Jun 2, 2019

Canopy Park at Jewel Changi Airport: How to have ample fun for $45 for a family of 4

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The eagerly anticipated Canopy Park attractions at Jewel Changi Airport will finally open to the public on 10 June 2019. Located on the top level of Jewel (Level 5), the 14,000 sqm recreational wonderland boasts nine iconic play attractions like the Sky Nets, thrilling Discovery Slides and creative gardens full of lush greeney all around.

BUT here's the thing - admission is NOT free. Prices start from $4.50 for Singapore residents and go up to $19.80 for the Bouncing Sky Nets. So it's not entirely easy on the wallet either.

In fact, for a family of 2 adults & 2 kids, the total cost add up to $186 (Bundle pricing) if they choose to visit all 9 attractions at Canopy Park. Yes, one can probably go to a waterpark with that.

But are all of the attractions worth shelling out money for? We had a sneak preview of Canopy Park and after experiencing the attractions, I realised not all of them are necessary to visit. And admission fees can actually be kept to a minimum while maximising your time AND fun there.


I promise to get to that later... but first, let me bring you through the attractions on offer:

Opening hours: 9am - 3am
Admission: Singapore Residents (Adult/Child/Senior) $4.50 | Standard rate $5

The cheapest admssion rate to Canopy Park is $4.50 per person if you are a Singapore Resident ($5 for others) and includes access to FOUR attractions:


Kids will most definitely spend the most time here, thanks to the presence of FOUR slides of varying heights and gradients.

This 4-slides-in-1 sculptural playscape set in a garden environment features a 6.5m high platform, allowing observers to have a magnificent view of the Shiseido Forest Valley’s lush greenery from above.

Two of the taller slides are tubed steel slides which promise a spiraling descent.

The other one is an open slide with a moderate gradient which offers a quick descent to the ground.

But the most thrilling of all has got to be this one - a slide which has a near-vertical initial descent!

In fact, the slide is sooooo quick that one has to don a helmet and elbow guards and slide down in a gunny sack. What can I say? The monkies loved it!

Do note that kids will have to be at least 1.1m tall in order to go on the slides.


Have younger kids? Then the Foggy Bowls will be perfect for them!

Foggy Bowls features 4 gentle concave bowls with depths ranging from 30cm to 65cm with an element of mist to create the experience of playing amongst clouds. Kids can slip in among puffs of cloud and hide away in gentle bowls of mist, and be amazed by the the fog that envelops them.


Whip out those smartphones because Topiary Walk is all about taking photos with the whimsical and beautiful animal topiaries such as orangutans, elephants, peacocks and chameleons.

*NOTE: The 2 photos below were taken during the Jewel preview in April 2019

Featuring seasonal floral displays, the 220 sqm Petal Garden has the charm of a garden in full bloom. The displays will change periodically, with seasonal flowers from around the world.

Opening hours: 10 Jun to 9 Jul - 9am to 3am | 10 Jul onwards - 10am to 10pm
Admision: Singapore Residents $13.50 (Adult) $9 (Child/Senior) | Standard rate $15 (Adult) $10 (Child/Senior)
*Tickets includes Canopy Park admission
Recommended attire: Pants or shorts, and comfortable covered shoes

The scale of the Manulife Sky Nets, in an indoor setting, is a world first. The Manulife Sky Nets - Walking, is a 50m-long webbed walkway which straddles across a five-storey (25m-tall) void.

Suspended across this void, this is one walk which took our breaths away!

Technically, there is no time limit at this attraction, meaning visitors are allowed to spend as long as they want to on the Sky Net... although the staff still reserve the right to implement crowd control measures during peak times.

But trust me when I say that the feeling of an indescribable sensation of lightness as one walk across the taut web is absolutely amazing.

Opening hours: 10 Jun to 9 Jul - 9am to 3am | 10 Jul onwards - 10am to 10pm
Admision: Singapore Residents $19.80 (Adult) $14.40 (Child/Senior) | Standard rate $22 (Adult) $16 (Child/Senior)
*Tickets includes Canopy Park admission
Recommended attire: Pants or shorts, and comfortable covered shoes

If your kids got tons of energy to expend, then head for the Bouncing Sky Nets! This is where kids and adults can jump to their hearts' content through the 250-metre long net.

There are a few bouncing nets located throughout the area, and are connected by rope bridges.

