Sep 2, 2020

16 Best & FREE Outdoor Playgrounds in the North-East of Singapore (Punggol, Sengkang & Pasir Ris)

After the listing the best and free outdoor playgrounds in the West, North and East of Singapore, it is the turn of the North-East next!

Unsurprisingly, the sheer number of outdoor playgrounds in the North-East is staggering as both Punggol and Sengkang are relatively new towns with young families. With all the brand new housing estates popping up, it was definitely a challenge to sieve out the more unique ones. So if you are living in Punggol, Sengkang or Pasir Ris, or even plan to visit the towns, here are the selections of some of the best outdoor playgrounds in each town.


1. Waterway Brooks

Blending the natural terrain of Punggol Waterway into the design of the playground, an interesting and fun playscape was created for kids of all ages to enjoy. Kids will love scampering up the slope structure which comes with banister bars to allow for a quick descent (or ascent). For a greater challenge, kids can head to the sloping climbing wall!

What's a playground without slides? Two embankment slides situated right beside the climbing wall allowed the monkies to make a quick return to the base of the climbing wall for another round of fun.

Address: Blk 678C Punggol Drive, Singapore 823678

2. Wallholla @ Punggol Edgefield Plains

Punggol has it own Vertical Playground, or known as the Wallhola! Encased in a three-storey high metal grid cage, the Vertical Playground - also known as the Wallholla - is made up of undulating ribbon-like layers. The play structure is suitable for children aged five to 12, and big enough to hold 30 children at once. It encourages kids to climb, hang, swing, slide, run, jump, hide and pretty much come up with ingenious ways to play compared to any other playing equipment.

Spot the cool trampoline too? The playground also comes with a gigantic spiderweb-like net, metal slide and mini-tunnels.

Address: In front of Block 673A Edgefield Plains

3. Pirate Ships of Punggol

For some reason, there are plenty of pirate ship-themed playgrounds in Punggol. Here are three of the bigger ones:

Waterway View

Address: 682A Edgedale Plains, Singapore 821682

This pirate ship at Waterway View is massive, and has lots of playable structures to keep kids busy.

Kids can climb, swing and slide throughout the ship. They can even head to the 'lower deck' to take a breather, or to role play as pirates!

Waterway Ridges

The brightly-coloured pirate ship at Block 670B Edgefield Plains has the usual play components, and kids can even 'walk the plank'!

Address: 670B Edgefield Plains, Singapore 822670

A smaller pirate ship, presumably for younger kids, can be found a few steps away at Block 670, right in front of the multi-storey carpark.

Address: 670 Edgefield Plains, Singapore 820670

4. The 6 Playgrounds @ Punggol Bayview

Now this is probably one of the rare cluster of HDB flats in Singapore that one can find SIX playgrounds all in one estate!

Playground #1: Beside the entrance of Jewel Bridge (near 322D Sumang Walk)

Playground #2: Block 322D, Sumang Walk, Singapore 824322

Playground #3: Block 322B, Sumang Walk, Singapore 822322

Playground #4: Block 322A, Sumang Walk, Singapore 821322

Playground #5: Block 322A, Sumang Walk, Singapore 821322

Playground #6: Block 325B, Sumang Walk, Singapore 822325

5. Casuarina Exploratory Playground @ Coney Island

Located near the West Entrance, the Casuarina Exploratory Playground does not consist of the usual plastic or metal play structures. Rather, it is designed to be like an obstacle course which was constructed using recycled wood from uprooted Casuarina trees.

This all-natural playground is certainly a breath of fresh air when compared to the usual playground equipment.

Address: Coney Island Park (Beside Punggol Promenade Nature Walk), West Entrance

6. Punggol Waterway Park
NOTE: The water playground is currently closed due to Covid-19

Set along the Punggol river and Punggol Park connector, Punggol Waterway Park segregated into four zones - Nature Cove, Recreation Zone, Heritage Zone and Green Gallery. And near to the Adventure Bridge lies a little water play area which features a spiral tunnel spray, cannon jets and small water fountains.

Head down the stairs to the ground level and you will find a massive sand box play area for kids to start digging!

Or you can take a stroll along the Adventure Bridge which offers fantastic views of the river!

Address: Punggol Waterway Park, 10 Sentul Crescent, Singapore 828851, Carpark B

7. Happy Park @ Waterway Point

NOTE: The playground is currently closed due to Covid-19

Located on the rooftop of Waterway Point in Punggol Central, Happy Park is a 'Rabbits Burrow'-themed outdoor playground that features three main areas: a Dry Play Area, a Wet Play Area, and the Lily Trees.

The dry play area consists of plenty of spinners, climbing tubes and nets, trampolines and slides while the wet playground features flowing water and curls around a lake. It contains all sorts of water play features like spinners, waterspray trumpets, fountains and water curtains!

The massive Lily Trees are most likely to get the most fun out of the kids as they are designed for climbing, with netting within their 'trunks' for kids to climb to the top... with a bright orange tunnel slide to complete the thrill!

Address: Waterway Point, Level 2, 83 Punggol Central, Singapore 828761

8. Oasis Terraces

NOTE: The playground is currently closed due to Covid-19

There are two playgrounds at Oasis Terraces - a dry playground and a wet play area. Located on Level 4, the dry playground is relatively modest, and consists of the usual spring rides and activity panels which are more suited for toddlers.

