Nov 15, 2018

FIRST LOOK: HeadRock VR, a NEW Virtual Reality Indoor Theme Park, opens with 11 attractions!

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If you are afraid of going on roller-coasters at theme parks (because it's too adrenaline pumping), GOOD NEWS - you can now experience all the thrills and spills via Virtual Reality (VR)!

HeadRock VR is the newest theme park to open at Resorts World Sentosa and it is Singapore’s first and largest virtual reality theme park. Yes, all the rides are through virutal reality where visitors are transported to imaginative worlds with just a simple headset.

Boasting different themes and 11 extreme attractions that cater to ages six and up, the digital attraction theme park fuses entertainment and state-of-the-art technology and promises an extreme experience that is larger-than-life!

Ticket prices are based on mixing and matching the number of attractions according to the colour zones and preferred package:

Big 7 ($65): Choose any 2 from Blue zone, 3 from Orange zone and 2 from Green Zone
Big 5 ($50): Choose any 2 from Blue zone, 2 from Orange zone and 1 from Green Zone
Big 3 ($35): Choose any 1 from Blue zone, 1 from Orange zone and 1 from Green Zone

What rides can one expect?


Storm Blizzard

HeadRock VR is debuting the world's first Storm Blizzard ride in Singapore, where riders get to brave the blizzard and ride through snow-covered roads on a dog sled.

Jump Jump

Get strapped onto a swing and jump your way through the jungle like Tarzan.

Flying Dive

Ok, so this one elicited the most screams from the visitors when I was there... simply because you get to experience a sudden drop into a volcano with overflowing magma.

Beat Saber

For all Star Wars fans, get to wield one saber in each hand and slash to the rhytmn of the music.


Extreme Train

Not a fan of real roller-coaster rides? Then this one is for you. No sudden drops or cockcrew turns, just a dash of virtual relaity on a mine cart. Look out for the Singapore landmarks as you traverse through the skies!

Jungle Rafting

Arguably one of the more popular rides at the theme park, be sure to hang on tight for an ultimate jungle rafting experience through rapid descents. No need to worry about the raft overturning though - that's the beuaty of VR.

Horror Room

Much like the Extreme Train ride, but only with a horror element.
(The ride was not in service during my visit)


Head up a skyscraper and overcome high altitudes to battle enemy robots... and defuse a ticking bomb!


VR Room

Choose from three VR games: Western Bar shooter, Arrow battle or a Zombie slasher. Be warned, the final game can get a little too real! Heh.

Zombie Busters

Now this isn't scary at all because the zombies look kind of cute. LOL. But you will want to exterminate them anyway - shooting (and reloading) from a VR gun can't get cooler than this.

Robin Hood

This isn't exactly VR because you get to shoot actual arrows from a bow. But it's kind of fun all the same.

All in all, pretty entertaining stuff... especially if you are looking to bring the kids to somewhere fun on a rainy or super hot day since everything is indoors and air-conditioned. It's amazing how far VR technology has come because everything is quite realistic. I know, because there were more than a handful of screams from other visitors when I was there.

Like this one in the video. 😂

Attraction tickets can be purchased through SISTIC and on-site. It is located at Resorts World Sentosa, beside Trickeye Museum and officially opens on 17 November 2018.

If you go between 17 November and 16 December 2018, there is an early bird discount of 15%!

Useful Information

HeadRock VR
26 Sentosa Gateway, #01-38/39, RWS
Opening Hours: 10am to 8pm (Last admission at 7pm)
Age limit for rides: Children must be aged 6 and above
Big 7 ($65): Choose any 2 from Blue zone, 3 from Orange zone and 2 from Green Zone
Big 5 ($50): Choose any 2 from Blue zone, 2 from Orange zone and 1 from Green Zone
Big 3 ($35): Choose any 1 from Blue zone, 1 from Orange zone and 1 from Green Zone
Purchase tickets HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, can the package (total number of rides) be shared among a family?

Kelvin Ang said...

Yes, I believe so since there is no admission charge per pax.

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