Aug 28, 2020

15 Best & FREE Outdoor Playgrounds in the East of Singapore (East Coast, Tampines & Bedok)

When my lists for the best outdoor playgrounds found in the West and North parts of Singapore came out, I received a few queries from my readers who asked if there were a list for playgrounds in the East as well. I didn't have one back then, but I DO NOW!

Comapred to the playgrounds found in the West and North which come in uniquely shaped play structures, I thought that the playgrounds in the East focus more on climbing with a good number of them having tall structures with climbing nets. As for the most unique playground, that honour goes to the Play Wall at Tampines Greenedge (#9) which ingeniously merged a playground with slides and tunnels with wall murals!

Let's get started!


1. Marine Cove

Without a doubt, this is THE must-go outdoor playground in the eastern part of Singapore. The colourful 3,500sqm children’s playground is home to a range of play equipment suitable for children of varying ages with the 8m high tower being the focal point of the playground. Modelled after a lighthouse, the 3-storey tower is suitable for older children aged five to twelve years old, it consists of many play elements including three slides of different levels, a rope bridge and climbing net courses.

In addition to having a gated play area for toddlers, the playground consists plenty of inclusive features which allows special needs and wheelchair-bound kids to be able to join in the fun as well. 

If oyu are looking for a natural playground without the plastic play equipment, head to the new Nature Playgarden at East Coast Park (Area D) within the Cyclist Park. The playgarden uses natural materials such as upcycled wood to create curated play features for children to engage in spontaneous play amid nature, much like the one at HortPark.

Young ones can develop a  sense of discovery and train their balance at the simple obstacle course, and older children can try their hands at the 1.5-metre tall mini climbing wall installed with grips, that was  fashioned from a log. There's even a huge sand pit for sand play!

Address: 1000 ECP, Singapore 449876 (East Coast Park Area C)

2. Changi Beach Park

As one of the oldest coastal parks tucked away at the northeastern tip of Singapore, Changi Beach Park boasts stretches of pristine white beaches dotted with coconut palms, BBQ pits, park benches and shelters. The park is also home to two playgrounds with the smaller one situated near Carpark 4 and consists of the standard play equipment for younger kids.

But if you have kids who yearn for more climbing and adventure, then the playground closer to the northeastern tip of the park (near Carpark 1) will be the one to gravitate towards. Sand playgrounds are increasingly rarer to find in Singapore nowadays.

Kids can climb themselves silly at the spiderweb-like structures and wheeeee down from a 3-storey tube slide. My personal fave has got to be the wooden castaway raft at the playground. The raft is built on springs and comes with a huge oar - which all points to plenty of imaginary play for the kids!

Address: Along Nicoll Drive and Changi Coast Road

3. Paya Lebar Quarter Parkside

NOTE: The playground is currently closed due to Covid-19

Unknown to most shoppers, there is actually a pretty large outdoor playground for kids at Paya Lebar Quarter. And the reason? It is NOT located at the shopping mall area. It is located across the road at PLQ3 and the residential towers of Paya Lebar Quarter. To get to the playground from the mall, simply look for the signs that point to 'PLQ3' on level 1, cross a road, walk all the way to the end and you will see this. 

The playground has two twisting slides, climbing nets, and mini bouldering rocks for kids to go crazy over. There are even swings and mini trampolines! With seating areas and benches placed all around the playground, it means that parents will be able to keep an eye on their kids from almost any angle.

Address: Paya Lebar Quarter, PLQ3 Tower, 30 Paya Lebar Road, Singapore 409006

4. SingPost Centre Wallhola
NOTE: The playground is currently closed due to Covid-19

Kids who love climbing will love the Wallhola, otherwise known as a vertical playground. Located on the roof of SingPost Centre, the playground is made up of undulating ribbon-like layers and encased in a metal grid cage. It encourages kids to climb, hang, swing, slide, run, jump, hide and pretty much come up with ingenious ways to play compared to any other playing equipment.

Compared to other Wallholas in Singapore which are typically 3-level high, this particular one is shorter and consists of 2 levels. This means it is great even for lightly younger kids. For even younger kids, there is a nice shaded play area with in-floor trampolines, rockers and a see-saw.

Address: SingPost Centre, Rooftop Garden, 10 Eunos Rd 8, Singapore 408600

5. Water Playground @ Changi City Point
NOTE: The playground is currently closed due to Covid-19

Photo Credit: Changi City Point

Situated just outside Koufu foodcourt on Level 2 lies a dry and wet playground which comprises of a tree-house trail. Otherwise known as the '3-House' Playground, the water playground has gentle water fountains, mini pools and towering spray jets that will give kids a splashing good time!

If the kids prefer to stay dry, there is also a dry play area which has an obstacle course where kids can test their blanacing skills on the tightrope-walk and suspension bridge.

Photo Credit: Changi City Point

Address: Changi City Point Mall, Level 2, 5 Changi Business Park Central 1, Singapore 486038

6. Hide-out Playground @ Parkway Parade
NOTE: The playground is currently closed due to Covid-19

Photo Credit: Parkway Parade

Located outside DOME Cafe on Level 1, the nautical-themed playground is inspired by marine life as evident from the dolphin slide, and springers resembling a seahorse and octopus. The main centrepiece of the playground is the play structure in the shape of a ship where kids will have a field day scurrying up and sliding down the tube slide!

