Jul 26, 2019

10 Ways Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast makes it so Friendly for Families with Kids + GIVEAWAY!

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When we first visited Adventure Waterpark at Desaru Coast last early September, Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast was still under construction. It has since opened and my first impression when I walked through the lobby? It has such a colourful, fun and musical charm to it!

Located directly beside the waterpark and a 1.5-hour drive from Tuas checkpoint, Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast has that all-familiar iconic rock & roll theme like all other Hard Rock Hotels worldwide... but with a little something extra - a pleasing ambience in the form of architecture in the shade of white and grey, surrounded by lush greenery.

As I found out during our 3D2N stay, the great thing about the hotel is it appeals both to families with kids as well as young couples. There is a vibrancy to the hotel - from its cosy rooms to the common places like the lobby and restaurants.

By the end of our 2-night stay, all three monkies quipped it was far too short...so I would take it to mean that they thoroughly enjoyed their time. And you know what, I do agree with them because Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast has made the hotel so family-friendly!

Huge Rooms

At a time when new hotels are sporting smaller room sizes, it is a welcome change to step into Hard Rock Desaru Coast's rooms and be awed by their huge sizes.

The rooms come with either a King-sized bed or two double beds.

Let me just say I love hotels that offer rooms that come with 2 double beds. Because I have a family of 5, booking two separate hotel rooms which come with a king-sized bed each can jack up the travel costs substantially so any hotel that has 2 double beds in a room gets my vote instantly.

Of course, the nice decor is always a plus.

In addition to the lounging area at the balcony, I LOVE the pleasing pastel colour scheme of the rooms!

Everything else was pretty much expected from a luxurious resort, with full toiletries, LCD flat screen TV, complimentary Wi-Fi, a large bathroom and a glass-enclosed rainforest shower.

Hard Rock Roxity Kids Club

Well, a family-friendly resort has got to have a Kids Club too right? And my word, the Hard Rock Roxity at the hotel does not disappoint at all.

Parents can drop off their kids aged 4 to 12 years old between 10am and 9pm daily, and they get to enjoy an extensive program or activities from themed days to fun games and cool classes. Check out the Kids Club's schedule HERE. And in the spirit of Hard Rock, kids can even try their hand at drumming too! How cool is that???

Got kids who love to play dress-up? They will go absolutely bonkers at the role-playing room!

What got my boys hooked though was this... even though technically, they are above the age limit for the Kids Club. 😂

Fortnite gaming! Now that's a surefire way to get the kids' attention. Or how about some Virtual Reality (VR) games?

And as if all of the above isn't cool enough, let's just throw in a Splash Zone for the kids!

Of the many Kids Clubs at hotels I have seen they usually consist of only an indoor play area but Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast has a dedicated water play area for kids! And no, parents are not allowed. LOL.

Mini Playground

Catered for younger kids, this mini sheltered playground is located just beside Sessions restaurant, which is an all-day dining restaurant at the hotel.

And you know waht this means right? Parents can take their time to finish their meals - at these highly Insta-worthy dining 'pods' no less! - while the kids expend their energy at the playground.

Music Pool

Music is THE heart of every Hard Rock Hotel so it isn't any surprise to hear music everywhere within Hard Rock Desaru Coast.

Music in the room, music in the restaurant, music in the bar, music in the lobby... BUT music in the pool as well???

Now that's one novelty that the monkies can't get enough of!

Oh, and the stunning view at the infinity pool helps too. 😁

My only gripe is that other than a separate Jacuzzi pool, there is no kids pool. But at least there is a huge Waterpark just next door. Which leads me to the next point.

Adventure Park just next door!

And that is just one of THREE perks staying at Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast. In addition to just being beside the waterpark, hotel guests get an exclusive entrance and exit - bringing you directly into the waterpark without having to join the queue at the main entrance!

And the final perk? Hotel guests with a waterpark ticket can exit and re-enter the waterpark within the same day. Non-hotel guests do not have the same privilege.

