Feb 7, 2018

I Found my Best Mattress Fit with Hennsley

Product Review

One of the oldest items in our household is our dear queen-sized mattress. It has been with ever since the wifey and I got married in 2003 - that's a whopping 15 years in case you are doing the math. Over the years, the mattress has accumulated its fair share of pee from the monkies because you know, they sometimes sneak onto the bed with us.

So with the Chinese New Year approaching, I figured it was time to change our mattress and after 1.5 months sleeping on my new mattress, I am not exaggerating when I say I am looking forward to my sleep time every night... if I can just get the monkies off my bed first!

Hennsley is local mattress brand with a sole mission - to provide quality bedding products at competitive prices that improve people’s lives and well-being. Its founder has years of experience in the mattress industry before setting up Hennsley, simply because he wanted to improve people’s quality of sleep.  He has launched a range of mattresses to suits different people’s sleeping pattern and their preferred comfort levels.

We went down to the Hennsley showroom headquarters in Ang Mo Kio (UPDATE: the showroom has shifted to 66 East Coast Road) to pick the mattress that was most suitable for the wifey and me, and I expected it to be just a session of lying down on different beds and picking out the most comfortable one.

Turned out I was so wrong.

Firstly, the right way to test a mattress before buying it is to lie down on it as a couple. Simulate the way you sleep by lying on your backs and sides for at least 10 minutes. Your spine should be straight when you sleep on your side and in its natural curve when you lie on your back. Most importantly, the mattress should mould well to your body, leaving no space between the mattress and your body.

Hennsley mattress come in both Classic and Premium Series.

The Classic Series models come with a Standard Compact Pocketed Innerspring System which are heat-treated and tested for performance, quality, and durability. They are highly responsive to your weight distribution, body contour and sleeping patterns. Providing you with the right support, it aligns your spine in a natural position.

But if you really want true comfort, I recommend the Premium Series models which are designed for the ultimate comfort and support. The Standard Compact Pocketed Innerspring System is further enhanced with a 3-Zone, 7-Zone and Soft Touch 7-Zone sleep system.

Our mattress model is the 'Caribea', which is part of the Premium Series. Its 7-Zone Individual Pocketed Innerspring System - which are imported from USA - is exclusively designed by the human’s body shape and contour with the mattress being divided into 7 sections - Head, Neck, Shoulder, Back, Hip, Legs and Feet. This is because with each part of the body fitting nicely into the correct zones, the result is a more consistent and even body support.

See the extra padding at the top part of the mattress? This 'Pillow Top' serves to provide comfort and is extremely ideal for side sleepers.

In addition, the mattress' High Density Foam Border Encasement provides much more stability when sleeping, which translates to extra sleeping space at the edge and reducing the “roll-off”effect.

Oh, and my mattress is so much cooler to lie on compared to my old mattress too, thanks to the specially treated fabric called "Coolmax" which is a type of moisture-wicking technical fabrics specially-engineered to improve "breath-ability" compared to natural fibres like cotton.

Even better, all Premium Series models come with a Non-Slip Mattress Base Pad which keeps your mattress and bedsheets in place and also means that making your bed will be much easier! Of course, the beds are also treated with anti dust mite, anti bacterial and anti fungi properties.

Best of all, the mattress comes with 10 year Full Warranty on the innerspring system – i.e. if there are any issues with the innersprings, Hennsley will do a 1-to-1 exchange. Most of the other brands in the market only provide 10 year limited warranty, which means the first 2 year is free for any exchange or repair if the springs have issues.  But from the 3rd year onwards, customers will need to pay an amount based on the age of the mattress.

So can you tell that I am LOVING my new Hennsley mattress yet??? Especially since it comes with a bed frame that doubles up as a storage space!

Hennsley offers a wide range of bed frames at its showroom as well and the wifey and I went for the storage bed frame without any hesitation because the space seems like a good place for me to put the monkies if they are making far too much noise.


Truth is, there is just too much junk stuff in the house with 3 kids around.

The extra space comes in useful to store our travel luggage, winter clothes, back packs and plenty of other things.

I am also told that all of Hennsley's storage bedframes come with authentic German designed hydraulic gas springs by Bansbach. Bansbach easylift hydraulic gas springs are safe to use and as the name suggests, easy to lift as well. It also functions as a shock absorber and damper, used as both safety and functional elements to damp speed and slow down masses.

Of course, what is a good night's sleep if one's pillow does not provide enough comfort too? Hennsley currently carries 2 different types of pillows.

Hennsley Memory Foam Pillows are made from 100% BASF approved memory foam material from Germany, the quality of the memory foam is second to none. It is soft to the touch, yet supportive. Whether you are a back sleeper or side sleeper, the uniquely designed memory foam contour pillow allows you to sleep in whichever way you are comfortable with.

Providing the utmost support for your head, neck and shoulders, the pillow also conforms nicely to the size and shape of your head, giving a much desired quality sleep. The pillows come with a 3-year warranty.

If you are looking for a pillow that gives you MORE than just comfort, I recommend the Hennsley Convoluted Contour Pillow which is made from 100% Natural Latex and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Not only does it provide me with an utmost support for my head, neck and shoulders, its unique convoluted surface also enhances my blood circulation by softly massaging my head and neck. So that I wake up feeling refreshed and energized!

So you now know why I say that I am looking forward to my bed every single night!

If you are not getting a restful sleep at night, it is probably time to get a new Hennsley mattress.

But don't just take my word for it.

Try the mattresses for yourself at Hennsley's main showroom at Ang Mo Kio (address at the end of the post), or at Courts showrooms (Courts Megastore, Courts Jurong Point and Courts Toa Payoh).

Just be sure not to fall asleep at the showroom! LOL.

Hennsley Sleep Sanctuary
Address: 66, East Coast Road, #01-01, The Flow, Singapore 428778
Opening Hours:11am to 9pm Daily
Tel: 69502860
Website: www.hennsley.com
Retail Prices:
Hennsley Caribea Queen Mattress: $2,849
Storage Bedframe Model: $999 (Purchase with Purchase price)
Memory Foam Contour Pillow: $199
Latex Convoluted Contour Pillow: $269

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