Feb 13, 2020

Viral Skullbreaker Challenge among Teens is so Dangerous it can break skulls & spines

Parents, take heed - there's a new trend going viral on TikTok and it is extremely dangerous and potentially lethal! Named the 'Skullbreaker Challenge', the consequence is exactly as the name implies... you may end up with a broken skull or spine.

What is the Skullbreaker Challenge?

Also known as the "jump trip prank," the challenge involves three persons who stand in a line and jump. When the middle person's feet leave the ground, the people on the side kick their feet out from under them, often leading to the middle person falling backward and possibly smacking their back and/or head on the ground.


It possibly originated from South America

The Skullbreaker challenge appears to have originated in South America, possibly Venezuela, and has since made its way to USA. There are no official numbers of kids who have gotten hurt but there have been news reports about teens getting seriously hurt.

It's dangerous and people have been getting hurt

Actually, one doesn't need official numbers to see how dangerous the act can be. A parent in Arizona shared a public Facebook post warning that her son had been injured when doing the challenge.

And more parents are posting warnings about the challenge online.

One school in USA has already issued a warning

A School in Missouri has also posting a warning regarding the challenge.

Are kids in Singapore doing it?

I'm not sure if it has arrived in Singapore yet so I'm doing this post to create awareness among the parents here. 

Do share it with fellow parents and especially your kids. Let them know how extremely dangerous AND potentially fatal the challenge can be. One can hit the tailbone and be paralysed for life... or worse, hit the head and die.

To put it simply, this is just plain dumb on so many levels because people could hurt themselves really bad. And that's not funny at all.


UPDATE: TOUCH Cyber Wellness has shared some pretty good tips on how parents should engage their kids about this challenge:

You can read the orignal post HERE.

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