Jun 11, 2019

Changi Experience Studio at Jewel Changi Airport is like a mini arcade for families + GIVEAWAY!

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By now, Canopy Park at Jewel Changi Airport has officially opened (You can read how a family of 4 can have ample fun for $45 HERE) and alongside with it, Changi Experience Studio has opened its doors to the public as well.

Located on the 4th floor of Jewel, Changi Experience Studio is like a mini indoor theme park experience which has ingeniously blended the behind-the-scenes workings of Changi Airport with interactive games and immersive shows that will be engaging and delightful to both kids and adults.

To be honest, I was just expecting a normal walkthrough experience which showcases how Changi Airport functions on a daily basis... but guess what, we ended up spending slightly over two hours there and even then, the monkies couldn't get enough of the games!

There are ten content zones within the studio with more than 20 different touchpoints and activities. Through it all, visitors will be able to enjoy an aviation-themed journey of discovery featuring state-of-the-art digital experiences by immersing themselves in projection storytelling, gallery exhibits and interactive games.

Here is what to expect:

To start things off, each visitor will be given a Travel Guide, which is actually a foldable square board with AR markers and embedded RFID. There will be various points throughout the studio where one will be able to interact and play just by placing the guide under the projections.


The Changi Experience Studio journey begins at Cloud, a minimalistic white space with various projection booths. Here is where visitors learn to use the inerative Travel Guide. By placing it under the projections, we unlocked an array of surprises, like a kaleidoscope of butterflies fluttering about!


Not much interactive activities here, as the corridor serves to take visitors through the history of Changi Airport with the series of videos which traces back Changi’s historical milestones and experience how the airport has evolved through the years.


Hanging Garden is an interactive content zone featuring seven discovery stations. Here is where the Travel Guide will be put to good use once again.

By using the Travel Guide, we learnt about many different aspects of Changi Airport – from the story behind each terminal to what goes on behind the scenes, including airside operations, horticulture, and the creation of the Changi Experience for passengers.

What I loved is how the information is presented - it is concise and simple, and easily understood by kids.


NOW the FUN FACTOR turns up a few notches!

This multiplayer game mimics the heart-pumping Changi Airport Race – the exciting runway race between a Porsche 911 GT3 Carrera Cup car and a Boeing 747 aircraft, held 2009.

Up to 10 visitors can form two teams - representing either the car or plane – to pit their speed and power.

Simply put, each team must pedal as hard as they possibly can to see whether the car team or plane team emerge victorious... and earn bragging rights. And trust me, it is extremely exhausting!


If you have kids who are aviation geeks, they will love this zone!

Designed like an airport control room, with several screens projecting various flight paths and the routes that are being flown out of Singapore, the Sky Deck is a visual spectacle that showcases the air hub’s connectivity.

Visitors will be able to use the Travel Guide to fnd out interesting facts about each destination and their flight times away from Singapore. Or just be mesmerised by the interweaving network of flight paths on the global radar and discover how Changi connects Singapore to the world and back.

Or it just makes for a cool Instagram photo. 🤣


We all know Changi Airport prides itself highly on service and brightening a passenger’s day with a warm smile is a key part of its customer service ethos. And at Smile Challenge, this is where you get to flash your brightest megawatt smiles to see if you can smile as well as the Changi Airport staff!

What makes it even more fun is visitors can get into a (friendly) battle to determine who has the winning smile.

Attain the highest smile scores and you could find yourself on the Hall of Fame!

Ahem, like yours truly. 🤩

I was placed 8th overall!!! Needless to say, this was my favourite zone of the lot! LOL.


But I think the monkies might have a differing opinion though... because this zone was where they spent the MOST time at.

There is a green wall which serves as a backdrop for plenty of wefie shots against various Changi Airport-related backdrops but this wasn't what the monkies loved.

The four interactive games were what kept them glued to this zone!

At the Effciency Game station, they were able to put their skills to the test through games inspired by critical airport processes like check-in, aircraft turnaround, baggage sorting and immigration.

At the check-in game, visitors are tasked to add up the total baggage weight of passengers and decide if they are cleared to check-in while at the baggage sorting game, we had to guide the various luggages onto the correct belt.

At the aircraft turnaround game, we had to ensure disembark passengers, clean the plane and board the passengers in the shortest turnaround time possible while at the immigration game, visitors have to match the correct fingerprints.

Each game is designed to enable visitors to discover what makes Changi Airport tick and how every airport staff plays a part in keeping it functioning like clockwork.

Above all, it is highly addictive because there is a leaderboard which displays the top scoring players. And humans being competitive in nature, we will all want our names to be displayed on the board, no? Okay, perhaps it's only me then. 😆


If the games at Backstage don't excite you, then the games at Arena will definitely get you moving!

At the Superhero Game stations, you can experience working at the airport through fun games simulating the jobs of a security officer, taxi coordinator and trolley handler.

I particularly love the challenge of steering long rows of trolleys through the terminals because I admit, it is something I always wanted to do in real life. Hahahaha!

