Nov 21, 2020

Singapore's First Origami Outdoor Playground Pops Up at Jurong West!

There has been a flurry of new outdoor playgrounds opening in various HDB estates around Singapore post-Circuti Breaker and that is always a good thing because kids simply love to climb and slide at playgrounds.

The newly-opened outdoor playground in front of Block 826 Jurong West St 81 will definitely invite loads of climbing from the kids then!

This is Singapore's FIRST Origami-themed outdoor playground and it's FREE for everyone!

There are various play elements contained within the main play structures. Kids can test their balancing skills at the swinging hammocks or across the rope lines.

Or they can scurry up the climbing wall to reach the top in the shortest time possible.

Once up, they can then choose a quick descent via one of the wide slides at the other side of the structure.

To get across between the various origami prisms, kids can traverse on the nettings.

I love how the playground stucture integrates slides, climbing, netting, and hammocks into one a colourful Origami Rock Sculpture.

There is also a separate slide and an origami tunnel cuboid located just beside the main play structure.

If you have younger kids, there is also a play area with various play structures meant for them.

Besides a gentler slide, spinning cups and see-saw, kids can imagine themselves to be bunnies and 'burrow' through a short tunnel to stick their heads into the clear hemisphere.

The great thing about the location of the playground is it is situated in a huge open space, with a jogging track circling the park. Great place to bring the kids to wear them out, I say! 😂

Useful Information

Origami Outdoor Playground

Address: Jurong West Street 81, Block 826, Singapore 640826

FREE Admission

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