Aug 10, 2020

Happy 14th Birthday Ayd (aka I survived yet another year with a second teen at home)!

Today, yet another one in the family crosses the 14-year-old mark. Wasn't it just last week that I wrote about Ayd's 13th birthday and how I have another teenager in the house???

Now - and just like Ash before him - the wifey and I made it through our first year as parents of Ayd the teenager. And we lived to tell the tale... again!

Growing up, he has always been looking forward to his birthday. In fact, he starts counting down to his next birthday the day after! 😅 I suppose having a birthday one day after National Day always mean something special for him every year. And while this year isn't any different, what's different is we can't celebrate it with our usual gang of friends due to Covid-19.

But as long as he has his fave fried chicken and birthday cake, he will be satisfied. 😁

And that has always been his character since young. He never frets about the big stuff, never compares with others about stuff he has or doesn't have, and never holds grudges. He revels in the simple joys in life (like food & YouTube videos), treats everyone geuninely and never fails to show concern whenever the wifey and I are unwell.

He makes everyday a blessing.

The more he has grown, the more he has blossomed - but on his own terms and at his own pace. I have seen his effort to change and for that, I am so proud of him.

People say that every year into teen-hood means it's a year closer to the time when they leave the home to explore the world on their own. And yes, I (like most parents) fear this new phase of freedom, I’m confident that we are just at the beginning of the most amazing years of his life. 

The best years are all around us.

So to Ayd, I want to let you know this:

You made me a Dad for a second time – in a unique way of your own. And even though I lose patience and scold you at times, and you pretty much find me to be irritating too (only sometimes, I hope), please know that I feel blessed that you are my son. You have been such a joy in my life and I pray that you will continue to bring joy to others as well.

Mummy and Papa will always love you, and you will always find the greatest support in us no matter what happens. Remember that, and also remember that you’re never too old to hug us, hold our hands or say you love us.

Happy 14th Birthday, Ayd!

We love you more than words could possibly say.

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