Jun 3, 2021

Go on a Family Fantastic Foodventure with this simple Prawn Taco Recipe that even kids can do!


If you have been following my Facebook and Instagram accounts since last year, you will be familiar with the term 'Canteen Uncle'.

Because that was what I morphed into when the whole WFH + HBL happened, and I have been sharing the dishes and recipes I made for the family over the past year. And with WFH and HBL in season once more, I think we are all a little more prepared this time around.

And by 'a little more prepared' I mean whipping up a fantastic foodventure with the kids at home!

If there's one thing that the past year has taught me, it is the importance of spending time and doing something together with the family at home can never be overstated. Especially when it comes to cooking! The wifey and I have been involving the kids with meal planning and preparation since young because I strongly belive by starting the cooking experience at a young age, it becomes a skill that they are well adapted to by adulthood.

Besides the benefit of experiementing with different flavours and ingredients, kids can also learn by touching, tasting, feeling, smelling, observing, reading and listening. And it all starts with a trip to the supermarket for grocery shopping!

Taken in 2017

I remember when I was young, I looked forward to our family's weekly grocery jaunt to the now-demolished FairPrice supermarket at Queenstown, opposite the old Queensway Cinema and Queenstown Bowl.


If you can remember this, you are as old as me. 😅

I used to love heading to that supermarket because it was huge - I think I got lost there once - and my sister and I had a lot of fun just walking (ok, more like running) along the aisles and looking at all the fresh produce, and trying to spot the best bargains. And I would like to think those marketing trips had a hand in helping in my Math too!

Now that I am a parent, I also make it a point to bring my kids to FairPrice supermarkets. We usually write down a shopping list beforehand and I let the kids pick out some of the stuff on my behalf. Yep, nothing like a little outsourcing to make my life easier.

Taken in 2017

And like all other kids, they simply love to play the role of the cashier at the end of our supermarket trips at FairPrice. Of course, I am still the one who foots the bill but luckily, I get to enjoy rebates from using my NTUC Plus card! 

Taken in 2017

Over the past year, I have shared a number of easy-to-prepare recipes that you can do with your kids at home. And with the June school holidays coming up, there is no better time to do so... or get started if you have not done a cook-off with your kids.

My suggestion is to conjure up something that is easy to prepare and of course, delicious to eat. So how about this recipe - FairPrice's special Prawn Taco!

The ingredients are relatively few and can be easily obtained from FairPrice supermarkets, with the steps kept simple enough for even younger kids to follow.

Even better, in the spirit of the upcoming school holidays, FairPrice has come out with a series of fun, colourful and engaging recipe slides that will capture the kids' attention. Simply download the following images and pass them to your kids to let them take charge!

First though, here are the ingredients you need for the Prawn Taco receipe:

And the steps for the Prawn Taco recipe are ingeniuously laid out in the following story format:

I did it with the kids too! Play the video below to see what kind of fun we got up to... including a cute little sequence where the kids threw me the ingredients 'directly from FairPrice'! 😂


One of the many things that parenthood has taught me over the years is there is nothing quite like having fun with the kids to make bonding time truly special and memorable.

Never mind if there's a mess (kids can clean up too, you know. LOL), never mind if the cooking process takes a little more time than usual, never mind if things sometimes doesn't go according to plan - the important thing these are all part of the kids' childhood memories.

So go on, turn cooking into a family adventure this school holidays and whip up a fantastic foodventure!

There are TWO other receipes you can try with your kids too: Minced Chicken Rice Balls and Mixed Berry French Toast!

Head to FairPrice's Fantastic Foodventures website to download the full recipes!

Because you know what's better than that? Kids can't complain about the food because they cooked it themselves! MUAHAHAHAHA!

But don't worry, I don't think there will be any complaints where the Prawn Tacos are concerned. My kids wolfed them down like in under a minute!

Looking for more easy-to-prepare food recipes? Check out some of the other food videos I created too - all made with ingredients from FairPrice.

Have fun with your family!

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