May 7, 2018

Every day is a great day with the wifey, but today just takes the cake!

Today is the wifey’s birthday so automatically, it becomes the best day ever. Actually, every day with her feels great, all because of the following reasons:

We love to do crazy things together.

She has stuck by me for 15 years.

We bond over fun stuff... well, mainly food. Because I help her keep slim by eating her leftovers.

She has gifted me three wonderful kids.

She loves the outdoors.

We make great travel buddies.

Her love is unmatched.

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My family is complete.

There are so many more reasons — her kind nature, good temper and so many more things that make me so happy to know her. If you have met her, you would know.

Happy birthday, little dearrie. Love ya so much!

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