May 11, 2018

Lufthansa Makes Flying with Kids Fun & Exciting – even before Take-off!

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If you have been following me on Instagram, you should have seen all the fun we got up to during our epic trip to Switzerland and Germany last December. And a huge part of it was down to Lufthansa German Airlines in Singapore which had put together an amazing itinerary with the respective tourism organisations.

And as they say, the destination is only half the story because the journey itself matters too. We had flown to Zurich via Swiss International Air Lines so for our flight back to Singapore, we had a taste of German hospitality on Lufthansa... which coincidentally is a founding member of Star Alliance and Europe's largest airline.

We started our German trip in Munich and ended in Frankfurt - my first impression of both airports was they are utterly huge but more importantly, something caught my eye at these airports.


What are these steps doing at the Lufthansa check-in counters at the airports? Well, I will get to that in a bit because let me first say flying long-haul is never fun (except maybe if you are in business or first class) AND that can be especially true if you are travelling with kids! Unfortunately, some airlines have eliminated kid-friendly perks such as kids' activity packs and even kids' meals in a bid to cut costs, making air travel with kids a more tedious affair.

Not for Lufthansa though, which seems determined to bring family-friendly travel to new heights (pun absolutely intended) and make flight time in the air as stress-free and fun as possible for kids!

And as I found out to my delight, the fun stuff actually begins long before the plane departs the gate.

Yes, families with kids up to age of 12 have a dedicated check-in queue at its Munich and Frankfurt airports, complete with a Welcome sign!

Remember the steps at the check-in counters? These steps at the check-in counters for families are meant for the little ones!

Kids no longer have to plead with their parents to carry them up to the counter, or step on the ledge of the counter just to have a better view of what the airport staff is doing.

Just climb up the mini stairs and they will be able to check in on their own... makes them feel like an adult.

And it IS a BIG deal. Just look at that grin on Ale's face!

But Lufthansa surprised Ale even further by asking her if she would like to check in her beloved soft toy for the flight too!

Yes, this furry cheekiemonkie gets its own boarding pass too! Kids (and dolls and teddy bears and other soft toys) are undoubtedly kings and queens when flying with Lufthansa because all soft toys receive their own "Best Friends Boarding Pass" for the flight too.

In case you are wondering, accompanying soft toys fly for free.

I told Ale to check me in as a big, cuddly soft toy the next time we fly on Lufthansa so that I can fly for free.

She didn't answer me. LOL.

As we checked in rather early, we had the chance to while the time away at Lufthansa's Business Lounge.

And it was amazingly beautiful and spacious.

Of course, the free flow of food and drinks helped too.

Obviously, the kids were not forgotten too. They get a dedicated snack corner, much to the delight of Ale.

Oh and do you see the cute crane in the photo above? That's Lu, Lufthansa's mascot for kids. Together with his little friend, Cosmo, they front Lufthansa's JetFriends Club which is designed to entertain young passengers, while providing them information about flying and travelling in a fun manner.

The site caters to little adults aged between 2 and 17, and features games, quizzes, arts and crafts for kids 2 to 12 while provides interesting travel information such as how workings of the black box and the sights and sounds of an exotic country like Morocco for teens.

Not only that, Lufthansa truly means it when they say the fun of flying with them begins even before take off... thanks to the two FREE Lufthansa apps you can download for your kids beforehand! The “Take-Off” app is catered for kids aged 3 to 6 and will guide your children through the airport experience through a series of six games. Older kids aged 7 and above can download the "Super JetFriends" app which tasks them to complete important tasks around the airport through educational games: they build their own 'super plane', help the pilots navigate the aircraft, refuel waiting aircraft, test their knowledge and much more.

Both apps are available on iOS App Store and Android Play Store. (Psst, even if you are flying with another airline I still recommend downloading these apps in preparing your children to fly)

And with that, we were ALL SET to board our Lufthansa plane back to Singapore!

Did the monkies quibble during the flight? Did I get enough sleep? Did the monkies keep fidgeting in their seats? Did I finish the monkies' leftover food? Stay tuned!

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