Nov 24, 2020

Guide to locating Queenstown's 3 Kay Siang Bunkers

Ever since Circuit Breaker was lifted in June, I have made it a point to bring the kids out on a nature walk every Sunday. And I am happy to report that we have been doing that almost very week - save for the weekends leading up to the year-end exams.

But they naturally got bored with the usual parks so I started to look for hikes that come with a sense of adventure - with a little bit of jungle bashing, like the abandoned Keppel Reservoir. They thoroughly enjoyed that one so I thought why not go on another adventure - this time to Queenstown to locate the Kay Siang bunkers.

Situated along Kay Siang Road are the remnants of three storage bunkers in the forested area. They were presumably built in the 1940's and were used for goods and ammunition storage by the British Military, and are located alongside the now-demolished Buller Camp that housed Australian and Indian POWs during the Japanese Occupation.

Before heading there, I did a search online and while there isn't an map marking out the exact bunkers, it does come out on Google Maps. Start your hike from Kay Siang Road. As you walk along the road towrds Dawson, you can see an opening on your left. The clearest indicator will be seeing a rope that was presumably tied by a fellow hiker so that people can get over the initial slippery slope more easily.

Which was what we did.

From there, it is only a short one-minute walk. But even though it is a short walk, do note that the terrain can be slippery and muddy especially if it had just rained. So do wear shoes with good grip.

There is no clearly-marked trail but you can see a well-trodden path which will bring you to the first bunker.

Of all three bunkers, I think the first one is the most impressive of the lot. Although only the facade is left standing, a huge chunk of what's left of it has been taken over by vines and roots - a mighty show of force by Nature!

What is even more impressive-looking lies behind the facade.

Definitely a good spot for the gram. 😁

Or the usual family portrait.

The second bunker is located just a few steps away from the first one and compared to the first one, it is a fully intact and standing one.

You can venture inside but it's empty... and dark.

I am not going to lie - standing inside feels a little creepy, probably due to the fact that it feels chilly and damp inside compared to feeling the sun's heat outside.

Anyway, there was still the third bunker to be found so we pressed on.

If you search online, only a few sites mention the presence of the third bunker. I have no idea why this is so, possibly because it is located a little further away. Just follow the well-trodden trail on the right of the second bunker, and you will reach the third one.

In fact, it is situated nearer to Margaret Drive, opposite MINDS. (See map at the end of the post)

The third one looks more like a house than a bunker as the area it occupies is much larger. Perhaps this was where the officers lived. Even though the roofs are all gone, the remnants of the building walls still stand.

And maybe, just maybe, there used to be an underground bunker here too. Unfortunately, it has been sealed up.

The total hike did not take too long, about 30min tops including time taken in stopping to take photos. But do note that some parts of the terrain can be quite challenging due to slopes and muddy paths. And yes, there are mosquitoes too so bring a lot of repellent!

Is it suitable for young kids? Well, it depends if your young child has been exposed to these kind of treks. I would not recommend this trek if it is the first time your family is going on such a trek. But if your kids are the gung-ho type, and has experience trudging along muddy trails, then go for it!

As for my monkies, they certainly enjoyed the adventure trek. More than if we had gone to the usual park. 😁


You can choose to enter the forested area either by Kay Siang Road or Margaret Drive (opposite MINDS).


Walking towards Dawson HDB estate, look for the opening in the photo I had shared above, on your right. It is just before a field with old running track comes into sight on your right.


You can also enter from Margaret Drive but the opening is slightly more obscure.

It is located opposite MINDS and once you enter, the terrain is a gentle slope upwards.

Keep following the trail and you will see the third bunker.


For public transport, you can take bus number 122 or 32 and alight at the bus stop along Kay Siang Road.

If you are driving, you can park your car at the multi-storey carpark at Block 91 Dawson Road. You can access Margaret Drive from the side pathway which will lead you to MINDS.

Remember, stay hydrated and safe!

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