Mar 6, 2018

The Most Dazzling & Interactive Installations at i Light Marina Bay 2018 Not to be Missed

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One of my favourite Marina Bay events returns!

Over the next 3 weeks, the Marina Bay waterfront transforms into a colourful outdoor spectacle as i Light Marina Bay 2018 returns for a sixth edition. From 9 March to 1 April 2018, a whopping 22 sustainable light art installations will set the Bay aglow around the Marina Bay waterfront.

The i Light Marina Bay festival prides itself as a showcase of light art installations created by artists from Singapore and around the world. And this year’s festival will also see greater participation from the community in the creation of sustainable artworks.

But the best thing is IT IS FREE for EVERYONE!

Beyond the visual treat of artworks and sustainability-themed programmes, festival goers can also look forward to a myriad of activities held across four festival hubs. Held at Marina Bay Sands Event Plaza, ILLUMI Bar – an LED-lit pop-up lifestyle space – is making its debut at the festival. Art-Zoo Inflatable Park will return to the festival this year at The Float @ Marina Bay too. Also making a comeback this year is GastroBeats, offering delectable food options and music performances at The Promontory. The ongoing Prudential Marina Bay Carnival held at the Bayfront Event Space will continue to welcome families and friends to come and enjoy rides, games and performances during the festival.

Like previous editions, the bulk of the light installations are congregated at two main areas - Bayfront Event Space AND the Esplanade.

The MAIN difference I feel about this year's edition is there are more light installations that are extremely interactive... which is good news for kids with itchy hands!

So if you are planning a night trip down, here are some of the installations that families should not miss:


Location: In front of Marina Bay Event Square 

Quite simply, this is one installation which invites people to just beat it!

Octopoda is an interactive light installation that invites audiences to become part of his tentacle percussion ensemble. Featuring eight tentacle drums, beating on each one activates a unique display of colour and light animating the Octopoda’s musical mind. Inspired by steampunk themes, when all eight drums are playing together Octopoda will dazzle audiences with his mechanical moves and rhythmic light display.

Light Breeze 
Location: Mist Walk

Inspired by the gentle sways of the cogon grass, affectionately known as the lalang plant, Light Breeze is a tribute to the overlooked and diminishing flora and fauna within Singapore’s ever urbanising landscape. The installation isolates and emphasises the gentle swaying motion of the cogon grass through the use of lights and its monument structure.

Location: Lower Boardwalk 

Hands down, this is the MOST instagrammable light installation of the lot!

Passage is an immersive, minimalist, contemplative and interactive artwork that explores the emotional connections we develop with light and sound. Walking through the tunnel activates light animations and sounds with each configuration having its own ambience. Expect loads of people in this tunnel, I say.

Light Play
Location: Lower Board Walk

Revolving around the theme of well-being and social sustainability, Light Play encourages relaxation through play... simply by just playing with light.

Location: Marina Boulevard 

Kloud is an interactive light installation that connects people and the colours of their ever-changing emotions. For physical interaction, the audience can touch the clouds to disrupt its lights. These fluctuations demonstrate the flow and transition of emotions within humans.

To further interact with the artwork, visitors can visit on their smartphone and provides a means for them to express their emotions onto the physical installation. They can select and alter the colours on multiple surfaces through the app!

Chandelier of Spirits 
Location: Breeze Shelters 

Chandelier of Spirits not only shines brighter when there are more people around it, but it also sings and creates a harmonious chimes sound when the breeze blows. The lights in the bottles are activated by motion so to make them shine brighter, just move your hands (or bodies) under them. Sure-fire way to drain the kids of energy! LOL.

Location: Marina Boulevard

If your kids love shouting and just making lots of noise in general, head to this installation.

MailboX is able to capturie ambient sound around it, which responds to the volume generated by the crowd, and then visualises the amount of conversation created on the facade of the MailboX. Or you can send a tweet using the hashtag #ilightmarinabay and see the message being displayed on the MailboX!

Whareatua – Field of Dreams 
Location: Marina Boulevard 

Comprising a series of internally lit 'Giant Mushrooms', and combining the latest technology with sustainably sourced materials, Whareatua – Field of Dreams is an interactive light installation. It’s a celebration of our symbiotic connection to source.

With Love...
Location: Clifford Pier

A monumental bright red inflatable heart is installed in the heart of the town, in the heart of the night. This heart takes the pulse of the city by sensing the light, the temperature, the atmospheric pressure.

The Esplanade

Dancing Grass
Location: Esplanade Park 

Dancing Grass, in differing heights, sometimes standing straight, sometimes wobbling through the wind, all while mingling to form a grass field. It resembles Singapore where diverse people live in harmony. As the glowing grass moves with the wind and artificial movements, it mimics a dancing grass field. Visitors can have a special experience of immersing themselves in this larger-than-life grass field to touch, feel and hug.

