Oct 29, 2018

Be an 'unfiltered' parent today (& you may just win vouchers!)

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There is no other job in the world like being a parent.

It can be immensely fun and nothing swells me with more pride than seeing my kids reach a milestone in every stage of their lives. On the other side of the coin, it can also be extremely messy and brutal.

Because let's not kid - pun fully intended - ourselves here: Parenthood is the most complicated thing we have ever done in our lives because there is no handbook to follow. Raising our children will forever be the hardest endeavour we will ever undertake in our lives. It IS hard work.

But if you are a parent, you already know that, don’t you?

And it sure doesn't help that social media has played a huge part in shaping the way we parent our kids. The thing about social media nowadays is we often see picture perfect moments other parents post of their kids - together with feel-good captions about being a parent, and idyllic photos of their lives, their meals, their homes, their vacations and their fitness regime. Sometimes insta-filtered to the max.

Well, there isn't exactly anything wrong in doing that especially in this day and age where being visually appealing helps. A LOT. But there is also nothing wrong in showcasing the truth behind parenthood.

Behind every smiling baby, there are less than 4 hours of sleep, tons of diaper changing, and never-ending messes to clean up.

Behind every posing school-going child, there are the endless homework, revision and trying one's best to solve those Math problem sums.

Behind every teenager in a family photo, there are the constant eye-rolling, emotional outbursts and thoughts of running away. And that's just the parents. 😂

Truth is, we all have our 'no-filter parenting' moments - moments that happen frequently on a daily basis but we don't usually put them up on social media because you know, they are not exactly 'insta-worthy'.

And I have just the perfect example. See the photo below?

This was taken on Langkawi island last year and it constitutes what you will probably acknowledge as a great family portrait to share on social media.

But this is what you do not get to see.

Hey, where did Ayd go??? He somehow managed to lost his footing just when the camera shutter snapped and this was the 6th unsuccessful attempt in taking a smiley family portrait… hence, the sian-ness, or frustration, written all over my face. Oops.

But this photo probably sums up what parenting is really like – moments of irritation that happen on a daily basis. Just because we parents do not post such ‘unglam’ shots on our social media accounts doesn’t mean they do not happen.

Or maybe a moment of spontaneous fun when the monkies decided to pile on top of one another?

I would have joined in but I didn’t think they could support my weight. 🤣

Again, this photo shows another side of parenting – moments of spontaneity rather than kids all lined up in a single file and asked to smile & pose for the camera. And for every shot of fun in this photo, there are plenty of not-so-fun moments in our parenting journey as well.

Like having to study for exams.

At the end of the day, parenting isn’t as easy as it looks. But we still continue to plod on, for the sake of our children – IG-worthy photo or not. Because no matter how hard it gets, we parents will never stop trying to give them the best... in all its unfiltered parenting glory.

Which is why OCBC gets it and wants to reward all you long-suffering 😜 new parents out there.

You will have definitely heard of the Child Development Account (CDA) where the Government matches your savings ($6,000 for first and second child, $12,000 for third and fourth child and $18,000 for fifth and subsequent child) over 12 years.

Today, Singaporean newborns will also receive the CDA First Step, an initial balance of $3,000 upfront, in the child’s CDA, without parents having to contribute anything first! Definitely a great ‘starter kit’ for all dads and mums. Do note, however, that the amount will count towards the existing caps, meaning that first-time parents who receive the grant and then save $3,000 in their child’s CDA will hit the $6,000 co-savings ceiling.

The money in my monkies' CDA account definitely came in useful. Besides using the funds to pay for their kindergarten school fees, the money also came in useful at hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and even optical shops!

And if you really want to maximise your CDA benefits, open a CDA with OCBC, because they have been providing both parent and child with a lot more than just interest earned for 10 years and counting!

2% per year interest with OCBC CDA
Enjoy 2% interest per year on the first S$36,000 deposited in your child's CDA and 0.05% per year thereafter.

Enjoy up to 50% off with the OCBC Baby Bonus Card
Save on learning courses, kindergartens, party catering and more. View all OCBC Baby Bonus Card offers, including their 10th anniversary specials, HERE.

0.8% per year interest with OCBC Mighty Savers® Account
Open the account with your child to join the OCBC Mighty Savers ® Programme. Deposit S$50 per month with no withdrawals to enjoy 0.8% per annum interest.

S$108 credited into OCBC CDA with purchase of MaxMaternity Care
MaxMaternity Care protects expectant mothers (from 13 weeks) against 8 pregnancy-related complications, and protects babies from 18 congenital diseases.

S$100 credited into OCBC CDA with purchase of Endowment Plan or Protection Plan
With purchase of Endowment Plan (annual premium between S$3,600 to S$11,999) or Protection Plan (annual premium above S$1,200). More details HERE.

40% off PA Protect for parent, child plus child rider bundled plan for the first year
PA Protect is a comprehensive personal accident protection plan that protects you and your child against accidental death, total permanent disablement and accidental medical expenses. Your child will also be covered against animal bites, and infectious diseases such as chicken pox, and hand, foot & mouth disease. If you want to know more, you can provide your contact details HERE.

In addition, share your imperfect parenting moment on Instagram from now to 25 November 2018 and you could be one of 40 winners to receive S$20 worth of FairPrice Gift Vouchers each!

Here's what you have to do:

1. Post a photo of your imperfect parenting moment on Instagram (account must be public)
2. Write a caption about the moment
3. Include the hashtag #OCBCnofilterparenting

Now, who says being an 'unfiltered' parent cannot be rewarding too?

To find out more about OCBC CDA, please visit HERE for more details.

Terms and conditions apply. SGD deposits are insured up to S$75,000 by SDIC. Insurance plans will be underwritten by The Great Eastern Life Assurance Company Limited or Great Eastern General Insurance Limited.

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