Roxtars Toys & Sweet

Apparently, this is the FIRST Roxtars shop to open at a Hard Rock Hotel in the world. And my oh my, kids will go crazy here!

The entire shop is decked out in a colourful array of toys and sweets - from cuddly and musical toys to delicious candies and sweets.

Yes, Hard Rock Roxtars is heaven for kids. I'm not sure about parents though. 😅

Plenty of Dining Options

Let me just put it this way, one can never go hungry at Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast.

Home to two restaurants, one cafe and one bar, the hotel's dining options have something for everyone.

Sessions is the hotel's main restaurant which features an all-day menu of both local and international dishes. It also offers buffet spreads breakfast and dinner and the spread is pretty impressive.

You may even score a photo opportunity with one of the many hotel's roving mascots during breakfast!

If you do stay at the hotel, I highly recommend having your dinner at least once at The Elephant & The Butterfly, a Mexican poolside restaurant and bar.

Other than the fact that the place is highly instagrammable, the ambience at night is fantastic.

Oh, and the food - a blend of traditional flavors paired with modern take on Mexican cuisine - is great too. The ribeye steak was so succulent and tender... and they have a kids' menu too!

One of the places we ended up spending quite a lot at was Constant Grind Coffee Bar.

In addition to gourmet coffee and ice-blended drinks, the cafe also sells cakes and sandwiches which are perfect if you are looking for just a slight nibble.

Oh, and did I mention they sell ice cream too? Always a hit with the monkies.

By the way, do you know what the Beatles wall mural is made up of?

Coffee mugs!

For parents with young kids, I know that sometime dining out is a chore.. especially with cranky kids. So ordering Room Service is a godsend.

Can I just say that Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast has one of the most comprehensive in-room dining menus that I have ever seen? There's Western, pasta, Asian food and one of the boys' absolute fave - the Sup Ekor (or Oxtail Soup).

Oh, and the famed Hard Rock Legendary Burger... which is only available through Room Service by the way.

It's a miracle we didn't put on extra weight at the end of our 2-night stay! 🤣

The Sound of Your Stay Music Amenities

At Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast, you can request for one of 20 premium Fender electric guitars to be sent to your room together with headsets and an amp for your intimate rock concert! 😆

Or you can opt for one of the 10 Crosley vinyl players with records to amplify that in-room listening experience. They are FREE for guests but on a first-come-first-served basis so do reserve your set upon check-in!

Memorabilia Tour

Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast has on display some of the greatest rock memorabilia, so whether you are a rocker who loves The Rolling Stones or a Rihanna fangirl, you will enjoy the dazzling memorabilia on display throughout the hotel.

And hotel guests get to go on a Memorabilia Tour which happens daily at 11am and 4pm. The tour is FREE but you have to pre-register at the Concierge at Main Lobby, Level 3.

And be sure to stop by the Rock Shop, for music-inspired collections like Hard Rock branded tees, jackets, and collectable pins.

Music Everywhere

I have mentioned that music is present EVERYWHERE within the hotel but did you know at Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast, you can let them know your music preference before check-in and that's what exactly you'll hear when you first step into the room? 😱

Yes, we are truly made to feel like Rock Stars at the hotel!

I think all stays at Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast should come with a pre-check-in warning: IT IS HIGHLY ADDICTIVE! 😅

Needless to say, the monkies were crestfallen upon check-out so something tells me we will definitely be back!


Thanks to Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast, I have 10 sets of Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast Premiums to give away! The first prize consists of FIVE Plush Toy Mascots and another 9 will each win one of NINE Mixtape Throw Pillows!

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Giveaway ends on 2 August 2019, 2359 hours and is open to both Singapore and Malaysia residents.


Useful Information

Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast
Jln Pantai 3, Desaru Coast, 81930 Bandar Penawar, Johor, Malaysia
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Carol Neo said...

I love to collect all goodies as is so nice and i love lots. Hope to win. Liked and followed all pages.

Fb Carol Neo

Lin said...

Love the plushies ! Hope to win them for my twin boys and hopefully we can visit the place soon !