Urban Rice Fields 
Location: Esplanade Park

Providing a sensory experience, Urban Rice Fields features a pathway where the audience can travel through the rice fields, immersing themselves in the undulating curvy disposition of the emerging bamboo rods. It gives a photogenic and dynamic impact as a background setting of the artwork.

Transistable Plastic 
Location: Under the Esplanade Bridge 

Transistable Plastic is made using plastic panels from vacuum bags, which are usually used to store clothing, so it takes up less space in closets. Packed within these bags are all kinds of transparent coloured plastic containers and LED lights. After removing the air with a vacuum cleaner, everything in the interior is reduced to a flat plastic plate containing other pieces of flattened plastic.

Location: Esplanade Boulevard 

Inspired by Newton's Cradle, the kinetic-light installation blurs the boundaries between science and art. Through public interaction, the device demonstrates the conservation of momentum and energy using a series of swinging spheres. These same spheres illuminate upon impact and energy transference, resulting in a mesmerising display of light and logic.

Elements of Life 
Location: Merlion Park

Elements of Life visually narrates the universe’s basic elements; Water, Earth, Wind/Air and Fire. The element of earth binds fire, water and air in various proportions, which makes possible the formation of materials and life with different properties. These elements are also vital for sustainability. It brings the audience through a journey from space to earth and shows how simple life starts with a combination of these elements, and how each relates to one another, from its simplest form to the present and future.

Elements of Life 
Location: Merlion Park

Elements of Life visually narrates the universe’s basic elements; Water, Earth, Wind/Air and Fire. The element of earth binds fire, water and air in various proportions, which makes possible the formation of materials and life with different properties.

Milk Bottle Cows
Location: Esplanade Park

Milk Bottle Cows uses milk bottles, an everyday object which seems familiar but presented in an unfamiliar way to the spectators. The installation uses production and consumption of dairy milk as a metaphor to imagine alternative technology and behaviour that could lead to a more efficient and sustainable future. It also promotes recycling and up-cycling by reusing more than two thousand plastic milk bottles, which is equivalent to approximately seven months’ worth of plastic waste generated by an individual. These containers are then shaped into life-sized cows and calves leisurely placed on a grass field for public awareness and enjoyment.

The Butterly Effect 
Location: Esplanade Park

The Butterfly Effect utilises drums and a field of lights to represent the reassertion of the agency for change. As each drum is struck, a ripple of lights propagates across the field, from one to many.

Remember I mentioned earlier about the other FOUR festival hubs?

Art-Zoo Inflatable Park

Art-Zoo Inflatable Park @ i Light Marina Bay 2018 returns with a brand new line-up of inflatable characters! As the largest experiential inflatable playground that welcomes visitors of all ages, Art-Zoo takes you on a colourful and magical journey to have fun with larger-than-life animals, plants and mythical creatures. Let your imagination run wild and bounce with us at Art-Zoo Inflatable Park! Stay tuned for my review!

Illumi Bar
(Free Admission)

Held at the Marina Bay Sands Event Plaza daily from 4pm to 11pm, ILLUMI Bar is an LED-lit pop-up lifestyle space making its debut at the festival. With its “furniture” made with reusable plastic tanks to increase awareness of the importance of sustainability, friends and family can gather at this illuminated lounge for drinks and food, revel in music performances, or discover the magic of Spectra, Marina Bay Sands’ free-to-public outdoor light and water show.

(Free Admission)

Urban lifestyle park GastroBeats returns for its second edition, this time at The Promontory@Marina Bay. Presenting an all new neon playground at the Promontory, it expands from its main programming pillars - Eat, Sing, Play, Repeat. Offering everything from delectable food options and music performances, a new series of content for Play is delivered with the collaboration with ILLUMI Run, taking place on 31 March, unique game experiences and GastroBeats’ signature neon installations. Over four weekends, GastroBeats promises an eclectic line-up of programmes and activities, offering something new for festival goers to look forward to each time they visit, thus highlighting the repeat.

Marina Bay Carnival
(Free Admission)

Whether you are looking to be whisked off on an adrenaline-pumping adventure, or a picture-perfect day of family entertainment, there’s something for everyone in our treasure trove of over 40 carnival rides and games. Expect surprises at every turn – from live music performances and magic shows to outdoor fitness sessions, insta-worthy photo spots and tantalising gourmet delights. Joyful and magical is truly the name of the game here.

As I had mentioned earlier in the post, there are more light installations that invite people to touch and interact with... which the kids will definitely approve I reckon!

Useful Information

i Light Marina Bay 2018
Dates: 9 Mar - 1 Apr 2018
Time: 7.30pm to 11pm daily, with an extension to 12mn on Fridays and Saturdays
Venue: Marina Bay Waterfront
Admission: Free

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