Jul 2, 2021

Yishun N8 Park: Brand New Kids Playground with Colourful Playhouses, Tunnels & Trampolines!

The Yishun Neighbourhood N8 Park has been around for a while but has been gradually upgraded over the months. And now, a brand new playground for kids have opened just last month and at the centre of it, are these colourful houses built on stilts!

Located between HomeTeamNS Khatib and Blocks 810 & 809 Yishun Ring Road, Yishun N8 Park does not occupy a large area but the colourful playground will keep the kids occupied for a while. 😁

Visually eye-catching, the playhouses in the heart of the playground let kids explore and stimulate imaginative play.

Comprising of a giant netting structure, fun slide, tunnels and swings, the play area is embraced by a natural landform, keeping children safe in the playarea.

These houses invite kids to climb in and make their way across the netting, and through each house.

At the end of it, they get to slide down a slide to complete the adventure.

If you find the playhouses to be familiar, they actually first appeared in Bunagkok at Buangkok Square Park (986D Buangkok Crescent, Singapore 535986).

You can view the entire listing of all free outdoor playgrounds in the North-East of Singapore HERE.

Back to the playground at Yishun N8 Park, I like how the playhouses structures are split into two different areas.

One comprises of higher elements and a taller slide for older kids.

While the other is built closer to the ground with a shorter slide for younger kids.

And at the centre of the playground lies a tunnel for kids to crawl through and three trampolines for them to expend even more energy!

But wait, there is another cluster (hmm, maybe it's a taboo now 😅) of playhouses located just beside too. The nature of play is slightly different here, with more climbing elements such as nets and ropes for kids to challenge.

Of course, everything has to end off with a slide, no?

Kids (or parents) can also chill at the nearby 'hammocks'!

If the kids still have energy to spare, there is another playground just directly in front of Block 809 Yishun Ring Road which has the usual playground structure.

There is also a section with swings nearby.

For younger kids, they can head to the toddler playground.

Besides the play elements within the park, Yishun N8 Park is a good place to bring the kids to cycle or skate scoot. The total park isn't dauntingly big so it's a good size for kids to even do a quick jog! 

And if you are feeling hungry after the exertions, you can pop over to the neighbouring HomeTeamNS Khatib for food options.

Useful Information

Yishun N8 Park
Location: Between HomeTeamNS Khatib and Blk 810 & 809 Yishun Ring Road
Getting there:
- Public transport: Khatib MRT
- Driving: Nearest carpark at Block 810 Yishun Ring Road
Admission: FREE

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