Feb 28, 2018

Our Paws-perous Celebrations this CNY

Another year, another Chinese New Year. Our CNY routine has not changed much over the years - including the feasting and photo-taking!

When I was growing up, Chinese New Year used to be all about the angpow money. It was also the period of being teased by my relatives for getting more and more chubby. And then when I was in my twenties, getting asked when I was going to get married... then having my first kid... and then whether I was going to have one more monkie. Now, the questions of school and the monkies usually crop up during our visits.

But ever since I became a Dad - and started documenting these annual CNY posts on the blog - I realise that Chinese New Year is much more that all these.

When I look back at all the photos taken over the past CNY periods, I can tell that my aunties and uncle are getting older. Especially my grandmother, who took care of me when I was a toddler. And the monkies, who are growing older day by day with their faces changing every single year.

Okay, maybe not that extreme.

But you get my point.

And the one other constant we always do every CNY is have the monkies serve tea to their elders.

The first day of CNY is always spent heading to my parents', parent-in-laws', maternal grandmother's and the wifey's maternal grandmother's homes - in that particular order.

And where there is a crowd, there is always an opportunity for group photos.

Or louhei, for that matter!

Day 2 usually becomes a more relaxed affair for us as we only have 2 homes to visit.

Which gave me the perfect excuse to snap some #OOTD shots.

Speaking of OOTD shots, how cute is this photo of Ale SIX years ago???

At least the lesser visiting 'workload' allowed us to to recuperate from the previous day's exertions. Because you know, feasting is hard work.

Day 3 and what do you mean we were not done with all the feasting yet?

This year, I shall resolve not to fret over the small little things that irk me... like trying in vain to get the monkies to take a proper decent shot within 3 tries. LOL.

Instead, what matters most is all of my loved ones and friends remain healthy and happy every single year. 😍

and may everything be number 旺
in the Year of the Dog!

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