Jun 18, 2019

NEW Free Outdoor Playground: Jubilee Park @ Fort Canning Park has super long slides & logs!

For a huge slice of Singapore's history, look no further than Fort Canning Park. The hill once sited the palaces of 14th century Kings and served as the Headquarters of the Far East Command Centre and British Army Barracks. The decision to surrender Singapore to the Japanese on 15 February 1942 was also made on the hill, in the Battle Box.

But not only that, Fort Canning Park also has wide green spaces for kids to run amok... as well as this brand new playground space.

Earlier this month, Fort Canning Park completed its first phase of historical restoration and now features nine historical gardens - the Pancur Larangan, Artisan’s Garden, Sang Nila Utama Garden, Jubilee Park (Phase 1), Raffles Garden, First Botanic Garden, Farquhar Garden, Spice Garden and Armenian Street Park.

Of all 9 gardens, Jubilee Park will probably appeal the most to kids because of the brand new playground!

Located opposite Liang Court, Jubilee Park sits on the western slope of Fort Canning Park, which used to host a range of recreational options for Singaporeans, such as River Valley Swimming Pool, Van Kleef Aquarium and the National Theatre in the 20th century. If these are familiar to you, then you and I probably grew up in the same era. 😁

Now, the open space has been restored as a family-friendly node with lots of play structures for kids. For one, they will love putting their balancing skills to the test at this log obstacle course!

Got kids who can never seem to stop bouncing? Get them on these bouncy nets while you chill in one corner. Sounds like a plan, no?

But my pick of the lot has got to be these slides!

 There are a total of 3 slides which offer different meandering options down to the bottom.

There is even a shorter and gentler slide for younger kids.

Kids can also access a lookout point via a rope bridge.

Of course, what's a playground without the usual swings?

There are different types of swings for kids to choose, including two which are wheelchair-friendly.

There is also space for outdoor art installations, performances and events. But this isn't all - the next phase of enhancement to commence in 3rd quarter 2019 will see the renovation of existing buildings at Foothills to accommodate gallery space and new F&B facilities.

Useful Information

Jubilee Park @ Fort Canning Park
Bounded by Clemenceau Avenue and River Valley Road
Nearest MRT Station: Fort Canning Station Exit B
Nearest Carpark: Carpark D (limited lots)

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This looks amazing, thanks for the pictures!

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