May 28, 2018

Step into a Fairy Tale and go Bouncy Crazy at Gardens by the Bay this June School Holidays!

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Of ALL the kids activities this June School Holidays, be sure to factor in a visit to Gardens by the Bay before 10 June 2018 because there are TWO activities happening concurrently that will guarantee for a fun day out!

First up, the free Children's Festival @ Gardens by the Bay which is taking place at the Supertree Grove. This year's festival is based on the beloved children's novel series by Enid Blyton, The Magic Faraway Tree.

The wifey and Ale are HUGE fans of the story book so no prizes for guessing who were the most excited of the lot when we stepped into Supertree Grove. Actually, Gardens by the Bay is probably the best venue to host such a whimsical tale consisting of iconic characters such as Silky the
Fairy, Moon-Face and Saucepan Man.

The entire area is divided into FOUR lands:


Here, kids will be able to find 'fairy folk and magic spells' hidden all around and what's a festival without some photo opportunities, no?

We entered the Shimmery Wonders hut and immersed ourselves in some trickeye art and peered through a colourful kaleidoscope.


The main attractione here is the Toy Fort but that is a ticketed attraction (I will get to that in a bit). But free activities here include the many life-sized toy soldier figurines which kids can bring them to 'life' and make music by turning a handle.


I am sure all kids will be familiar with Little Miss Muffet and her doomed curds and whey nursery rhyme. Kids get to enjoy an interactive Spider's Cave installation where they control the movement of the spider and Little Miss Muffet's bowl of curds and whey.

Not exactly for older kids but the boys gamely posed for photos because I forced them to.


Feeling famished? Head here to feast on mouth-watering treats! There is also a huge green open space where families can grab an inflatable to chill on. OR for jumping fun, head to the Skippy Bouncy Castle!

Throughout the days, there will be performances on the Stage (See HERE for the schedule) as well as Meet & Greet Sessions with Silky the Fairy, Moon-Face, Saucepan Man, Tilly and Fernie.

Be sure to grab a FREE copy of the Magic Leaf Booklet where kids can solve puzzles in each land and collect the colour rubbings of four special items in order to redeem a prize (while stocks last daily)!


There are also ticketed activities at the Festival, which comes in the form of a Magic Pass. One pass allows for three additional activities - Toy Fort, The Enchanter's Marvellous Mirror Maze and Candy Party.

At the TOY FORT, our mission was to shoot down as many toy soldiers as possible within 2 minutes using NERF guns.

There are 2 stages to complete in all - nothing too difficult for the kids.

And for our efforts, we won a toy soldier plushie!

THE ENCHANTER'S MARVELLOUS MIRROR MAZE consisted of a series of mirrors in a small space.

Actually, I don't think is should be called a maze because it was just a straight path from entrance to exit. I guess it is just an excuse for families to play dress-up and pose for photos surrounded by mirrors.

CANDY PARTY was the most fun of the lot for the monkies.

They got a sugar rush (figuratively) by cannon-balling into a huge pit filled with colourful foam!

Their objective was to search for blue foam which can then be exchanged for a capsule full of sweet treats. So that's your literal sugar rush right there.

The Magic Pass is available for purchase on site at $12 per pax. Alternatively, you can buy tickets to each attraction individually at $6 (Toy Fort or Candy Party) and $2 (The Enchanter's Marvellous Mirror Maze). What’s more, you can present the Magic Pass at Gardens by the Bay’s ticketing
booths to redeem a free Child ticket to either Flower Dome or Cloud Forest!

BUT it is only half the fun at Gardens by the Bay! Head to Bayfront Plaza (beside Bayfront MRT Gardens by the Bay exit) for a Cartoon Network experience like no other!

Cartoon Network Animate Your Life transforms the Bayfront Plaza into a thriving world of cartoons by bringing characters from hit shows – The Powerpuff Girls, We Bare Bears, Adventure
Time and Ben 10 to life! Think loads of fun inflatable playgrounds, obstacle courses, carnival
games and creative workshops.


Enter the famous city of Townsville and soar with Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup on a giant trampoline ride! Also make sure to check out the Cartoon Network art gallery, where a series of international artwork will be displayed in celebration of The Powerpuff Girls 20th anniversary.


The bear bros are in the house and ready for fun! Splash-down the log-ride inflatable slide into a colourful ball-pit. Match-up and stack-up with a giant Bear Stack, or just snap a selfie in the cave that Grizz, Panda and Ice Bear call home.


Take a trip to the Land of Ooo and get lost in a maze with best buds Finn and Jake!

Then step into a magical Candy Kingdom with your favourite Adventure Time characters, Marceline, Princess Bubblegum and Lumpy Space Princess... complete with a huge bubble machine!


Join the Ben 10 Boot Camp and navigate through a series of exciting obstacles courses and get a group photo with Ben and his aliens in front of a cool trick-mirror.

Come weekend, a line-up of weekend workshops hosted by leading figures from the animation world will be held to spark your creativity. Conducted every Saturday and Sunday at 4.30pm, 5.30pm and 6.30pm the workshops will teach you how to draw some of Cartoon Network’s most loved characters, offer voice-over challenges and give you a chance to participating in make a stop-animation video. Visit HERE for more information.

So this school holidays, Gardens by the Bay has got you all covered as kids get to embark on a journey to four magical lands as “The Magic Faraway Tree” by Enid Blyton comes to life at the Children’s Festival @ Gardens by the Bay and enter a world of animation (and go bouncy crazy!) at Cartoon Network Animate Your Life.

Useful Details

Date: Saturday, 26 May – Sunday, 10 June
Time: 10am – 9pm
Location: Supertree Grove
Pricing: Admission to the event is free. Charges apply to selected components (Magic Pass at $12 per pax).

Date: Saturday, 26 May to Sunday, 10 June
Time: Monday to Thursday 3pm – 9pm; Friday to Sunday 3pm – 11pm
Location: Bayfront Plaza
Pricing: Adult (Age 18+) $18+ | Child(Age 2-12) $12.50+ | Student (up to Tertiary) $15+ | Family Pack (2A+2C) $50+ | Friends Pack (4 Students up to Tertiary) $48+
Details: Visitors can purchase same-day tickets at the entrance of Animate Your Life, or pre-order
online at

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