Mar 8, 2020

YOTELAIR Singapore Changi Airport's Family Rooms are great for staycations!

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There's always something relaxing about a staycation - it's obvious that there isn't a need to bring along the passports and oversized luggage but it gives a chance to explore certain parts of Singapore while still feeling the vacation vibes.

And there's no better place to feel that than at YOTELAIR which is located at Jewel Changi Airport.

Located on the 4th floor of Jewel Changi Airport (near Lift H), YOTELAIR Changi is right where all the shopping and eating action is - which means non-flying visitors can also book a staycation and eat, shop, play non-stop at the numerous stores at Jewel.... and then head back to the hotel for a much-needed rest.

And we did just that with the monkies'grandparents at the end of last year.

Once we headed past the entrance, we arrived at YOTELAIR’s lobby, or better known as “mission control". You see, YOTEL's branding is modelled after the 'flying' experience so even the hotel staff are known as cabin crew.

The lobby was very spacious with ample seating all around. But what impressed me most was the check-in process.

Right in the middle of the lobby is the check-in kiosk where guests (or is that passengers?) will be able to use one of the several check-in counters to perform a self-check-in.

All I had to do was to enter my booking details, self-scan my NRIC and I got my room keys just like that. Everything under 5 minutes... super efficient!

And then it was all about the chilling in our room, I mean cabin. 😁

YOTELAIR Changi has a total of 130 cabins which are spread over two floors. The cabins come in two types: Premium Queens which are 110 square feet and sleep two adults and Family Rooms which are 226 square feet and sleep four adults.

If you are big on hotel room space then the Premium Queen cabin probably isn't for you. It is not exactly the tiniest of hotel rooms around, but it IS cosy with a queen-sized bed which can be put into either a flat or reclined mode at the touch of a button.

There is also a fold-out table and a foldable stool as well as shelves with plug and USB outlets. That's about it, really. No cupboards, no fridge, no safe - all kept to a bare minimum. What surprised me though was the bathroom, which was rather spacious compared to the entire room.

But if you are planning on bringing along the kids, then my suggestion is to go with the Family Room which comes with a queen-sized bed and a bunk bed. This room sleeps 4 persons in total.

YOTELAIR Changi's rooms has some mood lighting going on; I guess it is keeping in theme with the 'aírplane' experience. Some may like it, some won't but don't worry, you can turn it off and have the normal lighting instead.

Lighting aside, I love the Family Room simple because of its space. The floor area is more than DOUBLE of the standard Queen room and it really feels like a proper hotel room with ample space, spacious bathroom and extra sleeping arrangements to easily fit a family of four... or five if you have young kids.

No prizes for guessing where the boys chose to sleep for the night!

The other spot that I love at YOTELAIR Changi is its lounge, which is located just beside the lobby. Other than being the place where breakfast is served, the lounge offers fantastic views of the Rain Vortex at Jewel.

Oh, and there is free flow of coffee and tea at the lounge for guests too.

Come nightfall, there is also the hourly light and sound shows at the Rain Vortex which guests can watch from the comfort of the lounge without jostling with the crowds!

Of course, it isn't a staycation if we didn't play tourists for the day too. It was the first time my parents were visiting Jewel Changi Airport so I took the opportunity to bring them around.

We visited the Canopy Park too... which by the way, is offering FREE entry to everyone from now until 31 March 2020! (More details HERE)

The other great thing about staying at YOTELAIR Changi? We got to try some of the food that were notoriously famous for its long queues. Like Shake Shack's burgers!

Because we were staying in the hotel, we head down to the store at later hours and there wasn't any queue at all! Staycation FTW! 🤣

Depending on the room package you choose, you can opt for breakfast to be included as well. But I wouldn't recommend that because when we were there, the breakfast choices comprised only of plain bread and pastries. It is definitely not your standard hotel buffet breakfast so I think you will be better off heading to the many cafes at Jewel for breakfast.

*A note though, we stayed at November 2019 so the breakfast may have improved now.

And when it was time to leave, checking out was again a breeze. In fact, it was so easy that Ale took charge of everything! 😆

I think we thoroughly enjoyed our 1-night staycation at YOTELAIR Changi. Yes, the rooms (or cabins) may be smaller than what we are used to but they are functional and cosy. In fact, I liken the rooms to be like a first class airplane suite which offers a different experience compared to the standard hotel rooms.

Location-wise, it is excellent thanks to it being located within Jewel Changi Airport. You can walk, eat and shop all day long... and even hop onto the Skytrain to visit T1, T2 and T3 before heading back to the room to chill the rest of the time away.

Room rates start from S$140++ for the Premium Queen Cabins and S$260++ for the Family Rooms. Sign up as a YOTEL member to enjoy a further 10% discount! For more details and to book directly, visit HERE.

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Hamiko said...

Is there a swimming pool?

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Hi Hamiko, No there isn't.

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