Ann said...

The moment I read and view those colourful photos with plenty of activities, services and food provided that made the laughs and joys coming from your kids are so true and makes parents melted. Hard rock simply apply their Mission and professionally present to family-member-like-customers are wonderful and continuously deliver the warmth and security tempted us to stay with them! Thanks sharing and I would like to have a chance to win it and go experience as well.

Angie Ng said...

Hard Rock Desaru look so fun!! I would wish to bring my two Super active kids to enjoy the water park and Kids club. They will love it!

Kayley said...

Liked & Shared!
Hoping to be the lucky one. To have a short family getaway with our 4YO korkor & 5MO meimei who loves holidays!!

Anonymous said...

Been dreaming to visit this new hard rock hotel since last year . Hope to win a chance to bring my Family there for a good break! Good luck !!

Sotong_Life said...

Love the colourful plushies! It will be great if I could win this and give 1 each to my 4 kids. The elder one often had to give in to the little ones but not this this if we win!

Peck Lian said...

Colourful and nice ambient that give the happy and cheerful feel.
How good will it be to have family bonding and memorable moments at Hard Rock.

Crystal said...

Hope to win this to celebrate my husband and I anniversary wedding! We couldn’t celebrate yesterday as i was still under confinement. This is our #2 baby and we have not had a proper family holiday together. Hope to use this staycation for some proper family bonding.

Unknown said...

I love Hard Rock. I am a collector of Hard Rock Big cup and guitar fridge magnet. So I would love to be there to take a break and buy some Hard Rock souvenirs.
Regards Lisa

Hana said...

Hi. The first thing I do when planning a holiday is always to look at blogs that share their personal itinerary as compared to those touristy sites. Personally, i trust the blogger's experience and recommendation more since it is for them to record their own memories and to share their good and bad experiences with the readers. So please keep doing itineraries.
If I do get selected I want to bring my family (my parents and brother). Hooe I get a chance to make my own memories (:

Kalpana Dass said...

The colourful cute plushies are sure to represent the vibrant and exuberance of the Hard Rock experience! I have not been there but reading this post certainly puts this hotel in a good stead and all the more making me want to visit it during my next holidays with my family. My girls will have so much fun and looks like all the entertainment is in the hotel itself which makes it so convenient and less taxing for us, parents! Love to win the plushies and love to visit this place sooner !

Unknown said...

Hope to win as I'm sure my kids definitely love to stay at this fantastic hotel.

Corinna said...

I love the colorful plushies! Hope to win this giveaway and have a holiday getaway for the family and to reward my gal after her psle exam this year!

Fiona Lo said...

Thank you for writing such a wonderful post. Hope I can win the draw so me and my family can experience the fun and the hospitality of hard rock :) my little boy will be very excited ! Thank you and god bless :)

Tricia N said...

What else can I do to tell you how much I am longing to be able to afford a nice holiday stay for my children. If we are the lucky ones, we will be jumping to the moon with joy. Wish me luck, best of luck too to the rest of your fans and followers;)

mike said...

after reading it makes wana bring my family for a vacation there, a beautiful place with good food. of course, I hope to win the plushies for my kids ... hope to go there soon.

Irene Sim said...

The plushies are so cute and would be a nice little teaser for me and my family as we would definitely want to visit this awesome hotel. I especially love the idea of a themed hotel and all the music i would be enjoying even in the pool! All the activities room also looks really fun! What a fun-filled getaway.

Cik Iera Ziera said...

I want to win the plushies because the reason is pretty obvious, they’re cute. Plushies are absolutely adorable and they never fail to make me smile. Secondly, I've always wanted a pet since I was a child but unfortunately my mom is afraid of every animal and my dad has allergies, so that dream went right down the drain. So these plushies will became the closest substitute I was going to get to little companions. And admit it, they also make a great decor ❤️❤️☺️

Facebook Name : Iera Ziera (www.facebook.com/NurulAzziera)

Anonymous said...

Can share with us your itinerary?? Thanks

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