The biggest thrill factor comes in the form of a 8m-high lookout at its highest point, which gives you a cool view of the Rain Vortex. And what is equally cool is one can descend from the bouncing net via a rope slide!

And let me say this - bouncing on the net sounds easy but it is extremely exhausting! I was perspiring like crazy after 5 minutes on it so we found ourselves just resting on it, soaking in the gorgeous blue sky view. LOL.

Opening hours: 10 Jun to 9 Jul - 9am to 3am | 10 Jul onwards - 10am to 10pm
Admision: Singapore Residents $10.80 (Adult) $7.20 (Child/Senior) | Standard rate $12 (Adult) $8 (Child/Senior)
*Tickets includes Canopy Park admission

The Hedge Maze is Singapore's largest indoor hedge maze. Here, visitors can take a leisurely walk though the landscaped environment, and try to make their way out of the maze at the same time.

Be sure to look out for the flower wall, which 'blooms' with flowers as one walks past.

That's because passing by this flower wall will signal that you are close to finding your way out - and you can end it off by ascending a circular look-out platform for a picturesque view of the maze.

Opening hours: 10 Jun to 9 Jul - 9am to 3am | 10 Jul onwards - 10am to 10pm
Admision: Singapore Residents $13.50 (Adult) $9 (Child/Senior) | Standard rate $12 (Adult) $8 (Child/Senior)
*Tickets includes Canopy Park admission

The world's first mirror maze to combine the character of a mirror maze within a garden setting, visitors will encounter challenges at every turn as they attempt to orientate and 'escape' from the maze.

I love the added touch of plants hanging overhead, which provide dappled light into the mirror maze from the sunlight above. And just for added precaution, we were also provided with foam sticks for us to feel our way around... so that we won't walk straight into the mirrors!

At the end of the maze, do take some time to soak in the splendid mirror light show too.

The maze journey is pretty short but I feel that the set-up of the mirrors is way better than the one at Science Centre.

Opening hours: 9am to 3am
Admission: Singapore Residents (Adult/Child/Senior) $7.20 | Standard rate $8

Visitors will be able to take a walk through the fog-emitting Canopy Bridge suspended 23m above ground while enjoying the breath-taking views of the Rain Vortex.

Adding to the thrill factor, the 50-metre long bridge also features a glass bottom, allowing a view right through to the frst floor of Jewel.

So of all the 9 attractions, which are worth your time and money to visit?

Obviously all are fun in their own respective way but I also understand that not all families can afford to pay the full bundle rate to enjoy every single one of them. I know because I understand how the costs can add for my family of five!

I would say the attractions of the Hedge Maze, Mirror Maze and Canopy Bridge are good to have, but you can give them a miss if budget doesn't allow for them. That's because in my opinion, the short amount of time spent within these attractions do not justify the admission charges.

How about the Bouncing Sky Nets? At $19.80 for adults and $14.40 for kids, this attraction is the most expensive of all and while it is undeniably fun and provides a good workout, I feel the admission charges do add up a fair bit if you are bringing along a family of 4 or 5.

So my suggestion of ensuring a day of ample fun for the whole family in exchange for a minimal cost?

Go for the Manulife Sky Nets – Walking admission fee.

For a charge of $13.50 per adult and $9 per child, this adds up to $45 for a family of 4. This fee gives everyone access to the following: 

✔ Walking Sky Nets
✔ Discovery Slides
✔ Foggy Bowls
✔ Topiary Walk
✔ Petal Garden

FIVE attractions out of nine ain't too shabby!

And what's more - $45 is cheaper than heading to the cinemas to catch a weekend movie which will cost $50 ($12.50 per ticket). Even better still, you get to spend unlimited time at the Canopy Park!

Canopy Park opens from 10 June 2019 onwards, and you may purchase your tickets at www.jewelchangiairport.com in advance. Full ticketing prices below:

Useful Information

Canopy Park at Jewel Changi Airport
Level 5, 78 Airport Boulevard, Singapore 819666

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Sarah said...

Hello! Roughly how Long did you spend at the mirror and hedge mazes?

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Sarah, thanks for dropping by! We spent about 10 min in the hedge maze and about 20 min at the Mirror Maze

julialiang said...

I thought the bouncing nets was more fun than the walking ones

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Julia, yes it is but also more expensive. :P

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