Jan 3, 2019

This Dude just turned 14!

Ash turns 14 today and do you know what's the most amazing part?

Both the wifey and I made it through our first year as parents of a teenager. And more importantly, we lived to tell the tale!

I think it's safe to say that both of us have learned a lot of things during the past year. Like going through 2 heart-stopping moments when Ash was hospitalised for cellulitis last March and then proceeded to get his pinkie toe get caught under a quad-cycle and ripping off a huge chunk of flesh in the process.

Memories of Taiwan. Sometimes we have to take in the bad ones too. . Ash met with an accident on the 7th day of our trip. We were on Cijin Island at Kaohsiung, and rented a motorized quad-cycle. Somehow, one of his foot got caught in one of the back wheels and was dragged for a short distance. Ended up a huge chunk of flesh from his pinkie toe was sliced off. Super ouch, I know. . Brought him to the hospital immediately where the doctors ascertained that there was no bone fracture or tendons being severed. Phew. But because of the nature of the injury, crutches and wheelchair shall be his temporary best pals. . What doesn't break us make us stronger, and it was through this accident that I saw how close the 3 monkies were. Even though Ayd and Ale sobbed, they comforted Ash throughout the entire ordeal and assumed the role of butler. They took turns to fetch his crutches for him, wheeled him around and tried to cheer him up. . When we were in Kenting, Ash couldn't visit most of the attractions as they required walking so Ayd stayed with him near the tour bus as we went off. I'm heartened by how everyone made the best out of an unfortunate accident by staying positive. Even the nurses at the hospital remarked that the kiddos were so close and concerned for one another. And long may that continue. . Well, we certainly left with both good and bad memories - though Ash probably left a bit of flesh on the road somewhere on the island 😅 - but end of the day, we stick it through together as a family. . P.S. DON'T swipe to the last photo if you have a queasy stomach. His injury is gory and bloody. You've been warned. . P.P.S. Now that I've said it, you're probably going to do it anyway. 😂 . P.P.P.S. The crutches in Taiwan is really cheap! Only S$27! Should have bought a few more back to flip. 😂😂😂
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But son, please ah... no more of these kind of thrills. My aging heart cannot take it.

On the other hand though, it has been an amazing journey watching him growing slowly into the man he is becoming. During the period when I was in pain due to my slipped disc, I remember the very fond moments that he tucked himself into bed with me and just sat there to keep me company. No words needed but his presence meant the world to me.

Each and every day, I feel blessed.

Although I have to admit that now that he is growing older, raising my voice and threatening to turn off the Wi-Fi at home don't really work anymore. 😂 But I guess that's what parents were created for... because teenagers aren't happy with nothing to ignore.

But I digress.

I love him for everything that he is.

He has a huge heart and never hesitates to help friends and family. He is especially loving towards his 4 grandparents and take great pains to look after them whenever we are outside with them.

He can be silly and goofy and can be on the floor convulsing in giggles with Ayd & Ale in a hearbeat.

He helps out around our home without question - ahem, well, most of the time anyway - and are ensures that his younger siblings clean up after themeselves too.

He helps to keep tabs on the wifey's spending by reminding her that she has more than enough clothes, shoes and bags to last for an entire lifetime whenever something new pops up in the house. 😜

Anyhow, here is to another year, dude.  I love it that we as a family still feature prominantly in your definition of a perfect birthday celebration. I do hope to retain our listing at the top for the next few years at least... before that girlfriend comes along. 😱

But yes, I am prepared to splash the Fortnite V-bucks on you in order to maintain our spot. I'm shallow like that. LOL.

Never ever forget we will forever retain certain rights to your love and affection... just because we made you. It is just too bad.

But if it makes you feel better, we really, really, really, really, really love you.

Have a smashing 14th birthday, son!

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