Nov 20, 2019

No queues, no scramble, no fuss: Have your kids' school books delivered FREE to your doorstep by GoGuru!


It’s time to get serious about the thing that has us parents in a state of horror every year-end.

That’s right. I’m talking about the chore of buying new textbooks and workbooks for new school year. 😩 The thought of having to take time off our busy schedules to make a special trip down to the school bookshop, spend a looooong time in the queue and then lug bags and bags of heavy books back home makes me shudder... and fill me with dread.

And don't get me started when I find that after having spent such a long time in the queue, some of the books are out of stock!!! Argh. I don't know if it's just me but I hate it when that happens - the feeling is like me not being able to complete a Panini sticker album when I was little. 😂

But thanks to GoGuru, my life has been made a tad easier this year.

GoGuru is the official e-store of Times Bookstore which stocks a wide range of products, from books and magazines to stationery and educational toys on its online store. In addition to carrying a huge range of books – popular categories include Fiction, Business, Personal Development, and even Children’s Books, parents can buy Marshall Cavendish Education titles, assessment books, school supplies online and have them delivered straight to their doorstep. And get this, it's FREE DELIVERY for Times Rewards members!

Yes, that last bit about how I can buy my monkies' school books online really got me. All I had to do was to select my kids' school and education level, choose the Marshall Cavendish Education textbooks, add them into my cart and I was done!

And just for convenience's sake, I can even take my pick from the Assessment Books available (just don't tell my kids 🤣) because there is a 20% off selected assessment books from Marshall Cavendish Education , Casco, Fairfield Book Publishers and Educational Publishing House! If you like, you can also purchase Stationery and enjoy savings as well.

Make payment online and then simply wait for your order to be delivered right to your doorstep! Times Rewards members get to enjoy FREE delivery - what's not to like???

I love the convenience of online shopping because not only can I make my orders at whatever time I want - preferably when the kids are already alseep so that their ruckus wouldn't cause me to make any rash purchases! 😅 - I can do it from the comfort of my own home or office.

But you know what I love most about purchasing the school books through GoGuru? There are no lines to wait in, nor grumpy bookshop aunty or other irritable people to deal with. And for parents who have to look after the kids, they don't have to drag them all over the place. Just complete that school book shopping list with a few clicks at home while sipping a cup of coffee.

And for kids who are book lovers too, you can also purchase Children's Books directly from GoGuru. It's set up by Times Publishing after all, so you can be guaranteed  of the wide range of books available... all easily segmented according to the kid's age for your convenience.

So for this year-end school holidays, getting ready for the new school year need not be a hassle. Take full advantage of GoGuru's Annual Ordering service and get those school study materials - from textbooks and assessment books, activity books and readers, to stationery - in just a few clicks! And did I mention FREE delivery too?

No scramble, no madness, no fuss.

Head to GoGuru's ordering website, get all the books online, so that you can focus on something more important: enjoying the school holidays with your kids!


Thanks to GoGuru, enjoy $3 OFF with a minimum spend of $30! Simply use the promo code '3OFFIG-KELVIN' when you cart out. Visit GoGuru to start shopping!

Terms and Conditions
- Promo code expires on 30 November 2019
- $3 off is stackable and applicable for use with other discounts, but not for slashed prices and sitewide discounts.
- Not applicable to nett priced items, Marshall Cavendish textbooks, third party merchants

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