Jan 6, 2019

Kids will love the Interactive Room while Parents will look the sea views at library@harbourfront!

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Come 12 January 2019, Saturday, there'll be a new place to hang out if you are bringing the kids to VivoCity - the ultra-spacious library@harbourfront! In fact, it is the largest public library in a Singapore mall!

Located on Level 3 of VivoCity - and occupying the previous Daiso store's space - the library spans 3,000 sqm and houses a refreshed collection of 200,000 books, magazones and audio-vidual materials. More importantly, it has a view to die for.

Inspired by its proximity to Sentosa and the sea, the new library adopts a coastal theme with waves in hues of blue and green. And it is designed with two distinct zones - one for adults and teens, and the other for children.


And trust me when I say that kids will flock to the Children's Zone likes bees to honey.

This space features an Early Literacy collection for young readers aged 6 and below, as well as books for older children aged 7 to 12. There will also be a dedicated audio-visual and magazine collection where young readers can explore a wide range of learning materials.

What I love about the Children's Zone is the addition of soecially-designed reading spaces AND activity areas where kids and parents can read and learn together.

And for the first of its kind children's makerspace in a library for kids, look no further than the Tinker Truck!

Targeted at children aged 3 to 9, this dedicated space will enable kids to develop their creative, problem-solving and early literacy skills through a range of activities such as paper crafts and word puzzles.

Kids can also head into the Stories Come Alive room for a totally different experience.

It makes use of moving images, light and sound effects to make storytelling an immersive and interactive experience for kids.

In addition, kids can also discover Augmented Reality books on topics such as Space, Animals and Body Health, which will make reading a more interactive experience!


One unqiue feature of this zone is it will be volunteer-run and houses flexible programming areas.

Besides offering 2 Reading Lounges, this zone also incoporates a Learning Zone and flexible working spaces for different programmes to be held.

But I think most of the visitors will be flocking to the Reading Lounges.

Because of the sweeping scenic views that the areas offer.

Perfect way to spend the day, no? And it's FREE too! 😁

Oh, do let the kids try returning their borrowed books at library@harbourfront as they will be able to have a clear view of how their returned books are being sorted by the AutoSorter at the Book Drop!

Useful Information

Address: 1 Harbourfront Walk, #03-05 Vivocity, Singapore 098585
Opening Hours: Mon - Sun: 11:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Admission: FREE

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