Jan 22, 2020

NEW & FREE! Interact with light art on the sand & watch light projections at Sentosa's Magical Shores show!

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There's a new night attraction in town, and it's FREE for all!

Magical Shores at Sentosa is a multi-sensory experience that transforms Siloso Beach into an interactive light and sound spectacle come nightfall.

Starting from 23 Jan 2020, Magical Shores is Singapore's first interactive beach light art attraction and spans 400m across Siloso Beach.

From 7.30pm to 10.30pm every night, the showcase comes on in 15-minute cycles and features vivid light, sound and must effects.

Comprising of four acts, the show will bring two islets to life, which will be bathed in lights, dreamy fog and tranquil music. The trees on the islets will also come "alive" as a relaxing light and symphony completr the magical experience.

And remember I said it will be interactive too? Everyone can interact with light art on the sands, which are inspired by diverse elements ranging from water flow to marine creatures. Expect this to be a hit with the kids!

The four acts include:


Experience the awakening of Siloso Beach with magical movements on the sand. Interactive art will be projected onto the beach at two areas where people will be able to interact with them.


Marvel as a mysterious cloud of fog and lights emerge from the two islets, flowing over the waters and merging with the projections on the beach.


Look to the islets as the trees come alive with a relaxing light and symphony accompaniment. Incredibly, the lights from the islets will change colours and intensity, as they track movements on the beach and reflect off the waters!


In a spell-binding flourish of colour, multi-coloured projections will light up the night sky. New Peaks lasts three minutes, and take place every 15 minutes.

Do note that there are TWO main areas of Magical Shores along Siloso Beach - one is just in front of Ola Beach Bar and the other is near to the former Wave House Sentosa. In my opinion, the latter works better because the area is darker so the light projections stand out more.

Personally I love the location of the interactive light show - the beach is a nice place to head out to at night with the balmy winds.... plus it's a great place for the kids to run amok! 😂 AND IT'S FREE!

Useful Information

Magical Shores at Siloso
Siloso Beach, Sentosa
7.30pm - 10.30pm daily
FREE Admission (Island admission applies)

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