Nov 23, 2019

East Coast Park has a new (& FREE) Cyclist Park with 2 Circuits & Nature Playgarden!

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A NEW recreational park has opened at East Coast Park and it's exclusively for cyclists!

The 5.4-hectare Cyclist  Park boasts two new cycling circuits targeted at learners and experienced cyclists, a nature playgarden, as well as F&B and retail outlets for families.

Located within Area D of East Coast Park, at the previous site of Goldkist Chalets (or UDMC Chalets if you are as old as me), Cyclist Park is a one-stop hub for cyclists where visitors can practise cycling techniques at the two cycling circuits, as well as purchase and repair bicycles.


The 280m-long Learner Circuit is designed for beginners to train their clanace and stamina, with gentle slopes and slight narrowing of tracks at certain points of the circuit. 

It also features a gently contoured terrain where beginners can challenge themselves further.


The 500-metre long Advanced Circuit, with its undulating tracks, sharp turns, gradual  granite steps and narrow bridge, provides a fun challenge for more experienced cyclists.

Cyclists can first test their balancing skills at the zig-zag columns.

Next, they can take on the curvy tracks - do note there are some really sharp turns so please slow down at the appropriate turns!

There are even extremely narrow tracks and a Wave Bridge to finish everything off!

But the most fun of the circuit has got to be this - the Pump Track!

The monkies sure went on it countless times!


Not cycling? No problem. Families with children can enjoy a new nature playgarden at East Coast Park within the Cyclist Park too.

The playgarden uses natural materials such as upcycled wood to create curated play features for children to engage in spontaneous play amid nature, much like the one at HortPark.

Young ones can develop a  sense of discovery and train their balance at the simple obstacle course, and older children can try their hands at the 1.5-metre tall mini climbing wall installed with grips, that was  fashioned from a log.

There's even a huge sand pit for sand play!


There are several F&B options within Cyclist Park - cafe food at PS. Cafe by the Sea and halal cuisines at KNS Restaurant. (Yes, that last name drew sniggers from my kids 😂)

There is also a 7-Eleven store which features the first-ever beer from a tap! Great for parents for that chill afternoon.

In addition, there are also free play zones for cyclists to practise riding. These free play zones, which have a flat terrain, are perfect especially for younger kids who are just learning to cycle.

Cyclist Park is located at East Coast Park Area D and is accessible via East Coast Park  Service Road, via the underpass linking Mandarin Gardens to D3 Carpark and via Siglap Park  Connector. The nearest bus stop is 90 metres away and is served by bus number 401.

NOTE: The nearest is GoCycling @ ECP C4 PCN PitStop (near Marine Cove) which is about 800m away.

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