Feb 14, 2021

Another Origami Outdoor Playground found at Yishun - and it's FREE!

Following the first Origami Playground that popped up in Jurong West, another Origami-themed playground has opened in Yishun!

Located in front of Block 833 Yishun St 81, this teal-coloured massive origami playground at the 3G Park @ Nee Soon South is FREE to play for everyone, and is sure to invlove plenty of climbing and swinging action for the kids!

The playground takes its inspiration from Origamic Architecture, which is a form of kirigami that involves the three-dimensional reproduction of architecture and monuments, on various scales, using cut-out and folded paper.

Designed for kids aged between 6 and 12 years old, the origami structure consists of folded and tilted walls which encompass different play elements.

And it is clearly constructed with fun activities for children in mind because I love how the entire playground structure comes with inclined surfaces which makes for imaginative and unique play among kids.

Kids have a few ways to get to the upper level of the structure - they can scurry up the climbing net, navigate a passageway and use a climbing rope for that final ascent.

Or if they fancy a greater challenge, they can climbing up the boulder wall.

Once up, they have to walk along a tilted surface before they get to the highlight of the structure.


This wide steel slide will surely entice plenty of kids! And even better, it can even fit more than one child at any one time, so kids can slide down together.

There are also other play elements located on the first level of the playground structure too - like these hammocks which kids can hone their balancing skills on.

Or these short climbing ropes.

There is even a tunnel where they play a game of hide-and-seek among friends.

For younger kids and toddlers, there is also a separate playground located beside the Origami Playground with various play structures and elements.

From climbing nets, hammock forest, to the open wide slide, this Origami Playground at Yishun is definitely a fun playground to visit with the kids!

Useful Information

Origami Outdoor Playground 

3G Park @ Nee Soon South

Address: Opposite Block 833, Yishun St 81, Singapore 760833

FREE Admission

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