Mar 28, 2019

Sinar Eco Resort: A Farmstay close to Singapore

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If your kids love farm animals and fancy a farm.stay, GOOD NEWS because there isn't any need to fly off somewhere for a farmstay. You can get up close to farm animals, stay in a container, go kayaking along a river and more at Sinar Eco Resort - which is only a one-hour drive away from Singapore!

Given that this is our third time staying at Sinar Eco, I think it is safe to say we love this resort... well, the tranquility of the place sure helps.

Located in Pekan Nanas, Johor (just before Pontian), Sinar Eco is as its name implies - it is all about offering an eco-stay experience for guests. You can read all about our first experience HERE.

The first time when we were there, we stayed in a container room which was nice but rather cramped if you have older kids. For larger groups (and teens), Sinar Eco has the apartment rooms which come with three bedrooms each.

We stayed in the Carribbean-themed apartment, which you guessed it, comes decorated in a marine theme with beds in the shape of boats!

Or you can opt for the 'Legends of Music' apartment, which I think is pretty self-explanatory.

As mentioned, eash apartment comes with three bedrooms and each bedroom consists of 2 queen beds. You can just book one bedroom for your family, with the living room being the common area.

But if you ask the monkies, the highlight of Sinar Eco has got to be its activities AND farm animals!

Much like our previous 2 visits, the monkies jsut cannot seem to get enough of feeding and petting the animals. Oh, and cuddling them at any chance they get too.

Goats, rabbits, cows, chickens, geese, cats, horses... you name it, Sinar Eco's got it.

Sinar Eco also conducts horse riding sessions too, and the monkies absolutely loved it!

After one hour of training, they were able to ride the horse round the track unassisted (with the trainer jogging alongside for safety purposes). Pretty good I must say!

The good thing about Sinar Eco Resort is it also offers plenty of other recreational activities besides animals... and they always make it a point to add new facilities to the resort. Like this wading pool for toddlers and young kids.

In fact, a totally new area for kids has sprung up since our last visit and this includes a small playground as well as a train-shaped playground which was crafted by the resort staff!

Add a trampoline to the mix and I think the kids will be kept busy for a long long time.

Well, long enough time for parents to go all cannonball mode in the swimming pool! 🤣

Other activities include archery, mountain biking, kayaking, playing billards and karaoke.

Or if you just want to chill, that is fine too.

Food-wise, the accommodation comes with all meals covered. This means for a 1-night stay, it includes one breakfast, one lunch, one tea, one dinner and one supper.

So trust me when I say you will never go hungry at Sinar Eco. Heh.

If you are there over the weekends and if there are enough guests, you may just get to indulge in a BBQ dinner too!

And for parents, you will be happy to know that there is no WiFi at the resort! So no more staying cooped in air-conditioned rooms and staying glued to devices. After all, Sinar Eco is a place for parents and kids to get out and get close to Nature.

(If you really need to know, there is mobile data reception at the resort but for obvious ulu reasons, it is not 4G speed... or even 3G)

So if you are looking for a short weekend getaway with the kids, I still cannot recommend Sinar Eco enough. Especially if you have kids who love feeding and cuddling farm animals like mine!

Useful Information

Sinar Eco Resort
Address: LOT 2346 GM 2535 MUKIM JERAM BATU, Pekan Nenas, 81500 Pontian District, Johor, Malaysia
Google Maps coordinates
Tel: +6013 7572434
Room Rates:

Activities Rates:
ATV Ride - RM25 for 3 rounds
Horse Riding - RM30 for 2 rounds
Archery - RM15 for 12 arrows
Kayaking - RM 30 for 30 min
Rafting - RM10 per pax
Goat Milk Feeding - RM10 per bottle
Cow Milking - RM10 per pax

For booking enquiries, email

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Phyllis Pang said...

I would love to win this for my family because travelling with kids in toll can really be quite costly and we always have to factor in travelling time and the suitability for kids. Sinar Eco Resort sounds like the perfect place with activities for kids, proximity to Singapore as well as the favorable exchange rate!

Lin Jin Ting Brenda said...

My eldest is 15 this year and her birthday was just over. Both the husband and mine are 1 week apart in april. While my boy’s in Nov.
lots of changes over the past year. Eldest transferred to a new school this year at Sec 3 and my boy is struggling with P5. We haven’t been out for a while due to tight finances. Not even to places of interest in Singapore.
Good to be able to win this and let the kids have their fun before their SA1 .

Jenelle said...

I would love to win this for my son's second birthday trip! We didn't get to celebrate his first birthday as his beloved ahgong passed on, and we really really want to make a memorable birthday celebration for his second. He loves animals so much that his dictionary of knowing the animals names way better than his ABC, he practically practice everyday, pointing out the names of animals.

Please choose me, cheekiemonkies!!! Will be so grateful! 😉🙏

Low Yiwen said...

