Oct 28, 2018

Kuhl Home's Modular Bed System for Kids is a hit with the monkies!

Product Review

With Ale growing up ever so quickly day by day, there comes a time when she inevitably needs her own space in the home - as well as a proper place for her to mug for her exams. 

And it came in the form of Lifetime Kidsrooms!

A reputable and renowned kids’ furniture brand from Denmark, Lifetime Kidsrooms is distributed exclusively by Kuhl Home in Singapore with a focus on kids' bed as its main product line.

To find out more about the brand - and for Ale to pick out her dream bed - we visited Kuhl Home's showroom... which frankly looked more like a playground for kids. 

And I mean that in an absolutely good way because the moment the monkies stepped into the showroom, they were off exploring the various kids' furniture!

The kids' beds are handcrafted out of solid pine wood sourced from sustainable forests and are handcrafted by top craftsmen in the region. Yes, your order is handcrafted in Denmark upon order... that's how seriously they take their job!

Each kids' bed attains the highest safety standards in its construction, and uses non-toxic chemicals in its production process. With a warranty of 5 years, parents can be assured that it is a good investment with a brand that strongly believes in quality and guided by their motto that all children should be able to play, explore and have fun without worrying.

And the fun in picking out the ideal bed for your child begins by getting to try out the many designs at the showroom like this ultra cool Hangout Bed in the above photo! By the way, all of the beds come in three possible colours – whitewash, greywash and white, as shown on the roof of the Hangout Bed.

Oh, and Kuhl Home's staff strongly encourages all kids to test out their furniture beds because they are the ones who will be sleeping in them, no? And there are TONS OF DESIGNS for both boys and girls, ranging from a Treehouse-themed to a Fairy-themed. Some beds even make the business of getting out of bed so much fun.

No prizes for guessing which bed was Ale's fave. Unfortunately, we have limited space at home so having a Bed with a Slide isn't practical for us.

We were definitely going to get a bunk bed since space is an important factor. Not only that, I had other factors to take into consideration when choosing a bunk bed for Ale too: Safety, Design and Longevity.

Safety because for obvious reasons.

Design because I mean, I have to look at the bed every day too.

Longevity because it will be a waste of money if the child outgrows the bed once older so it will definitely be great if the bed is able to last beyond the teenage years.

Well, that last factor is what makes Lifetime Kidsrooms furniture super. The ingenuity of the brand lies in a modular bed system that you can customise however you wish. All of its beds can eventually be converted into a single bed, taking one's child through the ages, and allows one the flexibility to meet the design needs of the child's room. 

After some consideration, we settled on the STUDY KIDS BED combo which consisted of a semi-high kids bed and a cabinet with turning desk.

The kids furniture are handcrafted upon order in Denmark. So this means there is a 12 weeks wait for the furniture to arrive…but it also means that we get exactly what we want.

Soon enough, the delivery day finally arrived!

Thanks to the capable staff from Kuhl Home, the furniture was set up in no time.

All done, and ready to be tested by the Diva herself.

I love how the Semi-High Bed provides additional space as it allows Ale to sleep on top, and leaves space for storage or play at the bottom. One can even pace a cushy bean bag below and it'll be a cosy reading corner for the kids!

For us though, we had the Cabinet which came complete with a Turning Desk.

And this, my dear readers, is the ultimate space saving kid furniture that I never knew I needed. Just take a look at how it transforms into a study desk for Ale in a few seconds!

We just had to simply slide open the desk when the kids need it, and slide it back afterwards to create more space. And it was rather timely for Ayd who used it as his study area during the PSLE period.

Remember I mentioned safety as one of the factors in my decision-making process? Parents will be glad to know that Lifetime Kidsrooms products are made from sustainable pine that grew slowly over time, ensuring quality and sturdiness. Varnishes used are environmentally friendly, and non-toxic paints are applied to ensure every child’s safety is put first at all times.

In fact, all Lifetime products are certified safe for use in accordance with stringent European standards (TUV cerfified) and exceed legal standards for safety and quality.

But the best thing I love about our new kid furniture is the bed is a lifelong investment. All of Lifetime Kidsrooms' beds can be converted into a single bed, taking a child through the ages. Thanks to its solid materials, the beds are also sturdy and stable after any form of conversion.

Which only leave me with one question:

How come it doesn't come in an adult size??? 😂


Enjoy an exclusive 25% OFF for all Lifetime Kidsrooms Furniture from now until 30 November 2018.  Just let the staff know you are a reader of cheekiemonkie and you'll enjoy the discount. 

(IMPORTANT: You have to mention cheekiemonkie at the time of purchase to enjoy the discount, NOT AFTER the purchase has been made)

P.S. Kuhl Home has moved to a new showroom address since our last visit.

Useful Information

Kuhl Home
Kids Furniture Showroom Address: 100E Pasir Panjang Road, #01-01, Century Warehouse, Singapore 118521
Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 10am – 6pm | Sunday & Public Holidays 12pm – 6pm
Tel: +65 68780180
Website: www.kuhlhome.com/sg/shop/designer-modern/kids-furniture/
STUDY KIDS BED: www.kuhlhome.com/sg/shop/designer-modern/kids-furniture/loft-beds/study-bed/
CABINET WITH TURNING DESK: www.kuhlhome.com/sg/shop/designer-modern/kids-furniture/storage-kids-furniture/cabinet-with-turning-desk/

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