The wet playground is located on Level 5, and features spray tunnels, water spray jets and a water play structure.

Photo credit: Oasis Terraces

Address: 681 Punggol Dr, Singapore 820681


9. Little Houses @ Buangkok Square Park

Visually eye-catching, the three playhouses in the heart of the playground let kids explore and stimulate imaginative play. Comprising of a giant netting structure, fun slide, tunnels and swings, the play area is embraced by a natural landform, keeping children safe in the playarea.

The playhouses are also built on spring coils so kids can wobble and shake all they want while in them!

Just a few steps away lies another row of colourful playhouses... up in the air.

These houses invite kids to climb in and make their way across the netting, and through each house.

At the end of it, they get to slide down a slide to complete the adventure.

If the kids still have energy to spare, there is another playground just directly in front of Block 986D Buangkok Crescent which has the usual play equipment.

Address: 986D Buangkok Crescent, Singapore 535986

10. Tree Tower Playground

Uniquely shaped like the base of a tree trunk, this play structure at 418 Fernvale Link hides a number of playable contraptions which encourage undictated play among kids.

Kids can climb up to the top of the trunk and slide down a fireman's pole, challenge their balace on the ropes or even take a chill pill on one of the rubber strips.

Younger kids and toddlers can check out the smaller playground located just opposite the Tree Tower Playground.

For even more climbing challenges, head to the opposite HDB cluster at Block 416A for this amazing play structure!

Address: In front of Block 418C, Fernvale Link, Singapore 793418

11. Shipwreck Playground @ Compassvale Crescent

Paying homage to Sengkang Town's past history as a fishing village, the 'Ship Discovery' playground comes in the form of a great old ship which has gone down in a storm close to the shore. With its broken mast, ropes and wreckage lying around, everything is up to the kids' imagination.

Plenty of climbing ropes and balance beams dot around the structure, which challenges kids to test their balance and climbing skills.

For younger kids, there is a smaller boat which comprises of the usual play structures located just opposite of the Shipwreck playground.

Address: Blocks 286 & 289, Compassvale Crescent, Singapore 541289

12. Sengkang Sculpture Park

Located in the Compassvale North Gate neighbourhood, the theme of Sengkang Sculpture Park's sculptures focus on marine life and fishing activities – a nod to Sengkang's history as a fishing village. And every sculpture in the park is free to interact with... which makes it a great place to bring kids with itchy fingers.

Even better, the park is home to two playground areas with the larger one located right in the main part of the park near to Koufu foodcourt.

In case you didn't know, Sengkang Sculpture Park is divided into two areas which are seperated by a main road. So the other playground can be found across the road in the other section of the park. This playground is comparatively smaller than the first one but will delight the younger kids all the same.

If you have even younger kids and they love all things fire engines, bring them to the small playground behind Block 263 Compassvale Street (Koufu foodcourt) and watch their faces light up!

Address: 291 Compassvale Street, Singapore 541290

13. Ninja Trail @ Compass One

NOTE: The playground is currently closed due to Covid-19

Photo credit: Compass One

Adventure seeking fans will love the Ninja Trail play area located on Level 4. Specially designed for children from 2 to 12 years of age, the trail features a total of 17 play features -13 wet features, two dry features and four toddler-friendly ones!

Address: Comapss One, 1 Sengkang Square, Singapore 545078, Level 4

14. Seletar Mall Rooftop Playground

NOTE: The playground is currently closed due to Covid-19

Photo credit: Seletar Mall

Located on the fourth floor, the rooftop playground at Seletar Mall consists of a few play structures. The main play structure resembles a fire engine on one side while resembling a house on the other. Tt has one slide on each end coupled with a rope bridge. Other play structures include a tower with climbing nets and low hammock swings.

Address: Seletar Mall, 33 Sengkang West Avenue Singapore, Singapore 797653, Level 4


15. Pasir Ris Park

I don't suppose Pasir Ris Park needs any introduction. I remember this was one of the very first park that I had brought my kids to when they were still little, simple because there are just so many play structures here that cater to a wide range of ages - from the toddler to the child to the tween.

So it is easy to see why Pasir Ris Park is an all-time favourite outdoor playground in Singapore among parents. This huge playground has practically everything: swings, climbing walls, sildes, climbing structures, see-saws and a mini maze! 

It also has a dedicated area for toddlers and younger kids.

Best of all, the playgrounds are extremely well-shaded by the trees all around. Great for a while day of fun!

Do take note though, that at the time of writing, the main climbing pyramid is still under maintenance.

Address: Pasir Ris Park
Park at Carpark D (136 Pasir Ris Rd, Singapore 519127) or Carpark E (125 Elias Rd, Singapore 519926)

16. Sampan Playground @ Elias Mall

A part of the Heritage Playgrounds in Singapore, this Sampan Playground near Elias Mall in Pasir Ris is a major throwback to the retro playgrounds of yesteryears.

Sampans, or bumboats, were a common sight along the Singapore River as they ferried cargo from offshore ships to the shore. The playground is recreated to look like a real sampan, right down to the painted 'eyes' commonly seen on sampans.

The play structure is split into two halves in a sandbox with the front half consisting of a tyre ladder for kids to climb into, while the bow of the sampan has a wide terrazzo slide with ladders.

Address: Block 625 Elias Road Singapore 510625

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