Address: Parkway Parade, Level 1, 80 Marine Parade Rd, Singapore 449269


7. Tampines Green Forest Park

Situated along Tampines Ave 8 and just a stone's throw away from the new cluster of flats at Tampines Green Forest (Blocks 878A & 879A), this playground area consists of a three-storey tower structure and a sand playground for younger kids. For older kids though, the highlight here has got to be the tower structure which comprises of three towers, a climbing cargo net, a long slide and a circular rope ladder. Kids can make their way up the cargo netting to reach the first tower. From there, they will cross a series of cargo net bridges and be rewarded witha fast ride down the tall slide!

For younger kids who are not adept at climbing up tall structures yet, there is a multi-sensory playground structure located beside it. I have got to day this is one of the more comprehensive children's playground I have come across - ladders, climbing poles, ramps, bridges, interactive panels, a play-board with movable letters, as well as boards which allow kids to make sounds and music!

Address: Block 879A, Tampines Ave 8, Singapore 521879

8. Tampines Flower Dome Playground

The Flower Dome interactive playground is located right in front of Tampines West Community Centreat and allows kids to climb to their hearts' content!

Shaped like a flower dome, the massive play structure features plenty of rope obstacles and rubber mats where kids can challenge their agility skills, and even chill on one of the green 'swings'.

The playground is right in the middle of the Tampines West central so there are lots of dining options all around if the kids are feeling hungry after the workout.

Address: Block 828 Tampines Street 81, Singapore 520828

9. Tampines Greenedge Play Wall

Now this is one interesting playground, or play wall, depending how you interpret it. Unlike the conventional playground which consists of the standard play structures, this mural wall at Tampines Greenedge mixes a wave theme mural wall together with play.

Taking inspiration from the waves, the wave-themed mural wall features fishes, corals, octopus and other sea creatures that pop out along the facade as kids run by it.

And within the four strips of wavy walls, there are a host of play options waiting for the kids. Kids can dash along the undulating terrain, go down on an embedded slide and crawl through tunnels.

With such a refreshing play concept of using a play wall sculpture to encourage play among kids, this playground certainly makes it to my list of  'Unique& Interesting Playgrounds in Singapore'.

In addition, there is a play structure filled with climbing and balancing challenges located just a few metres away from the play wall.

If you have younger kids, walk further down to Block 492G where there is a playground for toddlers and young kids.

Address: Block 494J Tampines Street 45, Singapore 529494

10. Watermelon & Mangosteen Playgrounds

One of the rare remaining old-school playgrounds in Singapore, this playground is shaped like a slice of watermelon, with red, pale yellow and green mosaic tiles to resemble the flesh and skin of a watermelon. There are even holes to represent seeds!

The photo above was taken in 2012 and although the playground remains, it has since been refurbished with rubber mats covering the ground and the swing making way for seats. Kids can still go on the mosaic slide though... and if you walk a few steps away, there are two giant mangosteens to complete the retro feel.

The two mangosteens are connected together by a bar  which used to have swings hanging from it but has since been removed.

Address: Blk 858 Tampines Ave 5 Singapore 520858

11. Pirate Ship Playground

Located at Block 712 Tampines Street 71, this pirate ship-themed playground may not seem big on fun at first glance, but the play structure packs a real punch! Kids can thump on the cannons to make booming sounds, walk the plank and jump off the ship, or choose to go down a spiral slide that comes in the form of a slithering sea monster!

And what's a pirate theme without treasure hunting? Kids can also go on a treasure hunt where clues are scattered on the play structure!

Address: Blk 712 Tampines Street 71, Singapore 520712

12. Tampines 1 Rooftop Water Playground
NOTE: The playground is currently closed due to Covid-19

Photo Credit: Tampines 1

Residents in Tampines and the surrounding East will know of this extremely fun wildlife-themed  outdoor playground located on the roof of Tampines 1 shopping mall. The play area comprises of both dry and wet playgrounds but if you ask the kids, the wet playground sure packs a whole lot fun! Complete with water slides, mini pools, swings and jet sprays, it's the perfect place to bring the little ones to expend maximum energy.

Address: Tampines 1, Rooftop, 10 Tampines Central 1, Singapore 529536

Opening hours: Daily 12pm to 8pm (except Mondays) | Mondays: 4pm to 8pm


13. Bedok Reservoir Park

Bedok Reservoir Park surrounds the 88-hectare Bedok Reservoir, making it a popular place for families to chill and exercise together. And as with all parks in Singapore, there is also an outdoor playground for kids.

And even though the playground set-up may be modest, the tranquil nature of the surroundings more than makes up for it.

One lap round the reservoir is a mere 4.3km, so it makes good for a leisurely jog or bicycle ride with the family, with its gorgeous sunset a bonus if you are there in the evenings. The track around the reservoir is straightforward, and consists a mix of pavement and pebbly path with the beauty of the route being the fact that the kids are able to stop any time to play, kick a ball, fly a kite or just sit down for a picnic.

Address: Along Bedok Reservoir Road

14. Playground @ 108 Bedok North Road

By HDB playgrounds' standards, this putdoor playground at Block 108 Bedok North Road is HUGE!

In fact, this playground has got to be one with the most number of slides I have ever come across - a total of NINE in fact! In addtion to the slides, kids can try scaling the rock walls and play with the activities boards.

Address: Block 108 Bedok North Road, Singapore 460108

15. Playground @ 15 Bedok South Road

There are two playgrounds located here, one (above) to cater to younger kids while the other (below) is better for older kids who love climbing and making their way across monket bars.

At first glance, the playgrounds may not look spectacular but the entire area is vast and nestled among lush greenery. A large part of the park is well-shaded by trees, which makes it even better.

Address: Block 15 Bedok South Road, Singapore 460015

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