Nov 30, 2021

Locating the Abandoned Sijori Wondergolf on Sentosa (Map included!)


When the normal nature trails don't cut it anymore, it's time to head off-the-beaten-track to locate remote places in Singapore to up the thrill factor... like these 15 nature hikes with varying difficulty levels that I have shared earlier this year.

Well, add one more location to the list because this place was once home to a Mini Golf Course but is now ABANDONED!

Does Sijori Wondergolf ring a bell?

If you remember that, it probably means you are as old as me. 😅

Sijori Wondergolf was located on Sentosa and opened in the early 2000's. It was a miniature golf park and consisted of 54 landscaped greens set in three different 18-hole courses.

So yes, the place occupied a pretty large area... or least that was how I remembered it because I remember visiting it at least once when it was still opened.

But it was soon closed for redevelopment works - but somehow, it remained untouched and forgotten. And until today, it is still abandoned because you can still see plenty of traces of the miniature golf putting stations throughout the place.

As I mentioned earlier, Sijori Wondergolf occupies a large area so be prepared to do a fair amount of walking - and among overgrown vegetation at certain parts too.

Obviously, I didn't manage to track down ALL of the putting stations but a lot of the old 'contraptions' were still very much around and visible.

In addition, there are other features of the abandoned 'golfpark' waiting to be discovered too - like a former waterfall, resting pavilions and even a former pond.

In fact, after my hike, I manage to find a few photos from a previous blog review written in 2004 and from those photos, I pieced together some of the then-and-now photos of the putting holes.

It's amazing how Mother Nature has reclaimed the land after all thee years. 😱

But the putting holes are just a part of the interesting hike at the former Sijori Wondergolf.

Situated just beside the golf course are a number of derelict buildings which are also abandoned. Like these two pavilions which give off resort vibes.

There are also two buildings there, one on each side of these pavilions and while I was there, they were not locked.

We briefly entered and explored one of them but didn't dwell too long because you know... it's rude to intrude. 😅

We only explored the first level of one building and everything was pretty much emptied out.


If you have been reading until here, then this is perhaps the most important piece of information you are waiting for. 😁

Getting to the abandoned Sijori Resort is extremely easy because it is just located opoosite RWS and along the road leading to Mount Imbiah.

So I don't think you can get lost within the compound even if you tried - just walk towards the main road if you wish to head out.

To enter the golfcourse, head to this disused building beside the Imbiah Monorail Station on Sentosa.

See how the 2 pavilions are visible from the main road?

Continue walking along the road AWAY from the Imbiah Station until you see this.

This is the entrance.

Follow the slightly sloped path which will then lead you to Sijori Wondergolf.

Here's a map to let you get your bearings right.


I would give the Sijori Wondergolf hike a difficulty level of 2 out of 5. The terrain is extremely manageable even for younger kids, and one wouldn't need to bash through thick vegetation to access it.

However, do note that since it is an abandoned area, there is a high chance that there may be mosquitoes as well as other insects and creatures. So do bring along insect repellent and be mindful of where you step.

As for the buildings, my guiding principle in exploring abandoned places has always been to be respectful. So while it is okay to explore them, please do not go overboard and disrespect the place - just so that one can snap that Insta-worthy photo.

Above all, always stay hydrated and safe!

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