May 21, 2021

LingoAce: Online Chinese Learning made Fun & Engaging for kids!


Coming from an English speaking family, I admit that learning Chinese has been a struggle for me since young. Fast forward to the monkies now, and the all-too familiar problem resurfaces. Truth be told, the wifey and I are not disciplined enough to converse with the kids in Chinese consistently... which compounds the problem. 😅

And so the inevitable solution pops up - send the kids for Chinese enrichment! Which opens up a whole new world of challenges: the logistics of sending them to the centre, the piling on of extra homework, and the most dreaded one of all, the reluctance of the kids to head to the classes week in, week out. Yep, been there, done that.

But what if there was a Chinese learning platform that is online-based, with flexible class scheduling and personalised 1-to-1 learning methods and complete with engaging multimedia teaching methods?

All these were what made Ale look forward to her Chinese lessons weekly, something that is pretty impressive considering how notoriously difficult tweens can be!

LingoAce is an online Chinese Learning platform which offers authentic, engaging, and effective online live Chinese classes for young learners aged between 4 and 15 years old.

What sets LingoAce apart from other online enrichment platforms is it strives to create an optimal environment for learning Chinese which appeals to kids and enagages them so as not to put them off in learning the language.

And after sitting in with Ale for 4 lessons with LingoAce, I can clearly see why she enjoys the lessons so much.

So what is it that LingoAce does so well?

Personalised Learning Methods

The key to mastering a language is to frequently use it in our daily conversations. The thing about learning Chinese is - and this is me speaking from experience - the fear of using it because of a self-perceived view of weakness. Translate that into a classroom setting and kids will be extremely cautious in participating in Chinese classes due to the fear of ridicule.

So in my opinion, a 1-to-1 session works best especially if you are trying to master a language and LingoAce offers that safe environment where a child isn't afraid to make mistakes (or say the wrong hanyu pinyin) when it's just him/her and the teacher. Certainly not so for Ale, who found much joy in the 55-min weekly lessons!

Each lesson can be tailored according to the child's needs and weaknesses so for Ale, we decided to focus on her Chinese essay-writing skills. I love how the teacher from LingoAce used a wide range of interactive tools to make each lesson unique and captivating for Ale.

If you prefer to have the lessons in a small group, LingoAce also has the option of online group lessons capped at 4 students per session.

Fexible Lesson Scheduling

Let's face it, the usual onsite enrichment lesson schedule is mostly fixed and should the child be unable to attend for that particular week, then the headache of trying to schedule a make-up class ensues. No such problems with LingoAce though.

All you have to do is to log into your LingoAce's account and re-schedule accordingly. And did I mention because everything is online, there is no time wasted on travelling to and fro... AND waiting around aimlessly in the vicinity while waiting for my child to finish the lesson??? Now I can just chill at home with a cup of coffee in hand. 😄

Teaching Curriculum

I won't mince my words - No Singaporean parent will send their child to an enrichment class if its lesson plan is not aligned to MOE's curriculum. 😅 But LingoAce offers not only that, and MORE.

Its Singapore Online and Blended Programs are aligned to and complements MOE's syllabus which helps students attain academic excellence in a fun and engaging manner. 

Beyond that, LingoAce also offers the Pre-School and Advance Programs which are aligned with China's Ministry of Education which focuses on language application skills and literary training, so as to spark the kids' interest and love for the Chinese language.

Incorporation of Engaging Multimedia

In the eyes of a child, tuition is always just tuition. So you can probably imagine the huge amount of resistance when I first told Ale that she will be attending Chinese lessons with LingoAce. After the first lesson, her attitude changed!

I think it has to do with its engaging lesson format. LingoAce has cleverly incorporated animation and used gamification to ensure that the lessons are more interactive so that kids will be more motivated to learn.

And in case you are wondering... yes, there IS homework too. Homework is given at the end of each lesson to reinforce memory of lesson concepts and difficult words.

All the child has to do is to download the relevant homework online, print it out, complete it, snap photos and submit them via the platform for the teacher to mark.

LingoAce's Teachers

Of course, all of LingoAce's engaging lessons will count for nothing if its teachers are not lively or worse, cannot be undersood by the child due to a heavy accent. 

What sets LingoAce teachers apart from others is ALL LingoAce teachers have attained a minimum of level "2-A" on the Putonghua Proficiency Test. Because language accents can differ across countries and within regions in each country, the Putonghua Proficiency Test is an official test that measures native Chinese speakers spoken fluency in “Standard Chinese,” including pronunciation, vocabulary and syntax. 

Hence, all LingoAce Teachers have to attain a minimum of level “2-A”, to ensure their students learn to speak Chinese correctly.

Transparent Progress Tracking

For parents, I think this certainly ranks as one of the more important aspects when it comes to enrichment classes for our children - the ability to keep track of the progress made weekly.

I can simply log into LingoAce's website and review the study materials that Ale had gone through for her past sessions. 

Even better, I can even play back the entire video of the lessons that she had attended to see what was exactly taught during the lessons. How's that for transparency? 

Best of all, feedback is provided to the parent after each lesson and in Ale's case, I was advised by the teacher how to reinforce some of the key learning concepts in my daily conversations with Ale. Super helpful!

So one question remains - what are LingoAce's Course Fees?

Fees start from S$21 per lesson for the pre-school program and S$30 per lesson for the 1v4 class size or S$42 per lesson for the 1v1 class size.

You can also opt to purchase the lessons in packages, which reduces the average cost per class. Click HERE for more details.

Oh wait, I know you have another question - is LingoAce really as good as I have written?

Well, don't take my word for it... Try it for yourself FOR FREE!

Yes, LingoAce is offering a FREE trial class for students. No registration fee and zero deposit required and the lesson is scheduled at your convenience.

The trial consists of:

- A personalized recommendation on program and teacher most suited to your child’s learning needs and personality

- Actual live online trial class based on recommended program and teacher

- A detailed assessment of your child with insights on your child’s strengths and areas to work on

Simply head HERE to book your free trial lesson!

*With my referral link, you can get additional classes when you purchase any packages!

2021 June Holiday Program

If you are looking to keep the kids occupied this June school holidays, LingoAce has designed a full range of specially curated short-term programs to keep them engaged. From Cultural & Bridging class to Intensive Revision, see the full range of holiday programmes for P1 to P4 HERE and P5 & P6 HERE.

Click HERE for more information about LingoAce.

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Hi AG,

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