The monkies also tried their hand at scanning baggage for prohibited items... and let me just say it is definitely not an easy job! Now they know how tough it actually is for a security officer to be able to scan baggage in the shortest time possible.

For younger kids, they can head to the Nectar Collecting game station where they can use the Travel Guide to simulate the flight of a butterfly and collect highest amount of nectar.


The Garden of Harmony is a metaphor for teamwork, specifically how the 50,000-strong airport community across many different functions work together to deliver a world-class and seamless Changi experience for all passengers daily.

Here, visitors can take a stroll across the alluring Meadow with butterflies as their guide. Using the Travel Guide, each visitor can play a different musical instrument by standing inside each petal on the ground in the enchanted garden. And together, they will be able to perform a symphony, played out in the form of a mesmerising audio and visual spectacle.


Aptly named, the final stop of the Changi Experience Studio lets visitors enter a multimedia room to enjoy an audio-visual experience that will take them through the history of Changi Airport, from the starting point of land reclamation, to present day, with a vision of the future.

As an added bonus, being within the Changi Experience Studio provides visitors a cool vantage point of the Rain Vortex.

If your two hours or more to spare at Jewel, I strongly recommend paying Changi Experience Studio a visit. It is a wonderfully beautiful space, with exhibits that are highly interactive and most importantly, extremely fun and engaging for the kids.


Want to have a go at Changi Experience Studio? I have THREE sets of entry passes to give away!

The 3 winners have been picked:

1. Joanna Tan
2. Jieyingz Lek
3. Lin Jiayi

CONGRATS! You have each won a set of 4 tickets (2A&2C) to Changi Experience Studio! Please email me at kelvin@cheekiemonkie.net for prize collection details. Thanks!

Each set consists of 4 tickets (2A & 2C), with a validity period until 31 August 2019.

To participate, all you have to do is the following:

1. LIKE Jewel Changi Airport's Facebook page HERE
2. Answer the following question:
“Where is the Changi Experience Studio located?”
Leave your answer either in the corresponding Facebook post HERE or in this blog post.


1. SHARE this blog post of the giveaway on Facebook for a BONUS chance! Remember to set your profile to public so that I can see the shared post.

2. Head to my post on Instagram to score more bonus chances!

Giveaway ends on 12 June 2019, 2359 hours


Useful Information

Changi Experience Studio
Address: L4, Jewel Changi Airport (closest to Lobby C)
Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm
Admission fees:
Singapore Residents: Adult S$19  |  Child/Senior S$13 
Standard Rate: Adult S$25  |  Child/Senior S$17
CapitaStar Members [Available only at Jewel Concierge Counters (L1, 2, 5)] & Changi Rewards Members [Available on Jewel App and at Jewel Concierge Counters (L1, 2, 5)]: Adult S$18  |  Child/Senior S$12
Family Bundle (2A&2C/S): S$54

*Ticketing for Changi Experience Studio is based on time slots, with window of admission within one hour from stipulated entry time. No limit to duration of play within attraction.  

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Nikita Hengbok said...

L4, Jewel Changi Airport (closest to Lobby C)

Jean Ling said...

Changi experience studio located at jewel level 4 near lobby C

Michileigh said...

4th floor of Jewel

Rebecca said...

4th floor of Jewel, Changi Airport, near Lobby C.
FB: Rebecca Sim
IG: rebecca.sim

Shan_nonlim said...

Jewel changi airport, level 4 near lobby C

xoxo angel said...

It is located Jewel Level 4!!

Xiu Yi said...

4th floor of Jewel

Tan Adeline said...

It’s located at Level 4 of Jewel Changi near to Lobby C and where the Canopy is!

sharon.ming said...

Its at level 4 @ Jewel changi airport

Unknown said...

Its located at level 4 of Jewel, Changi Airport, near Lobby C.

Unknown said...

Its located at level 4 of Jewel, Changi Airport, near Lobby C.

MaMa M said...

It’s located on L4, Jewel Changi Airport (closest to Lobby C)

Unknown said...

It is located at L4, Jewel Changi Airport (closest to Lobby C).

Jo said...

Changi Experience Studio is located at Level 4, Jewel Changi Airport (closest to Lobby C)!
FB: Josephine Goh
IG : gohjojo76

Megan Lee said...

It is located at Level 4 of Jewel Changi Airport (nearest to Lobby C)

Eileen said...

4th floor of Jewel.

Wong Siew said...

The Changi Experience Studio is located on the 4th floor of Jewel Changi Experience Studio (Closest to Lobby C)!

Wong Siew Li said...

It is located at L4, Jewel Changi Airport (closest to Lobby C)

Thomas Aw said...

Answer : 4th floor of Jewel, Changi Experience Studio.

Anonymous said...

Level 4 of Jewel Changi airport

Sheila said...

The Changi Experience Studio is located at L4, Jewel Changi Airport (closest to Lobby C)

ira atika said...

Changi Experience Studio is located on the 4th floor of Jewel.

Juan said...

4th floor of Jewel, Changi Airport (near to Lobby C)

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