Thanks for this giveaway and sharing on the fun you all had. I hope to win as we hardly get to travel due to finances being a huge factor. This would be great for our family of 4 and would also be an extra reward for my son who has improved so much in his studies and done well for the 1st term.

Hope to win this, Thank you!! <3

Unknown said...

A holiday means a lot to us now. With all farm animals around us will definitely make a great bonding time for us.

Unknown said...

I will like to win this giveaway because my son just won a bronze in national school wushu competition for 24 style taijiquan. We will like to celebrate it as family and a reward for my son hardwork.

mei mei said...

I would like to bring my husband and son to this farm stay as we have not been to a farm stay before. It will be a great experience for us.

Sri said...

I would like to win this giveway so that I can bring my kids to experience a kampung feel. They havent had one before.

titansbf said...

Love to do an eco-stay with my family of 4. I think it is the perfect short get-away for the family!

Also, I have been an avid follower of your blog!

Jerome Phua said...

Have made my parents a bit unhappy the last few days and I am trying to make up for it. Hope to win so that we can spend some time together as a family and just enjoy each others company.

Cherlyn ong said...

I would love to win this awesome giveaway for my 2 lovely boy for a farm stay. They have nvr been to a farm stay. It will be a great experience for them. It will also be consider our second holiday for my family.

Hope you choose me. Thank you.

cInDy~ said...

I would love such bonding time with the family. My son loves animals and we can get closer to nature. In addition, we would like to celebrate my husband's birthday in April at Sinar Eco Resort with unforgettable memories :)

Thank you very much for this awesome giveaway ;)

Susan tan said...

It was a long time since my husband and I have couple time. It wasn't easy being a full time working mum having to manage work and family. Hope to win and celebrate our 11th anniversary this year.

Muar said...

Would like to win it as it has so many activities that are so interesting.I am sure my kids would enjoy the stay.

Will be a great surprise for my boys birthday in April if I win!

Unknown said...

Hi Kelvin

Thanks for sharing such a nice place in JB, enjoyed the blog. Would love to bring my wife and girls to experience the farm stay, there are not many places in Singapore that brings us so close to nature. Hope to win the getaway to catch some fresh air, away from the city.


Jack Tan said...

Kids nowadays are too fantasize in technologies. I will like to take this opportunity to share the fun of nature away from these modernized world with my will create an interesting conversation between the family and at the same time educate her with more knowledge of mother nature.

Noor Fazillah said...

I wish to win this for my boy who's turning 3 on 18 May. Hoping to surprise him with this celebration because he loves playing with lorry truck toys. He will be the happiest boy if he gets to win this!

Thanks for awesome giveaway ❤️

Joanne said...

We wish to win this because we love farm stay. Our kids missed the last farm stay experience we had at kluang very much. We will love the activities and nature of this farm.

Joanne said...

I would love to win this Eco farmstay for sure 💕 Definitely a great chance to get nearer to the nature and enjoying the beautiful tranquility we don't get it often enough in Singapore! 🍂🍁🌾☘️I'm sooo excited for the close up activities with the animals like cuddling and feeding them too (always paying to feed elephants at Zoo whenever I get a chance too)!! 🙋‍♀️Even glad to know that all 4 meals will be provided, I'm ready to go for ECO FARMSTAY! Going to gear up with my sport attire, sport shoes, sunblock, insect repellent, snack bars and cards/board games for night time activities after dinner 😋

Unknown said...

My youngest and oldest gal birthdays are coming and would very much like to bring them for a short getaway. I have 2 teens and 1 kid. They are always on the phone and so this will be the perfect way to stop their usage of phone and also be close to nature. My youngest loves animals a lot. Hoping to win this giveaway!

Susan tan said...

It wasn't easy being a full time working mum having to manage work and family. My husband is also always working late. My daughter has not been to a farm stay and she loves animals. Hope to win and spend some family quality time together and expose her more to nature.

Carol Mei Mei Lim said...

I would love to win this rustic farm getaway for my family as it'll be a great break from the urban environment and to plug back into nature and the countryside, without having to travel too far.

Carol Mei Mei Lim

Unknown said...

Would love to win this giveaway so as to bring my kids (aged 5 and 8) away from the hustle of busy city life. Being full time working parents and with kids in full day schools, we have limited window period to truly unwind from our usual routine. A short stint away will be excellent for family bonding, to get closer to nature and to allow for few hours of gadget detox. Thank you for hosting this!

Jyoti Negi said...

Wow seems very interesting place for short giveaway . Next month is my son ‘s bday ,and very looking for such place . We also prefers such places which are not crowded or have something clam . Because of that only I passed through your blogs and it’s a big hit . Hope to win this giveaway as both of my kids love feeding and cuddling farm animals . Thanks and regards Jyoti

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