Jun 29, 2018

Shopping for Groceries at FairPrice Xtra will be an Xtra Wild Fun Affair for Kids!


Bringing the kids to the supermarket for that weekly grocery shopping trip may be a tedious and challenging affair, especially since supermarkets usually have nothing to entice them and they get bored really quick.

Well, not if you bring them to a FairPrice Xtra hypermarket... because it is going to be Xtra Wild!

From now until 22 August 2018, wildlife has taken over 7 FairPrice Xtra hyeprmarkets with an Xtra Wild celebration where kids can explore, experience and enjoy a wildlife learning adventure like no other!

Do you remember the old Panini stickers that we used to collect as a child? It was really fun back then, trying to complete the entire sticker album by exchanging extra stickers for ones that I did not have with friends.

The FairPrice Xtra Wild experience is something like that - with a collection album BUT with a twist: instead of stickers, kids can collect animal cards with an educational element.

The  “Experience Wildlife Animals Card Collection” from FairPrice Xtra essentially consists of three aspects - a collection album, cards and an app.

Each album costs $2.80 while each packet of cards costs $1 at any FairPrice Xtra. But if you spend $10 in one receipt, you can purchase up to three packets of cards at $0.20 each... which means, if you spend $50 in one receipt, you get to purchase up to 15 packets of cards for a total of $3.

Each packet contains 5 cards and for kids, nothing beats the excitement of ripping open that packet of cards and hoping for cards that they do not already have. Just ask the monkies!

The album is divided into six habitats, with each habitat consisting six different animal families. Each family is made up of 3 cards; Daddy, Mummy and Baby.

Besides being to slot the animal cards into the pouches, the album also comes with interesting facts about animals and their habitats from all over the world.

I have to admit, I learnt something new about some of the animals too!

To up the educational value, the album also has puzzles and quizzes that kids can complete. Something that the boys were only too eager to help their little sister with. Heh.

Beyond the physical copies of the album and cards, the FairPrice Xtra Wild experience is complemented by the FairPrice Xtra Animals app which makes learning about the animals even more interactive!

There are three kinds of interactive cards. You can see the card type in the top right corner of the card.

As a rule of thumb, all of the Daddy and Baby animal cards are Image Recognition Cards. These are cards you can scan with your electronic device to hear and see the animals, and unlock extra information about each of them.

Then there are the special X-Ray Cards.

With these X-RAY cards, kids can try spotting hidden animals either through thermal vision, a flashlight or a magnifying glass.

I had initially thought that this would appeal only to younger kids, but see who got in the action as well. LOL.

The third kind of interactive card belongs to the Mummy cards.

All of the Mummy cards are Digital Transfer Cards. Place one such card on the screen and tap the numbers on the card in the correct order, and kids will be able to transfer the image of the animal into its habitat!

Great for role-playing and story-telling with the kiddos!

But wait, it is not all digital fun. Kids can group their repeated animal cards together and play a 'Trumps' game with friends. See the animal stats at the bottom of each card?

For example, the 'Size' stat could be used as the competing value for the game so the one with the largest size value for that round wins all the cards. A simple game, but the monkies were at it for a good 15 minutes at least!

As with all card collections, there are always the rare, ultra rare and even legendary cards. Besides having over 100 different animals cards to collect, there are also Silver and Gold cards to make that card collecting journey a little more interesting.

There is even an ULTRA RARE White Tiger card - there are only 50 of them! - which will win you $200 worth of FairPrice vouchers if you are lucky enough to find it in one of the packs!

And I was not kidding when I said earlier that bringing the kids to a FairPrice Xtra hypermarket will be an interesting affair.

Each of the 7 FairPrice Xtra stores have been dressed to the wildlife theme and this includes various fun facts about wildlife that have been put up throughout the stores.

Let's just say the kids will have a wild time trying to spot them.

And while they are at it, ask them to spot the various Wildlife stickers that are scattered throughout the stores too... because the search for wildlife animals extends beyond the album and app, and INTO the stores as well.

Other than collecting cards in a physical copy album, kids can go on an 'Animal Search' expedition in the stores and scan the Wildlife stickers using the app. There are 10 different animals to search each week, with a maximum of 100 animals to be found over 10 weeks. Find all 10 animals every week and exchange for a special gift worth $5 in-store. Each store only has 100 prizes to give out each week so you know what to do.

In addition, there are promotions and events lined up at all of the 7 FairPrice Xtra stores in the coming weeks, including Trumps Game & Cards Exchange sessions where kids will be able to play Trumps games and even exchange for cards that they are lacking with one another.

And there will also be plenty of in-store fun activities and animal-themed crafts to keep the kiddos busy while parents shop for their groceries.

We were down at FariPrice Xtra Jurong Point last weeekend and the monkies got the chance to participate in some quizzes!

And you know what that means, don't you? They managed to win MORE animal packets to build up their collection AND hopefully find THAT elusive Ultra Rare White Tiger card!!! (UPDATE: Nope, no White Tiger card for us yet.)

But whatever the outcome, as long as the child is happy, the parent will be happy. Simple as that.

Remember though, the “Experience Wildlife Animals Card Collection” is only happening at FairPrice Xtra hypermarkets, not the usual FairPrice stores. 

Shopping for groceries AND letting the kids have fun by learning more about wildlife animals at the same time? Now this is what I call an Xtra win-win!

FairPrice Xtra Stores:

• FairPrice Xtra AMK Hub
53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3
Singapore 569933
7am - 11pm

• FairPrice Xtra Jurong Point (JP2)
63 Jurong West Central 3
Singapore 648331
24 Hours

• FairPrice Xtra Jem
50 Jurong Gateway Road
Singapore 608549
7am - 11pm

• FairPrice Xtra Kallang Wave (Sports Hub)
1 Stadium Place
Singapore 397628
8am - 10.30pm

• FairPrice Xtra Hougang 1
No. 1 Hougang St 91
Singapore 486018
7am - 11pm

• FairPrice Xtra Nex
23 Serangoon Central
Singapore 556083
24 Hours

• FairPrice Xtra Changi Business Park
8 Changi Business Park Ave 1
#01-51 & #02-51
Singapore 486018
8am - 10.30pm

For more information, visit www.fairprice.com.sg/wps/portal/fp/xtra-events/ExperienceWildlife

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Unknown said...

The app is lousy! I can’t even go pass the registration. It’s taking forever to load for registration. Maybe u can feedback to Fairprice.

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Eileen,

Oh dear, sorry to hear that. I had no problems with the resgistration though. Yup, will let the people at FairPrice know. Thanks for sharing!

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