Jul 3, 2018

Singapore Zoo's Rainforest Lumina is such a Fun & Easy Night Trail for Kids (& Adults)!

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The Singapore Zoo closes its doors at 6pm every day but from now until the end of this year, it will welcome visitors with a mesmerizing night-time walking trail in an interactive luminous setting. 

And my word, it is certainly a spectacular way to celebrate the Zoo's 45th birthday.

Rainforest Lumina transforms into a dreamy whimsical landscape against a symphony of light and sound when night falls, and consists of a easy 1km walk with various interactive light and sound installations dotting the trail.

Consisting of 11 zones - of which 3 are interactive and will prove extremely popular with kids (& adults) - the trail will allow visitors to meet the Creature Crew, a group of unlikely animals heroes who will take visitors on a whimsical adventure along the paths of their enchanted world.

But first things first - there are NO real animals featured at Rainforest Lumina. Instead the experience is centered on virtual animals.

I may been been to the Zoo countless times in the day but entering the Zoo during night time is has a completely different feel to it. For sure, it feels way cooler and less humid but on top of that, the darkness that envelops the surroundings adds a certain mysterious element to the trail.

The trail kicks off with the first stop at the Garden of Virtues where we picked a wristband according to the trait or animal which we related most. Or something like that, because the wifey picked PATIENCE for me... she reckoned I really needed that trait in me. Oops.

The wristband comes with a QR code which will come in handy at the final zone of the trail.

If you are looking for the most Instagram-worthy zone of the lot, then Luminous Pathway has got to be it.

Streaks of green light peppered down on us, making the entire area seem to be awashed with plenty of fireflies! Definitely captivating stuff.

'Sing Like an Animal' is the first interactive installation for visitors where they can sing, speak or whisper into standing microphones to activate colourful splashes of  animation onto the backdrop of the White Tiger enclosure.

Each set of standing microphones - they can be adjusted to suit a child's height - comes in a pair and both need to be sung into in order for a particular animal to appear. Lovely!

After taking a stroll among lighted huts and shimmering lights, we were wowed with a projection show.

Titled 'Call of the Wild', it tells the narrative of how the Creature Crew bands together in times of adversity to overcome all challenges in an astounding visual performance.

If you are afraid of getting lost in the dark, you need not be because there are ample lighting signs and staff members along the way to guide visitors. Just follow the enchanting light installations and you will be fine.

The most FUN interactive installation honour goes to 'Play Like an Animal' which will quite literally unleash the playful nature of the kids!

Jump on the pads on the ground and watch the virtual animals launch high up into the air! It is perhaps inevitable that the monkies were competing to see whose animal flew the highest.

For the record, mine did. HAHAHAHA!

The final interactive installation, 'Wall of Fame', allows visitors to leave a photo memory at Raniforest Lumina.

Remember the wristband we took at the beginning of the walk? Scan the QR code at the machine, snap a photo and watch your face appear on the large screen.

It was definitely a refreshing experience for the family, and the entire multimedia experience allowed us to see the Singapore Zoo in a totally fun and new light!

If you are planning to bring the kids down to Raniforest Lumina, here are a few things to note:

- This is a standalone attraction and costs $22 per adult and $16 per child and does not include entry to admission to the Zoo in the day time. Purchase online to enjoy 10% savings on Regular days (Mon-Thur & Sun) and 5% savings on Peak and Super Peak days (Fri, Sat, eve of Public Holiday & Public Holiday).
- Opening hours are from 7.30pm to 12 midnight daily but during the purchase of the tickets, you are required to pick one of the seven entry timings. Last entry is at 10.30pm.
- The 1km trail takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete.
- Rainforest Lumina will run until December 2018.

Useful Information

Rainforest Lumina
Singapore Zoo
80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore 729826
Dates: Now until Dec 2018
Opening hours: 7.30pm - 12am (7 entry timings)
Tickets: Adult $22 | Child $16
 Purchase online to enjoy 10% savings on Regular days (Mon-Thur & Sun) and 5% savings on Peak and Super Peak days (Fri, Sat, eve of Public Holiday & Public Holiday)

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