasons:

ONE, our trip to Switzerland & Germany marked the first time all of us had seen, touched and tasted snow for the first time in our lives. Extremely stoked to see the delight on the monkies' faces as snow fell and this is one memory that will stay with me forever.

TWO, it has been a challenging year due to Ash's PSLE but thanks to hard work all around, everyone in the family is super proud of his achievements. In particular, his Chinese which he scored an A where all along, he has been getting C!

THREE, and this is the most important reason. See the 5 tiny snowmen in the photo? Ale built them. She only built one initially but decided to build another 4 more because she insisted "We are family. Without his family, the one snowman will be so lonely and cold".

So yes, family will always be what keeps us together and it's something that will keep me blessed as 2018 beckons.

Have a great New Year! 😊

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